Sugar Plum Blue Suglumairyth

Impressee: S'jac (Sajac)

Name: Suglumairyth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 666699
Final Size: 30' length with a wingspan 53'

One of the smallest blues, this dragon is built long and lean, which gives the illusion that he has more length to his body. His neck, legs and tail are all slender and seem to extend forever. His wings are disproportionately large and broad, but they have a smooth and flowing appearance to them, and despite his small size, his expansive wings are what give him the stamina needed to last an entire ‘Fall. But he is quick and agile, his movements in the air lively and graceful, and he rivals a number of the most nimble greens for agility. Even on the ground he is light and dainty, and he almost seems to glide as he walks, certainly one of the more elegant dragons in the Weyr.

This dragon has a strange blue as his base color, more of a light grayish violet-blue, except his head knobs which are a pure white. There are intermingling swirls of luminous violet and blue strewn down and around his neck and back, and the underside of his body appears to be splotched with a more prominent gray undertone. His wing membranes are a much paler shade that they seem transluscent, but they are most notable for the vein-like patterns that are webbed throughout the wings, and these seem to be effervescent as they give a luminescent quality to his fluttery wings.

Suglumairyth is a dragon that believes in happily ever after. Even straight out of the egg, he realizes that conflict and competition is a waste of time and energy, and so he tries to keep everything as happy and harmonious as possible. He is typically neutral when it comes to disagreements, preferring to accept both sides of the argument and trying to find the strength in each. He was, is and always will be easygoing and even-tempered in nature, and nothing short of serious injury to his rider would ever rile him. Even in the most dire situations, he is able to remain cool and composed, and he is often the voice of reason calming down those around him. He thinks before he acts, and very few things tend to confuse him for he has an uncanny ability to reason through almost any problem – there is always a rational explanation and logical solution.

From weyrling to adult, Suglumairyth will always have an optimistic and compassionate attitude. He wants to give everyone a second chance, he wants to accept that anyone can change, and most importantly, he wants to believe that there is a happily ever after. But that doesn’t mean he’s naive. While there is good in everyone, he knows that they must be the ones willing to step out of their own shadows, and he understands that his duty is only to guide the light through the overwhelming darkness. In this respect he is stubborn, because he would never give up or turn his back on someone that needs to be saved from their own hatred and fears, especially his beloved S’jac. There is no one better than his rider, and he would never allow the man to delve into self-doubting or self-loathing thoughts.

Though not the most intelligent of dragons, Suglumairyth has such a soothing and supportive nature that he could potentially be a good wingsecond once he has matured and gained enough experience. He is an excellent fighter in Threadfall because of his temperament, and his escape from injuries is as much due to his size and agility as his calm and composed attitude. He is also very loyal to his leaders, and even if he didn’t naturally have so much trust in and dedication to them, he still would never dream of questioning their command. But he believes that they were chosen as leaders for a reason, and as the higher authority, they know better than he and therefore, he must follow them in order to protect everyone.

Flights are a passing fancy to this dragon. Because he is so caring and compassionate in nature, Suglumairyth will rarely if ever find a dragon that he dislikes, and he believes that the best way to show his admiration for a green is to chase them in flight. But to him flights are nothing more than a dance by a coherent ensemble, and whether he wins or loses, he will nevertheless be pleased by the outcome. If he does manage to catch a green, which isn’t too difficult because of his ability to keep up with their aerial acrobatics, he will not hesitate to dote on her for the next day or so. Occasionally he will develop a long-standing and deep attachment to one green, but such instances are rare since he’s usually too occupied with trying to save everyone else to meddle in his own love affairs.

Suglumairyth is a dragon that lives in a fairytale, one where there are evil witches and damsels in distress, and he is the noble steed that must gallop in with the hero to save the world. But his fantasy is not all that pure and innocent, for he knows that there are many challenges and dangers that he and his rider must face in order to fulfill their destiny. And first of all, he must start with showing S’jac that he is the knight in shining armor, and that despite all the tragedy and death, there is a happily ever after.

Inspiration: (Music) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky
I feel like this was a very appropriate theme for Sajac's dragon because the music is very upbeat and optimistic, and I think he needs a dragon like that to help him out of his anger. Plus the character in the ballet, the Sugar Plum Fairy, just seems like such a sweet and confident character that it would be a good dragon to pair with Sajac. And I liked the idea of a fairytale dragon in that he believes in happy endings, lol, because it's the completely opposite of Sajac's attitude right now.

