What is Solaria Weyr?

Solaria Weyr is a canon, AU role-play based on the series of books The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Solaria Weyr plays out an alternative Seventh Interval leading into the Eighth Pass: greens have begun Impressing to female riders as they were originally programmed to do, and blues have also started to Impress to females. These events have caused some disruption in Pernese tradition, where women are generally second class citizens. Some Crafts are more open to women, such as the Harpers and Healers, but traditionally "male" Crafts such as the smitchcraft, beastcraft, mining and forestry, to name but a few, hold strong and do not allow female apprentices. Bisexual men have also been Impressing to bronzes - some say it was inevitable given that bronzes can catch male-ridden greens - but others see it as another knife in the back of tradition. The Southern continent was also not grubbed in our universe, but followed the pattern found by the exploration team to Pern (death by thread and subsequent regrowth).

Solaria Weyr itself is the newest of the Weyrs and was founded almost fifty Turns before the beginning of the Seventh Pass to hold excess population from the other Weyrs. Located on a tip of land near Great Bay, it enjoys tropical weather in spring and summer, and cooler weather in autumn and winter. Fire-lizards were rediscovered a few Turns after the Weyr was populated, and are now popular pets with most.

Solaria Weyr as it will be played is now in Turn 1 of the Eighth Pass. The Red Star was framed by the eye rock at the beginning of the Turn, confirming Thread's return, but a few pockets of people are dismissive, believing that Thread is gone forever. The Weyr is mostly happy, though relatively low on numbers. These have begun to rise in the past ten Turns however.

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