P8 T14 Earthquake
IC Start Date: Late Winter, P8 T14
Organiser: wunderingmind
An earthquake occurs near Solaria Weyr, causing damage to the Weyr and the temporary heating of the water in the lake and bathing caverns. Several deaths and numerous injuries result.

9 blues
2 greens
1 brown
(All NPC)

Injuries (PC)
K'ran and Cacurnynth - Crushed hip on Cacurnynth,
Talora - Broken hip
T'moren - Crush injury that leads to leg amputation
Xer'zyn and bronze Aquarith - Minor injuries to both
Zi'ah - Broken right arm
H'resh and green Krisauth - Gash on tail for Kristauth, H'resh in a coma for two sevendays
Jola - Head injury
Dagny and green Corieth - Burned feet for Corieth
L'esk and green Palith - Serious burns on Palith's feet
Cevida - Minor burns to feet and legs, bruised shoulder and a broken leg

Injuries (NPC)
Z'ai and green Temorigth - Burned wing membrane on Temorigth, some areas with boils and others burned away
Z'tan and blue Rudyath - Burned feet and aggravated hide for Rudyath
R'fen and blue Pengeth - Burned feet and aggravated hide for Pengeth
K'kim and blue Waynth - Burned feet, aggravated hide and broken left hind hip for Waynth
G'mel and brown Crickath - Broken arm for G'mel
S'mim and brown Sabeanith - Broken leg and ankle for S'mim
Th'ants and bronze Marith - Broken collarbone and wrist for Th'ants

Location Damage
Weyrling Barracks and Creche have no cracks in the ceiling, no rocks (really) fell from the ceiling, and are stable. The danger to those inside was being trapped and bad air.

Old collapsed weyrs collapsed entirely, they will not be able to be dug out and reinforced. There are several that are marked as unstable and people are not allowed inside. Some were reinforced and are completely stable now.

Bathing caverns are minus a few hanging rocks, but are otherwise the same and stable

The terraces have a collapsed section that once cleared revealed a set of caverns in the back. Leadership is still surveying them and deciding what to do with them.

Femaith's clutch was on the Hatching Sands at the time of the earthquake. When the clutch hatches in Early Spring, thirteen of the twenty-seven eggs fail to hatch. It is assumed by many that the earthquake overheated the Sands and damaged the eggs.||

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook An earthquake strikes the Weyr!
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Creche The entrance to the creche collapses, trapping numerous children, the Weyrwoman, and the heavily pregnant Orliel - who starts having contractions.
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Weyrling Barracks The entrance to the weyrling barracks collapses, trapping weyrlings inside.
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Terraces A section of the terraces collapses, revealing a cave and injuring those who were out enjoying the terraces.
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Dragonrider Accomodations Several older dragon weyrs collapse, trapping and injuring riders.
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Bathing Caverns The water in the bathing caverns boils and rocks fall causing several injuries.
P8 T14 Late Winter The Day the Weyr Shook, Lake The water of the lake boils hot enough to scald the dragons and riders who are out swimming.
P8 T14 Late Winter You are my Sunshine Orliel's baby is born, but not without difficulties.
P8 T14 Late Winter I promise I'm fine! S'wyn visits Talora in the infirmary after the quake.
P8 T14 Early Spring Healing Wings L'esk comes to the infirmary to have Palith's burn dressings changed.
P8 T14 Early Spring Say Again? H'resh wakes up from his coma but is having trouble with his memory.
P8 T14 Early Spring Honest work and earnest hearts Alista cleans the terraces some time after the quake.
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