P8 T5 Dawnlight's Shining
IC Start Date: P8 T5 Mid Autumn
Organiser: Sitewide
New Weyrleader N'sig creates a low level wing called Dawnlight's Shining. All of the women are placed into this wing, with former Weyrleader St'yn as Wingleader. He also restricts the right of women to Stand for clutches. The situation continues until St'yn once again becomes Weyrleader, disbanding Dawnlight's Shining and allowing women to Stand.

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T5 Mid Autumn Reorganisation Rage The riders of Dawnlight's Shining get together to vent.
P8 T5 Mid Spring Siheth's Clutch and Candidacy N'sig bans female candidates from Standing for Siheth's clutch.
P8 T5 Mid Spring Let's Be Rebels A couple of female candidates hatch a plan to sneak onto the Sands.
P8 T5 Mid Spring Siheth's 2nd Clutch - Hatching Reva and Belia sneak onto the Sands dressed as boys.
P8 T5 Mid Spring Punishment The girls are punished after being caught.
P8 T6 Mid Summer Girls, girls, girls Niru approaches N'sig about relaxing the rules for previous candidates and weyrbred girls.
P8 T7 Mid Summer A Classic Piece in Gold St'yn is made Weyrleader again when Cioruath catches Tylaith, and he disbands Dawnlight's Shining.
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