Impressed to gold Lasranth

Name: Sona
Gender: Female
Rank: Founding Weyrwoman of Solaria Weyr

Mini-Biography: Sona was a Weyrwoman at Telgar in the late 6th Pass. She was one of the riders who spearheaded the founding of a new Weyr on the Southern Continent. The Weyr came to be named after her mother, Solaria, the former Senior Weyrwoman at Telgar. Sona acted as Weyrwoman from Solaria's founding in I6T166 until Lasranth's flight in I6T167 confirmed her as Senior Weyrwoman, alongside Weyrleader J'tarik. She remained Senior Weyrwoman until I6T194, when she stepped down due to Lasranth's failure to rise and passed the title on to Amora. Only a few Turns later, in I6T197, Sona passed away from heart problems, and was mourned by all.

Mother: Solaria, rider of unnamed gold

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