Sprout 1

Flight - nth Month Year/Season, T, 8th Pass
Clutching - Late Summer, T8, 8th Pass
Hatching - Mid Autumn, T8, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Sprout
Sire: Blue Beryl
Blue: 2
Green: 1

PC Fire-lizards:
The Blue, Archetype Blue to Carlan
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 22"
Hex Code: 0000FF
Clutch: Mid Autumn P8T8, Green Sprout x Blue Beryl

Physical Description:
The Blue, Archetype Blue is The Blue. His hide is the generic shade of blue, very even and smooth all over his body. It gives him a very crisp, almost professional appearance, especially with his perfect proportions and average size for a blue. Nothing about this firelizard is wasted. He doesn’t move when he doesn’t have to, he is a very efficient flier, and he always seems to be alert in some fashion, even when he’s relaxing, which isn’t a common sight for the Blue, Archetype Blue. The only break in his even coloring is right around his eyes, almost square shapes of slightly darker blue, as if he’s wearing sunglasses.

Although he acknowledges his bond to Carlan, the Blue, Archetype Blue is a very independent and active firelizard. He always likes to be doing something, and doesn’t like spending too much time being too close to really anyone. While he will be social if he needs to be, he just prefers to do his own thing and figure things out on his own. He doesn’t often go looking to be fed, since he just gets some food for himself when he’s hungry, which can cause some problems when he gets caught stealing.

The Blue, Archetype Blue is very serious, especially for a firelizard, and doesn’t just mess around for the sake of randomness or fun. He does everything with a quiet kind of deliberate energy, even though it might not make sense to anyone else, and he’s prone to becoming obsessed. If something catches his attention, he could spend Turns doing almost nothing but studying that one thing that attracted his attention, far longer than he can remember why he’s obsessed with it. He may never even do anything about it other than study it, but there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will convince him to leave it be. He usually only gives it up once he’s gained a new obsession.

Although he’s pretty intelligent for a blue, the Blue, Archetype Blue is nearly impossible to train. He’s not a badly behaved firelizard, but he just doesn’t sit still and pay attention to anything (but his obsession) long enough to learn how to pass messages or fetch things. He doesn’t like the idea of being controlled and ordered around, since he prefers things to be on his own terms, so if he realizes what’s going on, he’ll rebel on purpose and avoid contact with Carlan until he forgets the incident.

He isn’t too interested in girls, though he will chase one or two that particularly strike his fancy. He’s terrible with anything long-term and gets easily scared off by a female trying to cling too close. He won’t be involved at all with any eggs or babies, in fact the very idea of them make him kind of uncomfortable. He finds young flits annoying (in fact, he finds a lot of flits annoying), but if a female manages to really get into his close inner circle, the Blue, Archetype Blue will never let go of her or chase another female again. If he loses her, he won’t deal with it well, and will be very depressed for Turns on end, and even his terrible flit memory won’t ever let him forget her.

Michael Westen from Burn Notice

The Mojito Mint Blue Caicos to Phyrra
Adult Size: 13" wingspan of 20"
Hex Code: 40E0D0
Clutch: Mid Autumn P8T8, Green Sprout x Blue Beryl

Physical Description:
At first, it looks like the Mojito Mint Blue got the lion’s share of baby fat once he rolls out of his egg. He’s not fat, per se, just that he’s got some nice padding around his middle. Once he grows, it’ll be clear that this is just the way he is, especially since his fondness for treats and sweets reinforces it. It doesn’t keep him from developing some good muscle for his size, only that he’ll always be chubby around the middle and not at all ashamed of it. He’s got a good size on him, too, and what he lacks in agility due to his middle, he makes up for with sheer power for a blue, when he chooses to employ it. His wings are slightly stubby for his size, though, which just emphasizes his chubbiness.

It actually adds to the cuteness of his appearance, though. He’s a bright, cheerful shade of blue that is reminiscent of tropical, sunny skies and clear seas, the kind of place people go on vacation to relax and sip cool drinks as they lie around in the sun. In a lighter blue, just a tad bit paler so the markings aren’t very visible unless looking for them, there seem to be some swirls and gentle curves, occasionally something that looks like a flower, covering him from nose to tail. Most noticeable on his wings, especially when he flies, because the light shines through the paler blue better so that the markings - much like Terran Hawaiian shirts - almost glow.

In all honesty, the Mojito Mint Blue is kind of a lazy bum. He likes sitting around and watching (especially watching girls, once he gets older) and eating snacks and treats. He is a sucker for redfruit bubblypie, too, always trying to whine or bargain his way to getting even a piece. He won’t do anything for one, but it’s a really powerful bargaining tool, and quite useful when training him. The Mojito Mint Blue is pretty sharp, too, despite just being a blue. It’s only getting him to cooperate and actually do things that’s the trick.

