Blue Subachith

Impressee: L'wyn (Llewyn)

Name: The Composed Devil Subachith
Pronounciation: su-bah-cheth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 031933
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 31.5' wingspan of 56'

Subachith is a dark blue dragon, seemingly black, the same sort of inky blue like that of the night sky. There is a striking underscore of pale blue underneath his eyes and the sharpness of their shape makes him look quick fierce. There are no other markings and the only true sign of his color are his wingsails when they are spread wide, thin enough to make his blue hide a little less dark and brighter. He is well muscled, even in his youth, and everything about him shows his strength perfectly. His claws are especially long and he does appear to be a bit long in the tooth, two canines sticking out on each side. In fact, Subachith looks downright frightening and cuts an imposing figure for a blue, although he is far from the largest of his color and there is nothing else about him that suggests he might be dangerous.

In fact, Subachith’s personality is really quite stoic. He doesn’t talk much and what little he does say is direct and to the point. He’s shockingly mature and impressively intelligent for his color; not that most would know it. This blue spends so much time in quiet seclusion and meditation, you’d not know that he is thinking of the order of the universe and how best to serve others. It is perhaps all this quiet time he spends on his own that really gives others the chills, because he just keeps so much to himself. Even with his Rider he seldom shares much aside from anecdotal advice or the occasional question. Few things can bring a reaction out of this blue, any threats made to his rider will be met with a swift response from Subachith, certainly. He’ll race to the defense of any in need of aide and honorably do what he can to help.
There is one thing that brings out the ferocity buried deep within Subachith: Thread. He is completely consumed by rage at the thought of such an enemy attacking his home. He flames with gusto and throws himself at every clump without much care for his own well-being. He rages and bellows and claws at the skies, doing all he can to get out his frustration. It is a great battle in the air and although his opponent is silent and smaller than himself, he is keenly aware of the great danger Thread poses. There is no greater adversary.
He isn’t especially fond of flights. No, Subachith doesn’t think much at all of chasing greens. Those he actually does rise after are as calm and composed as he is. His flight dance is graceful with no wasteful movements, every sweep of his wings having a purpose. Rarely will he truly battle it out with the other males, not seeing them as competition, although he may dart and weave as if it were a sparring match with Thread.

Inspiration: Suji-Bachi Oni Helmet
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message: Whether it was the first or the last, it didn't matter. The Happy Cat Egg went by its own schedule, following some unseen and largely unknown grand design in the universe. Every little shake, ever quiver, every great jarring moment was purposeful. The little life inside was working at getting out following that hidden order of life. When at last the first cracks appeared on The Happy Cat Egg, they were small and tiny, spreading out radially. The next bumps broke the shell and from the dark shadows within out stepped The Composed Devil, leaving the hallowed shell of The Happy Cat Egg in his wake.

Impression Message: The inky black blue stumbled forward and fell, shaking his head in surprise the he had missed his step. The Composed Devil looked about himself and slowly picked himself back up. He gave a good shake and tried to make himself look a little more presentable, letting chunks of egg goo fly towards the line of Candidates. An especially little sticky bit, complete with some sand, landed right on Ellandra's cheek. Now that he looked better, he could take a gander at all those Candidates standing over there. The Composed Devil turned to look at the Candidates, folding his wings as best he could, and staring them down in a very serious and intent manner. It might even scare some of them!

His first steps show no signs of faltering. Indeed, The Composed Devil certainly has gathered himself in the time he stood there and stared down the Candidates with his imposing young figure. The dark dragonet doesn't even both with the girls, although he does glance their way just once before turning full attention on the boys. He steps up to Awaihos and looks at him, hard, as if his sharp eyes are gazing into him and seeing his soul and then going all the way through him. The Composed Devil turns away from the boy and walks down the line, occasionally stopping to examine one more closely. It is only when he comes up to Llewyn that something about him changes. There is a softening all throughout him as his muscles relax and then there is the sparkling array of a myriad of colors in his eyes. "L-L'wyn? That's me? That's me!" The young man was standing at his last Hatching and all his hopes rested here, now it had all come to pass, "Thank you, Subachith, for choosing me."

Egg Name: The Happy Cat Egg
Egg Description: This average-sized egg is rotund and pudgy around its middle. Despite being surrounded by siblings, it still seems to steal the show with its glorious incandescence. It is gaudy and bright- gold, save for a red band located two-thirds up its shell. Why, it’s almost as if it’s wearing a collar! A collared dragon? Who even knew? Whatever the case may be, this egg is happy with its lot. The Happy Cat’s cheerfulness will put a smile on even the most reluctant of faces. It seems to want nothing less than the best for everyone, regardless of the cost- as though money were no object. Upon closer inspection, very faint dark golden lines trace this egg in circles, as though it were made of an abundance of gold coins.
Egg Inspiration: Maneki neko, the waving good luck cat
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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