Impressed to Bronze Laprth

Name: T'ni (Toranni)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T187/188
Rank: Wingrider

A bratty little boy who constantly boasts of one day becoming a great bronzerider who will ascend to Weyrleader of Solaria, T'ni was Searched in Turn 1 when he came of age to Stand, but did not Impress. This did not serve to deflate his oversize ego, however, and only made him convinced that he was destined for far better things, and had to wait for a very special dragon to come along. All of this is only when conversation revolves around dragons, however. In normal conversation and when playing about the Weyr or doing chores with his friends, T’ni is quite a normal boastful boy who thinks he’s more invincible than he is. His shoulder has a scar running across it when T’ni believed that he would be able to sneak forward and steal a firelizard egg from a golden queen who was tending them. He was mistaken.
Mini-Biography Credit: Hikari


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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