Impressed to Green Chiketh

Name: T'eil (Tarseil)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T191
Former Rank: Farrier

Tarseil is a slightly short boy, with long black hair almost always in a braid, and chocolate brown skin. He fled Mathon with his younger sister after the unflown Fall, where both his parents and his two brothers were killed. Tarseil was sick at the time and stayed in his room, so missed most of the chaos and tragedy. He ended up at Solaria Weyr. He clung to all the wisdom his parents had ever imparted to him, including the importance of keeping an open mind, so Tarseil kept his blame and anger solely directed towards the Weyrleaders and got along quite well at the Weyr. He returned to Mathon at his grandfather’s request but found it quite dreary, so he hitched a ride on a cart back to Solaria to stand as a candidate, dragging his sister along with him. 

Mini-Biography Credit: Jey

Astralei of green Vanwilth

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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