Suglumairyth has a higher ranged voice, what would be described as a countertenor. In fact he has a singsong quality to his jovial voice sometimes when he speaks, you feel like breaking out in song and dance. His voice is most often laced with a soft and smooth sweetness that expresses a quiet confidence, easily setting you at ease, while visions of sweet sticks dance in your head. And to his rider, there is always a sense of unwavering devotion that conveys all of his love and faith.

Hatching Message:
The Death by Sparkles Egg seemed to be shaking a little, but only upon closer inspection was it really revealed to be swaying softly from side to side, as if the egg was moving to some rhythm. Then after a few more fervent shakes, the egg managed a magnificent 360-degree twirl before it spun away from its nestled location. Still it managed to stay upright, and then from the very top a small break appeared, soon the hole splintered in every direction and streaked downward like veins until the multitude of cracks appeared to blend seamlessly in with its glittering shell. Then the egg paused, almost dramatically, and then a small shudder caused the entire egg to tremble – before your very eyes, the shell seemed to shatter into a magnificent spray of sparkles. There in the center where the egg once stood was the small Sugar Plum Blue, looking around with fantastical awe as if admiring the world around him. And from such a distance, it’s hard to tell if he’s covered by shell fragments and grains of sand, or if he’s really glittering?

First he raised his wings and spread them experimentally, and then a few small steps to try out his feet. The Sugar Plum Blue had hatched untangled, and even managed to stay steady as he took slow strides forward. He paused a moment to sniff the ground, as if trying to get gauge of the sands, and then he looked up and turned his head when he saw the massive form of his golden mother. He tilted his head curiously, but feeling reassured, looked away and for the first time saw the candidates in front of him. A sweet aroma came from the side, revealing his hunger to him, but there was a greater need than food for him at the moment. With soft and dainty steps, he carefully approached the candidates, almost as if afraid that an unwary stumble might accidentally cause unintentional injury –that would be bad!

Public Impression Message:
After some time, the Sugar Plum Blue had made his way to the candidates without any injury whatsoever – he was so proud! His wings fluttered behind him, and now the sparkling lines that spread across the wing membranes were more distinct, catching the eye of everyone he walks by. He took his time with most of the candidates, pausing at each boy and looking at them carefully before walking way; with the girls he was less thorough, offering them nothing more than a glance before moving on. Even now his steps were careful and delicate, and he even stops when it appeared that one of his clutchmates was about to run right into him. But a collision as avoided, and a glimpse in the direction where his clutchmate had gone found what he was looking for. There! The Sugar Plum Blue creeled as if pleading to be seen, to be heard, and he quickly made his way over. So much anger, and sadness, but he would be the one to chase all that negativity away!

Personal Impression Message:
I am here, S’jac! the musical voice floated into the candidate’s head as the blue dragon moved with amazing elegance towards Sajac, coming to a stop in front of the young man. The blue dragon looked concerned, yet at the same time excited, and he repeated himself as if to reassure Sajac, Your Suglumairyth is here. Pushing his head against Sajac’s thigh, Suglumairyth crooned before gazing up with undying devotion. He was so happy, and so hungry, but still very happy, and he hoped that His could feel everything that he did! Gently pushing his head into Sajac again, the blue dragon creeled once more. I am hungry. Is there food?

Dragon Credit: Starr
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Death by Sparkles Egg
Egg Description: This egg glitters. There is no two ways about it; the shell is shiny and twinkly and all things bright and shimmery. The next thing you'll notice once you adjust to the wonderful way in which this egg reflects light; catching it and bouncing it around the Sands; is it's size. On the small side for the clutch, that glittering appearance keeps hold of your attention though; sparkling in your vision. If you ever get over the twinkles enough to notice the colour you'll see this egg is sort of banded at the top, first in twinkly Queen dragon gold, then in a flickering flame red, followed by a glistening green, a sparkly silver, a plinky pink, and lastly a blinging blue. From there it disintegrates, the different glittery colours splattered at random on the bottom half of the egg as if thrown in fistfuls by a child, or tipped carelessly from the bands. Is that sand right at the bottom? Stuck to the very lowest regions of the shell amongst the glitter? Slightly glossy as if encased in glue? Maybe, or maybe the glitter has got to you.
Egg Inspiration: Glitter and Glue – Arts and Crafts
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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