P8 T12 Kidnapping
IC Start Date: P8 T12 Early Winter
Organiser: Starr
Steward Jenoramil of Mathon Hold orchestrates the kidnapping of children from the Weyr - with help from creche worker Razael. These children are then placed with Mathonite families. The plot is discovered after Ceocayath's P8 T12 Hatching. Jenoramil is executed for treason, and all the children are returned - with the exception of Imaru, Weyrwoman Niru's daughter. Talk about Niru's involvement leads to the Weyrwoman stepping down and transferring North, along with Imaru's father, bronzerider I'mane.

Kidnapped Children
P8 T12 - Early Winter (2)
1. Alastian
2. Thalsi

P8 T12 - Mid Winter (1)

P8 T12 - Late Winter (1)
1. N'zan and Augustine's baby

P8 T12 - Early Spring (2)
1. Barien
2. Berian

P8 T12 - Mid Spring (1)
1. Tiana

P8 T12 - Late Spring (Turnover) (1)
1. Jaelyn

P8 T13 - Early Summer (2)
1. Imaru

P8 T13 - Mid Summer (0)

P8 T13 - Late Summer (0)

P8 T13 - Early Autumn (1)

P8 T13 - Mid Autumn (1)
1. Elnisira

P8 T13 - Late Autumn (Hatching) (1)
1. Leyton
2. Tsene

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T12 Mid Autumn Visions of the Future Jenoramil and Eranya discuss their plan.
P8 T12 Early Spring On How to Adopt Twins B'tron's twin children are kidnapped and taken to Mathon.
P8 T12 Late Spring Dude, Where's Your Kids? Orliel aks B'tron where Barien and Berian have got to.
P8 T13 Early Summer Think of the Children! Razael takes Imaru while the Weyr is distracted with Euliath's hatching.
P8 T13 Late Autumn The Curse Strikes Again J'nule approaches Phyrra when he discovers no one knows where Elnisira is.
P8 T13 Late Autumn Where have the Children gone? Alistylla writes to Mavin about the missing children.
P8 T13 Late Autumn Working Late Mavin asks Jenoramil about the letter from Alistylla, but Jenoramil tells him not to worry.
P8 T13 Late Autumn The Case of Missing Children The Weyrwomen and Wingleaders hold a council to discuss the kidnapping and what must be done.
P8 T13 Late Autumn Concerning Information L'vin and I'mane discuss the kidnappings and I'mane's missing daughter.
P8 T13 Early Winter Break Your Faithful Heart Rasnia confronts Jenoramil's niece (and the Weyr's newest goldrider) Alistylla about her involvement in the kidnappings.
P8 T13 Early Winter You Win or You Die Jenoramil languishes in his cell, awaiting the trial.
P8 T13 Early Winter Judge and Jury Jenoramil's trial takes place, and he is sentenced to be staked out for Thread.
P8 T13 Early Winter Shouldn't Happen to No Man Dubrall and Morran discuss events after the trial.
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