T15 Female Wing
IC Start Date: P8 T15 Mid Spring
Organiser: WunderingMind
Weyrleader N'din announces a Wing comprising all the Weyr's non-gold riding women - a mid level Wing called Southern Cyclones, led by greenrider Zaralis and bluerider Khourey. The women of the Weyr then stage a protest but refusing to be available for male riders during dragon flights.
Getting Involved
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IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T15 Mid Spring The Women's Wing N'din gathers the Weyr's riders to announce the new Wing arrangements.
P8 T15 Mid Spring Planning for the Cyclones The riders of Southern Cyclones meet to discuss matters.
P8 T15 Late Spring Hit 'em where it hurts girls! Greenrider Orliel proposes that the Weyr's women cut off male riders during dragon flights.
P8 T15 Late Spring A Knock on the Door Khourey and Zaralis meet Weyrwoman Reva to discuss the new Wing.
P8 T15 Late Spring What Were You Thinking? L'vin confronts his brother, Weyrleader N'din, over the Wing changes.
P8 T16 Early Summer On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Parivyth and Efiemth talk about the Wings
P8 T16 Early Winter So it Ends N'din calls an end to the female Wing - sort of.
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