Unless girls are involved. The Mojito Mint Blue will bend over backwards to do anything that a pretty female wants him to, even if all she did was flip a tail his way. Mind you, he doesn’t much enjoy attachment, and will grow bored and even afraid of any female that tries to cling too hard to him. He chases any girl that flies, and might even stick around while she’s got eggs in her belly, but he’s not the dad type and never wants to be. Nor does he even really understand girls. He just loves them.

In general, he’s a big ol’ softie. He likes making friends, hanging out with friends, being generally friendly and a huge flirt when he’s grown up. For the most part, that’ll probably be all most people who meet this flit will ever see. However, he bonds very closely with his human, and can gain a similar level with other flits or people if the circumstances are right (particularly if Phyrra gets very close with someone, and that someone has proven themselves reliable as far as the Mojito Mint Blue’s memory can recall). This means that if anyone he is that close with needs him in any way, he’ll be there. Need someone to cuddle while you cry? No problem. Want someone to get a scratch or two for being a jerkface? Got it covered.

This is up to and including throwing himself into mortal danger to protect them, if the situation calls for it, and he won’t hesitate for even a second to do it because he believes with all his heart that anyone he’s that close to would do the same for him. The Mojito Mint Blue believes in tit-for-tat, so anytime he remembers a favor being done for him, he will try to return it in kind, or at least as close as his flit brain can comprehend “in kind”. (Which means that he may deliver a dead tunnelsnake to someone in “repayment” of a favor done to Phyrra, thinking it’s a fair trade.)

Sam Axe from Burn Notice

The Clover Fields Green Ryn to Cenara
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 16"
Hex Code: 8FBC8F
Clutch: Mid Autumn P8T8, Green Sprout x Blue Beryl

Physical Description:
The Clover Fields Green is kind of small for her color, but she’ll never let size stop her.  She’s extremely quick and agile, and she gets her claws into everything, no matter what the end result (but she’s always meticulous about getting clean afterward).  Her hide is quite dull, almost to the point of being grey, but starting from right behind her headknobs and cascading down the middle of her back, following her ridges all the way down to the fork in her tail, in a stripe is a brighter green, though still faded in color, a very light, true green. 

Lithe and stringy, the Clover Fields Green is in no way a traditional type of attractive.  Her color isn’t traditionally pretty, except for the soft green stripe on her back, and her form is a bit too thin to be considered pretty, either.  Hers are looks that take getting used to.  Like the way the soft green blends with the greyish green on the edges of her stripe, and how the two colors work together, so that the stripe isn’t too bright and the base isn’t too dull.  Although she’s skinny, there’s a kind of grace about her once she grows up that gives her a confident presence that demands respect, despite her small stature, and after enough exposure to her, it’s hard to remember that you ever thought her strange or unattractive.

This is one of the feistiest greens you’ll ever run across, and she wants everyone to know it.  If something upsets her, she’ll bite or scratch it, sometimes without even a warning noise first.  Why warn them, when she can just bite them and solve the problem permanently?  No one would do that again after getting bitten!  The Clover Fields Green doesn’t just act this way with other flits, but humans as well, making sure that if she can’t get the respect she deserves that she beats it into them.  Sometimes, she’ll also use this violent tendency as a way to show affection, so it’s usually just her attitude that will tell you whether or not she’s upset, not her actions. 

It takes a lot to get into this green’s good graces, and her favor can be fragile at times.  The smallest misstep in the wrong direction, and she’s back to scratching you at every glance.  When she likes you, though, she wants all the attention, and can get very jealous of other flits that are getting attention instead of her.  While getting the attention she wants, though, she might be the sweetest flit in existence … if you didn’t know better.  Again, this attitude is extended to humans and flits alike.  The Clover Fields Green is not neutral about anything; she is a creature of extreme emotions and actions, and when something strikes her powerfully, she can’t not have a say in it. 
At the final stage of her trust, the Clover Fields Green is one of the most loyal creatures you will ever meet.  Even if it might come in rather unusual ways, she will always be on your side, and will absolutely defend those she feels are worthy of her protection until death if necessary.  While she might bite you one moment, she’ll turn around and viciously attack anyone who caused harm to her ‘family’ (or the random stray that she took a liking to and felt needed protecting, or the baby that she adopted until she forgets about….  Or any other of a number of things that can strike at her intense and whimsical feelings).  And woe betide anyone who tries to convince her otherwise.

As if all that wasn’t strange enough, the Clover Fields Green is a hoarder.  She has a peculiar fascination with rocks, and she will pick up any that strike her fancy and stash them somewhere.  She has hiding places all over, several of them at home, but then plenty of others stashed all over the Weyr, and even outside in nearby places; anywhere that she’s been before is a possible subject for a hiding place for her hoard.  As a side effect of both her hoarding tendencies and her overprotective nature, the Clover Fields Green will probably never yield any eggs that will be found by people.  She hides them so well even she can’t find them again.

Fiona Glennan from Burn Notice

All flits based on characters from Burn Notice

Firelizards by Hikari. Pictures by Kohaku.

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