T18 Earthquake
IC Start Date: P8 T18 Mid Autumn
Organiser: Dragonblossom, Kati, Ldypayne, Maiden, Rhee, Shelacula
A minor earthquake happens at the Weyr.
Getting Involved

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T18 Mid Autumn Shiver and Shake The Weyr trembles.
P8 T18 Mid Autumn Should the Ground be Moving Like That? The Weyrlings react to the earthquake.
P8 T18 Mid Autumn Hold on to your Friends! The candidates react to the earthquake.
P8 T18 Mid Autumn Rattle and Roll Femaith worries about what the earthquake might do to Ceocayath's eggs.
P8 T18 Mid Autumn Worried Watcher Mibueth goes to check on Ceocayath's eggs.
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