Blue Solith

Impressee: J'yar (Jekkyar)

Name: Solith
Pronunciation: SOUL-ith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 00BFFF
Final Size: 35' length with a wingspan of 62'

Solith is a blue of average length with a large wingspan that rivals some of the smallest browns. He holds a lot of power in his large wings but his average length still affords him some maneuverability though he’ll never be as agile as his smaller brethren. His large wings will be cumbersome on the ground especially when he is hatchling as he’ll constantly be stepping on and tripping over them. Solith isn’t a particular bulky blue but he is composed of evenly distributed lean muscle. The base color of his hide is a pale sky blue. There are almost whitish-blue swirls that look like wisps of cloud on his hinder-quarters and wings. His head-knobs darken into an almost purplish-blue reminiscent of the sky at sunset. 

Solith won’t be prone to the sudden, extreme shifts in mood that often plague young hatchlings. He is a calm, steady dragon whose eyes never seem to speed up or slow down instead shifting colors without any emphasis. Solith has a remarkable amount of self-control and intellect for a hatchling. He will not be one to carry on with an argument instead preferring to propose a simple test to prove who is right. He won’t dispute the results of the test but then he tends to choose those battles he knows he will win. Solith is ambitious but he would never force his will on another dragon like some of those brutish bronzes and browns. He understands that if he tries to force someone to do what he wants they will usually do the exact opposite of it. Instead, he gives them subtle suggestions allowing them time to think through it on their own and come to the same conclusion he did. His patience seems never-ending as he sometimes waits weeks for his plans to come to fruition. This will be incredibly irksome for his hot-headed rider as he tries to push forward with their plans but Solith will always counsel him to wait as a gentle hand is always better than a forceful one.

Inspiration: The North Wind and the Sun

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Ting-a-Ling Egg was precariously balanced in a divot that was not quite deep enough for it. The egg lost its balance when the shell started to rattle and tipped over onto the sands with a dull thump which sent cracks shooting along its side. The egg continued to the rattle the cracks separating into deep fissures. A light blue leg patterned with whitish-blue swirls pushed through then the rest of the dragon broke free. He unfolded his expansive wings where the same pattern repeated itself. He seemed to enjoy the feel of the air on them for a few moments before making his way to the candidates with a deliberate air. He went straight to Jekkyar his eyes slowly shifting into rainbows. “Solith!” J’yar exclaimed as he put his hand on the blue’s head. As he led the blue of the Sands, he responded to another unspoken comment, “Relax? I’m too excited to be relaxed!” 

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Ting-a-Ling Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a solid big splotch of colour amongst its clutchmates. Problem is, it's hard to discern exactly what colour. Purple. No, blue. Wait, from this angle it's purple again! Either way, the Ting-a-Ling egg has a gorgeous dusky hue, overall quite pale and subdued. Very fine, intensified streaks of the purple-blue run from the base to the tip of the egg. At the bottom,where the lines seem to originate, the colour intensifies, as if that is where the egg's colour came from in the first place. At the very tip the egg fades further, until it's almost white. This egg is very tall, and with the lines marking its sides into segments, you could almost imagine it's a flowerbud, not yet ready to open.
Egg Inspiration: Bluebell
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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