Blue Sumeroveth

Impressee: R'noir (Renoir)

Name: Summer of Love Blue Sumeroveth
Pronounciation: suh-muh-ROE-vith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 1D7CF2
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 34' length of 58' wingspan

Description: Sumeroveth is an interesting dragon in both color and physique. He is a bright sky blue that seems to portray his lazy cheerfulness quite perfectly, and more notable is the swirls of pale blue that are mixed into his hide almost like a soft storm of clouds. The patterning gives his hide a tie-dyed effect. But his physique is also something of note because Sumeroveth is long. He has that lengthy and lanky build that seems to move with an almost lazy lack of grace, from the long limbs to the long tail and even to the exceptionally long wings. He will be clumsy in youth when he's growing into his length, but eventually he'll move with a slow languidness that becomes more coordinated as he matures. But he will be lacking both strength and agility, although he could be a surprisingly fast dragon if he weren't so lazy most of the time.

Personality: Sumeroveth is a loving and peaceful dragon that believes in unity and harmony among everyone and everything on Pern. He especially tries to soothe the hatred and bitterness that runs heavily between the Weyr and Mathon, and the first target of his amity will be his rider. Sumeroveth will slowly teach R'noir that it is better to love than hate, because love brings happiness and light whereas hate gives nothing but anger and darkness. He wants R'noir, and everyone for that matter, to see the beauty in the world and to appreciate that they are simply alive! Life is too short to waste away on the anger of past mistakes, and it is better to forgive and forget so that you can live life to the fullest.

And boy, does Sumeroveth know how to live and love freely. He is kind and affectionate with everyone and everything, from taking care not to step on a flower to striking up a conversation with a wher. This dragon knows no bounds and has no inhibitions, and he speaks and acts without filter. Fortunately he is a kind-hearted soul, and so there is rarely if ever an occasion where anything negative comes from him. Even the most scathing of insults will roll off his hide, and he will simply respond with Make love, not war. He follows his own advice quite seriously because he will chase almost any green that happens to rise near him, which will be many and often as his favorite pastime is to laze about on his ledge in the Weyr. But Sumeroveth simply loves social interactions, and he is as happy during a flight as he is being part of a large group.

Sumeroveth enjoys creativity and art. He will love to listen to the Harpers, even occasionally trying to join in with warbles and bugles of his own. Once he discovers art, he will often be found with a stick in mouth and drawing indiscriminate pictures on the dirt. Dancing will also be a favorite of his, and it will take him a long while to realize that his attempts to join in on the dancing during gathers is not okay. But these artistic channels are what he will encourage R'noir to follow should his rider feel particularly angry or bitter. This attitude extends to other dragons and some humans, because he cannot stand to be around anyone that is in a foul mood. So Sumeroveth will often be the one dancing circles around another dragon to lighten their mood or even go so far as to call upon a Harper to serenade R'noir.

For all of his beliefs, Sumeroveth is such a lazy dragon that he never does anything more than verbally preach love and harmony. The most he will do is step between an altercation if he happens to be there to do so, but otherwise he stays out of physical fights and even backs out of verbal arguments should they become heated. But he will always be there to support from the sidelines, especially his many clutchmates who will fight against the authorities. Right on, man. Power to the people! Sumeroveth does believe that each individual has the power and right to do whatever they want, although this mostly stems from his suspicion of anyone in a position of leadership. He thinks leaders are innately selfish and therefore, not really acting in the best interest of everyone. So he will often be the first one latching onto any rumors that discredit the Weyrleaders and even Lord Holders.

But Thread is a confusing thing for him because on one hand, Sumeroveth does not believe in hate and destruction. On the other hand, Thread is destructive, and therefore must be destroyed to prevent destruction. He will be reluctant to fly against Thread at first, and it will take much persuasion from R'noir and his elders to convince him that destroying Thread is a necessity for the ensured survival of Pern. Only then will he take to flaming Thread, although with much guilty as can often be seen by his verbal apologies to every single Thread he sears. But he is quick to forget and the day after Threadfall, he will be back to his relaxed and loving self.

Inspiration: Hippie
Dragon Credit: Starr

Hatching/Impression Message: There was a subtle shuddering from the Lack of Flesh Egg that it would be no surprise if its hatching went unnoticed. It seemed the dragon inside was in no rush to hatch, and only those candidates closest to the egg and actually paying attention to it would see the small cracks appearing on the shell as if the dragon inside was trying to slowly peck its way out. It was a long process, and many who were watching eventually lost interest as they turned to look at other eggs that were hatching much more quickly. But finally when enough cracks had appeared, a sudden burst from within had the egg shattering open rather anti-climatically. So there sat the Summer of Love Blue, who surveyed his surroundings almost deliberately. He found the candidates quick enough, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he began his slow progress forward. The blue hatchling hadn't even reached the line of candidates when Renoir suddenly ran forth to intercept the dragon. "Yes, yes, Sumeroveth. I'm coming!" And so the blue's eyes burst into a rainbow of impression as R'noir reached his dragon, and they changed course together to leave the sands.

Egg Name: Lack of Flesh
Egg Description: This egg looks rather typical for a dragon egg. Pale in color with darker shadows and speckles covering it's surface. Upon closer inspection you can just make out what looks like a grinning human skull. The moment you blink or glance away it just looks like a normal egg again. The darker speckles look like somebody splashed muddy water at the egg. When touch this egg feels dry with just a hint of roughness, like sun bleached bone. A hollow feeling comes from this egg, like dry mocking laughter as though the egg is amused you would even consider befriending what lies within this pale shell.
Egg Inspiration: A Skull
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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