Blue Sudoth

Impressee: H'wilt (Hewilt)

Name: Sudoth
Pronunciation: soo-DOHTH
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 331670
Final Size: 33.4' length with a wingspan of 61.1'

Sudoth is markedly undersized as a hatchling and will grow more slowly than many of his siblings. Until fledging, he is likely to be the smallest blue in the clutch and may even be out-sized by some of his largest green sisters. While he will eventually catch up with other blues in terms of length, he'll never shed his scrawny build. 

Sudoth is a dark and dusty blue color. At a distance his hide looks mostly uniform, but close examination reveals that his hide is actually covered in small flecks of various navy shades, each approximately the size of a human thumbnail. He has a strip of pale blue-gray that runs horizontally across the bridge of his nose. 

Although it is not immediately apparent, those forced to work closely with Sudoth will undoubtedly notice that he has a bit of a control problem. While he is obedient enough when it comes to ranking dragons – especially bronzes, he has a tendency to take his responsibilities a little bit too seriously. This becomes especially clear when Sudoth is put in charge of other dragons – power is something that is liable to go directly to his head. 

Sudoth has a tendency to think of his superiors as infallible, and places a strong emphasis on following rules. No matter what the circumstances are, he believes that any exception against an established policy is a threat to the security of the Weyr. He has a tendency to tattle whenever he believes a rule is in danger of being broken, especially as a young dragon. This tendency is likely to persist through adulthood unless an active effort is made to show him that the world cannot be cleanly divided into good and bad. 

Although Sudoth doesn't particularly relish socializing with his peers, he is very good at identifying key points of information flow. As a result, he is usually very up-to-date with the gossip of the Weyr. As he grows older, he will become very adept at reading others and filtering useful tidbits of information out of seemingly casual conversation. This information will – of course – be passed right along to his superiors. He will make an exceptional search dragon as an adult, and will - as much as draconic memory permits - try to keep tabs on the candidates he searches.

Sudoth, especially as he goes through his awkward spurts of growth, will not be particularly comfortable in his own skin. Without a good deal of hard work, this blue will be as awkward in the air as he is on the ground. This problem is compounded by his firm belief that he knows everything there is to know about fighting thread. He has a tendency to over-think things that come to most dragons instinctively, which makes him slower than many of his peers when it comes to learning physical things. 

Unsurprisingly, Sudoth is unlikely to be popular with the opposite gender. His innate social awkwardness is most apparent when talking with pretty greens. He's helpless when it comes to reading the body language of other dragons, and easily mistakes simple acts of friendliness for declarations of love. He typically will only chase females that he is familiar with, and will remain fairly devoted to any green he happens to catch. Losing flights takes a lot out of Sudoth, especially if he was close to the green. He's liable to spend long periods of time moping afterwards about his terrible luck with females. 

Inspiration: System Administrator/IT
Name Inspiration: From sudo a unix command used to run a computer program with the security privileges of root. 

Hatching/Impression Message:
Unless one was standing directly next to the Metal Teeth Egg it would be nearly impossible to see the small cracks spreading across its dark surface. It wiggled only slightly in the sands as the creature within struggled to break free. Many of the other eggs on the sands had already hatched when the hatchling within this egg managed to push his snout through the shell. The navy-blue dragon let out a distressed squeak before he managed to pull the rest of his dark body onto the hatching sands. He stood for a few moments before taking uncertain steps in the direction of the remaining boys. He carefully circled each of the remaining boys before pausing in front of Hewilt. The undersized blue and the fair-haired boy stared uncertainly at each other, neither quite daring to move. Hewilt wasn't sure what he was still doing on the sands, after all, Wehil had already impressed and was for the time being out of danger. After several tense moments, Hewilt let out an audible sigh of relief, "Oh Sudoth! I am glad you're such a sensible fellow!" Despite himself, H'wilt couldn't help but smile as he reached down to stroke his dragon's head, "I'd love your help keeping my brother in line - but first we need to get you some food."

Dragon Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: Metal Teeth Egg
Egg Description: If you look at this egg from the back it looks black, black as black can be. But turn it around and you're in for a big surprise. There seem to be metallic gray streaks going down the middle of it, almost like a row of something hard and made of metal.
Egg Inspiration: Stapler
Egg Credit: Meltain

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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