The Kelutral Brown Sulitchth

Impressee: D'len (Dilen)

Name: Sulitchth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 5E543D
Final Size: 37.2' length with a wingspan of 62.9'

The Kelutral Brown has a lovely rich bark brown hide, at first glance it is very even, but when he's really oiled up to a shine you can look closely and see long wavy stripes in a slightly darker colour coming out from his neck ridges and down both of his sides. They wrap around his legs and tail and neck, very subtle markings. There are more obvious ones as well, a long darker brown almost black streak that stretches all the way from the base of his head knobs to the fork of his tail where the colour becomes a pinker brown. The Kelutral Brown has two markings in a lighter tan brown; three parallel marks on the right hand side of his head from the start of his neck towards his eye with the top one curving around his right head knobs. The head knobs themselves deserve a mention, wider and flatter than your average dragon's they taper to a point, and are very mobile. For The Kelutral Brown they'll be a big way of expressing himself twitching and turning them as much as his eyes change colour.

The final marking is a tan band around his right forearm. Even just out of the egg The Kelutral Brown will look in outstanding physical condition, strong and shapely with a slightly bulky conformation. With exercise and growth that bulk could turn into muscles over the Turn and the half of Weyrling training. From the end of his slightly pinky tail to the tip of flattish face and nose, The Kelutral Brown is a tiny fraction above average length, while his wingspan a tiny fraction above average.

When he's first out of the egg Sulitchth will think he knows it all, his way will be the way things are done and that's a very physical way. His loyalty is also a trait immediately apparent though other than too D'len this loyalty is up for grabs. His way may be the way he wants to do things but Sulitchth is not blind to the wonders of the world around him. Sulitchth is a social dragon, very much wanting to be part of a team, whose members he can rely on without question. While he is still young he will be eager to meet new people and make friends. Sulitchth has a good heart but his military attitude and loyalties sometimes gets in the way of that. For all his eager mentality, this brown can seem callous and indifferent, an exterior which will melt away as he becomes familiar enough with other people or dragons that he can trust and respect them.

During Weyrlinghood Sulitchth will really unlock his eagerness to learn, taking his lessons at first just from Jasderth, and the other dragons who lead Weyrling training, and his loyalty will tend towards them as well as D'len. After a few months he will start to look up to the Senior Weyrlings, but in a competitive way, they are an example, but nothing he cannot obtain. As he gets older Sulitchth will push himself to be the best, and if he doesn't the anger of failure will only be at himself and his lifemate. Towards the of Weyrlinghood, once they have flight status his courageous and passionate nature will really come into it's own. Sulitchth will be a pillar in of determination and his strength of character will show through. He believes he can pass any test a dragon can pass.

Once graduated Sulitchth will be quick to grasp his place in the wing. This brown will respect forceful leadership, and leaders that care for their wingriders; a style he himself will adopt if he gets the opportunity to be in a leadership position. While not ambitious in a traditional sense, Sulitchth does display both charisma and leadership skills when needed which along with his passion and courageous nature may give him the chance if a position does become free. He will not volunteer for it though, as Sulitchth doesn't believe he was cute from the same leadership material as a bronze.

Fighting thread this brown will be ferocious. For he is defending everything that is dear to him, and displaying his strong team player nature and his commitment and dedication he will fight on through injuries unless called out by D'len or his leaders. Loss are only to be expected in a Pass and Sulitchth will feel the pain and sorrow keenly at first, locking it away while he can remember it and using it to solidify his determination against Thread.

When it comes to chasing females Sulitchth will not rise for many; believing that when he does choose to chase it is because he truly loves the rising dragon. Flights will be this brown's chance to really show off his daring and acrobatic skills, leaving turns and moves until the last possible minute. If he manages to make a catch Sulitchth will think he's won a mate for life, and will act as such for as long as he remembers he has won. He will always chase dragons he was won in the past. If Sulitchth catches a gold and sires a clutch he'll be one of the proudest papa dragons out there. Loyal to his golden mate and fiercely protective of the eggs which he will feel a special bond too.

Inspiration: Jake Sully and Miles Quaritch from Avatar
His colour was inspired by 'Hometree' (Na'vi: Kelutral) The sort of tree in which many Na'vi tribes choose to live. His markings are from Quaritch's scars and Jake's Avatar.

Sulitchth has a deep mind voice that is a little bit 'rough around the edges'. The sort of voice that sounds like it might be used to barking out short commands or replies. Though he tends to stick with the simple words, something which his mind voice reflects, when Sulitchth speaks to you there is a sense of purpose, a strength and determination that underlies everything he says.

Hatching Message:
The Green Like the Trees Egg started to shake and tremble much like the leaves of a great tree if it was under attack. The shaking persisted for a good minutes before the egg toppled and cracked. The Kelutral Brown lay in the remainders of his egg shell, perfectly still for a number of minutes.

Public Impression Message:
Having reached the boys line The Kelutral Brown almost marched up and down as much as a newly hatched an uncoordinated dragon could manage. The boy he was picking must also choose him and there; there he was, so eager. Close cropped dark hair topped the boys head as The Kelutral Brown looked up at him, toppling himself in the process. Impression had been made and The Kelutral Brown quickly righted himself to stand straight against the young boys legs.

Personal Impression Message:
The Kelutral Brown stops sharply infront of you, and peers intently upwards as he meets your eye his mind invades your own, strong and probing he doesn't want to take it slow. Even as you feel his voice tickle your mind he topples over. Mine, my D'len! The voice is not desperate, but determined, you will notice him. I am your Sulitchth, I have chosen you and you have chosen me. It has been a long time and I must be fed. There was no indication of what had been a long time and your thoughts are quickly swamped by hunger and the drying feel of egg goo on your skin.

Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Green Like the Trees Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a sort of milky sheen, not shining brightly in the light despite its smooth surface. It is a brilliant shade of true green over all with some marbling of white and lighter greens across its smooth shell. The marbling makes it look like a forest as you would fly over top with the white seeming like the sun glinting off the green leaves. It is a pretty egg of medium size and doesn’t stand out in comparison to some of the more brightly and vividly colored eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Amazonite
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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