The Steadfast Son Blue Tadanoth

Impressee: J'hyn (Jenhyn) [notomys]

Name: Tadanoth
Pronounciation: Ta-dah-noth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2F2F4F
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 33' wingspan of 59'


The Steadfast Son Blue hatches an awkward creature. His long legs seem to have more joints than he can account for - or control. He hasn't got the hang of his oversized wings, either - catching them on his (apparently four left) feet. As he grows to adulthood, however, the Steadfast Son Blue will learn to control his own body. By the time he reaches his full growth his awkward beginnings will have been all but forgotten, and he will move with surety - even grace.

His hide is a dark blue-grey all over, but it is his wings that are the most striking. They are a deep midnight blue, draping over his body like an inky cloak. Slightly larger than proportionate, the way he carries his wings tucked up around his shoulders often give the impression that the Steadfast Son Blue is brooding or deep in thought - though this is generally not far from the truth.

The Steadfast Son Blue carries very little bulk - he is slender, and has a youthful appearance he retains even into adulthood. He possesses the usual skill of his kind - speed and agility, rather than stamina. He moves swiftly in the air, with quick reactions - though occasionally these reactions may prove ill considered.


The rivers of Tadanoth's mind run deep. From the very start he will feel emotions keenly and the slightest disturbance to the happy and playful weyrling routine he prefers will reverberate down to his core. While normally a thoughtful dragon, reflecting thoroughly on his words and actions before he sends them out into the world, these strong emotions cloud his mind and can make him act rashly. His normal, introspective calm is thrown into upheaval when he's emotional and he will act and speak impulsively, many times to his or someone else's detriment.

Grief is one of those emotions that will hit him hardest. His first keening will send him spinning and likely incapacitate him for a while. Despite him learning how better to handle death as he ages, it will never be an easy thing for him. He will be particularly inconsolable when a clutchmate or wingmate dies - and he doesn't understand how others can recover from their grief so quickly. He will even be angry when those he is close to move on faster than he deems proper after the death of a friend.

As you would expect, Tadanoth will be a true and loyal friend. J'hyn, of course, he will defend to his dying breath, but similar consideration will be given to those dragons he is close to. With such dedication, though, comes the expectation of allegiance in return. Woe be to those who betray his trust, however, or act in a way that he considers insensitive or cruel; they will find themselves subject to indignant, frustrated rage. These broken relationships are difficult, if not impossible, to repair, as he stubbornly holds to his ideals.

Similarly, Tadanoth must truly respect those who hold authority over him. He will be an enthusiastic Threadfighter and an asset to any wing, but should he see his wingleader as anything but upstanding and worthy of their title, he will develop a dangerous rebellious streak. Refusal to follow orders and sometimes even downright mutinous discussions with fellow wingmates may cause J'hyn to seek out a wing change before they result in strict punishments or, worse, injuries to themselves or others.

Those only superficially familiar with Tadanoth might assume he is forever gloomy and brooding, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. His humor endures even at the darkest of times, but often exists so subtly that many will miss it. He is a master of wordplay and the clever pun. He never waits for a response to his witty remarks, though, as if the only amusement that he seeks is his own. Should his rider catch on and share in the joke, it is an added bonus.

Tadanoth feels love as fully and deeply as any other emotion, and will be dedicated to his mate once he wins his first mating flight. He will dote, whisper sweet nothings, bring gifts, and generally be completely smitten. That can change dramatically and quickly, however, as soon as his green is caught by another male. This will be seen as heartless and two-faced, and he will spurn his mate as hotly as he once professed his love, likely never going back to chasing her. This cycle will repeat itself over and over throughout his life until he should find a lover as steadfast as he himself is.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
from The Tragedy of Hamlet
by William Shakespeare

Dragon Credit: Corgi and Kitya

A dragon who feels his emotions keenly, this is obvious in Tadanoth's voice. When he is happy, his voice rises to an excited pitch - but far more often he employs a deeper tone, more brooding, that reflects his moods. He is much given to introspection and often voices his thoughts aloud, expecting no response from his rider to these soliloquies.

Hatching Message:
The blue-black egg, Quote The Egg, Nevermore,
had rocked gently throughout the Hatching. Now, however, it seemed the dragon within was ready to make an appearance; cracks started to form on the silky-smooth surface, marring it's perfection. Finally a small piece fell away and a whirling eye wass visible peering through - though it was impossible to tell the colour of the dragon inside from this glimpse.

After a few minutes observation, the eye withdrew and a taloned paw appeared in it's place. It pushed at the hole, widening it, until all of a sudden the egg broke apart to reveal the inhabitant. Still damp with egg fluid, the hatchling Steadfast Son Blue appeared nearly black. He carefully stretched his long limbs out, then looked around. His curious gaze fell first on his parents, earning him an encouraging hum from Audalath. He stared at them for a few moments longer then got to his feet, wobbling like a newborn runner.

Public Impression Message:
Steadfast Son Blue weaved and wavered, more than the usual unsteadiness tripping up his toes. Rather than focus on the candidates as he should, he wandered aimlessly, preoccupied by the poisonous treachery dealt out by his own blue brother. He pawed every so often at the wound on his face, which only wound up smearing sand and sticky ichor across his muzzle.

Suddenly Steadfast Son Blue stopped and let out a piteous, painful cry that could hurt hearts just as well as ears. He collapsed in a heap right where he stood, rolling to one side and on top of a young man's feet. One might think that was the end, that the poor thing had died of ichor loss and shock, but Audalath, though she hovered, seemed no more concerned than she had before. A moment later, the dark blue hatchling lifted his head, weakly and squeaked up at the man, his eyes sparking colorfully.

Personal Impression Message:
Life is funny isn't it? A new mind opens in yours, poking at the dark humor of you being injured, him being injured, together. Ichor and blood, the dragon mused, savoring each word and concept as he picked them from your mind, they are not so different, are they? Your pain and his meld and merge and you are no longer quite sure of whether it's your chest that hurts or your cheek. You'll suddenly know, too, that those wounds he was dealt were not so fatal as he made them out to be; painful, yes, but scratches dramatically overblown.

The hatchling limply looks up at you and threading through the red pain in the blue's eyes are a rainbow of other colors. He's chosen you. With a sudden wave of pure devotion, he speaks in your head again. Doubt that Thread falls, doubt that dragons flame, doubt that the sun and moons will rise and turn, but never… never doubt that I am your Tadanoth and you are mine, J'hyn.

Egg Name: Quote The Egg, Nevermore
Egg Description: This egg is a good, medium sized egg. It’s larger than some of it’s brothers, but much smaller than others. This egg is a blue-black color, with a blue sheen to it. If one was to look closely, they would see what looks like feathers all over the egg. The egg is smooth and soft, almost as if it never hardened.
Egg Inspiration: Northern Raven/Poe's Raven
Egg Credit: Kati

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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