T15 Lord Darish Disappearance
IC Start Date: P8 T15 Mid Spring
Organiser: Pavlova
Ver Hold's Lord Darish goes missing.
Getting Involved
Has your character heard rumours about bandits? Or maybe seen some unsavoury types hanging around?

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T15 Mid Spring Missing: Holder Darish Lady Arisime gathers the Hold to inform them that Lord Darish has gone missing.
P8 T16 Late Summer What a Bloody Mess Bandits cause trouble outside Ver Hold - could they be related to Lord Darish's disappearance?
P8 T16 Early Autumn How About That Lord? People discuss the ongoing absence of Darish.
P8 T16 Early Autumn Left For Dead Another attack by perpetrators unknown leaves Regio nearly dead.
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