Look at Me Blue Taebareth

Impressee: Olissia

Name: Look at Me Blue Taebareth
Pronounciation: Tay-ba-reth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 0020c2
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 32' length 64' wingspan

Description: Nothing subtle about The Look At Me Blue, he stands out whether he or his rider wants him to or not. With a Dark Blue hide he can blend in at night, though under the sun it shines and seems to glitter. This impression is not helped by the Light Blue dots across his chest, head knobs, and flanks. These dots create the illusion of sparkling gems embedded in his hide. Some spots are only the size of one scale, others are as big as a hand, but all glitter and could remind one of a starry night sky. Look At Me Blue will make sure that no matter where he is standing light is reflecting off his 'stars' glimmer in the light. He is all about getting the attention, and uses his body to gain such attention.

What is barely noticeable to anyone, besides someone who gets close to his hide, is that Look At Me Blue's belly and underside of his tail are also covered in sparkles of Light Blue. These are subtle and are reminiscent of the 'stars' on the rest of Look At Me Blue's body, almost as if they aren't finished.

When Look At Me Blue opens his wings swirls of the Light Blue decorate the wings giving you the impression of looking inside a wind tunnel. He will frequently pose where glimpses of the Light Blue can peek out and catch someone's eye, causing them to look and see what is shinning. The outside of his wings is dimmed by Dusky Blue clouds so that when his wings are folded it looks like a cape of velvety material, almost as if he was royalty. Look At Me Blue rather enjoys this effect, so when he isn't posing for immediate attention, he folds his wings, but lets the tips drop just a bit to enhance the idea of a cape.

Look At Me Blue is an average sized dragon, though he will never look it. He will remain a lean mean fighting machine of all wiry muscle and no fat. In this there will be no difference there from hatchling, to weyrling, to adult dragon, Look At Me Blue will just never really put on weight, even for a blue. Look At Me Blue will make up for this through his wingspan. Look At Me Blue will have one of the largest wingspans for a blue in the Weyr. This will allow for longer flight, though limiting some of his agility unless he and his rider innovate ways for him to work around this. He will also be able to use his wings for showing off and displays. Look At Me Blue will be very fond of these displays. His flight will consist of lots of gliding, or maneuvers that keep his wings open to reflect the light off his distinctive markings.

Personality: Taebareth is a show off from day one. He wants all the attention and will get it however he can manage. This means that he will make a badly timed, if impressive, entrance or tell a badly timed joke. Taebareth will also be a more free in talking to other humans other than his rider. Anything to get attention, or show off his ability to other dragons. This will lead to some interesting situations where Taebareth will try and impress either a dragon, or a rider, but will be so socially inept that he won't realize that they are laughing because he's making a fool of himself instead of doing something cool. Taebareth may also irritate other dragons with his tendency to speak directly to their rider instead of through accepted means.

The day Taebareth finally gets this pointed out to him he will sulk for quite a while before realizing that he just needs to learn how to fit in, or at least be able to read the mood of the group, before he shows off. Taebareth will also need to learn to respect the bond between other dragons and their riders. He will have to be coached in proper communication channels or Taebareth will find himself ostracized from the other dragons. He will slowly, taking cues from his rider, learn how to interact with other dragons and riders without being a complete jerk, but it will take lots of work and effort on the part of his rider. Taebareth will slowly improve so that he will perform well timed, and impressive entrances, telling jokes that are well timed, and actually funny, right in time to have to learn to fly, and have to deal with the intricacies of flying well, and impressively.

One of the traits that will hold true through weyrlinghood and as an adult is that Taebareth will be constantly defending his rider. Having Impressed a female will cause some issues with other riders and dragons, but Taebareth will never doubt his rider, will always back her plans, and will always be there for her. Those other nasty mean riders can take a long walk of the Weyr heights for all he cares. During situations where his rider might be being attacked verbally, or being put down, Taebareth will jump into the middle of it and try to separate the parties. This may be either verbally or physically if he can.

As an adult Taebareth will be considerate of others, but in a mildly demeaning manner if he doesn't consider them worthy. Dragons who fall in this category will be plain, quiet, or low performers. He will never be intentionally mean, but some of what he says, and how he says it may come across as such. Taebareth will also preen and make sure that he is always showing off his magnificent colors and markings. Cleanliness was never a major thing when he was a weyrling, but after his first flight, successful or not, baths will become an necessary, daily, ritual for Taebareth.

Taebareth will need a rider who is strong in personality and willpower as his ideas to show off, and some of his invented flying maneuvers will be highly inappropriate. He will eventually give in on these ideas, but not before fighting with his rider for quite a while. Eventually Taebareth will fall into a pattern with his rider of putting forward an idea and not fighting if she seems adamantly against it. The only time he will really push back on an idea if it is one he really thinks is going to be awesome. This comfortable pattern will come with much hard work and, probably, many headaches for Taebareth's rider, but it will be better than having to continually fight with him over every little idea.

In a wing, and fighting thread, Taebareth will be one of the longest lasting blues for stamina. He and his rider will have to work out maneuvers that will make up for their lack of agility, but Taebareth will make sure the he and his rider are always working on this. He desires to be the best, at least of the greens and blues, and to make sure that his flying shows he is the best. He will do maneuvers that, if not stopped by his rider, may put him and his wingmates in danger during Threadfall. He will also try to get every Thread that falls withing his sight to the point of leaving his place in the wing to chase random strands that are in other dragons' ranges.

As a member of a wing Taebareth will try to make sure that he is in a position that will show off his skill and beauty to all. This may cause conflict with the others in his wing, especially with Wingleader and Wingseconds, as he will be very insistent that he be placed exactly where he wants. He may even go behind the leaders backs to try and switch with other dragons. Taebareth will need someone strong, besides his rider, to tell him that he needs to behave and do what he's told in the matter of wing positions and tactics. In this matter Taebareth will find it hard to listen to his rider as she is not the one in a position of power, so he would defer to one of the leaders in this situation.

During flights Taebareth will be a strong flier and quite a showy flier as well. He will be the kind who would rather make a showy win than anything at all. Taebareth won't intentionally throw a flight, but he may fail more often because he is trying to make sure that when he catches the green he is making sure that he looks his best. Taebareth will not be a clingy dragon, he will be kind and considerate after the flight, but if the female wants nothing more to do with him, or doesn't declare undying love, he will leave her alone within a sevenday.

Inspiration: Demoscene
This is a based around showing off. Making something more, better, faster, more intricate, than everyone else. Demoscene is specifically techonology/computer based, inspiring the appearance, and the basis of the culture for his personality.
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Voice: His voice is tenor pitched and echoes back slightly as if running through a remixer, or hearing feedback from a speaker back into a microphone.

Hatching Message: The Egged Egg rocked slowly, then stopped, then started rocking again, then stopped. It was almost as if the dragon inside was trying to decide if he really wanted to hatch yet or not. Slowly it began rocking again and a hard tapping came from inside the egg. Suddenly there was a hole near the bottom of the egg and a dark, wet nose stuck out and took a deep breath. There was a pause as the dragon took several deep breaths then pulled its nose back into the egg. Several more hard raps on the egg and it shattered dramatically as the Look at Me Blue rolled out of the egg, into the sand. He landed on his back, wings flailing dramatically. He quickly stood, shook himself, and surveyed the candidates. He was covered in sand, and pretending he wasn't. The Look At Me Blue shook the sand off its back legs as he surveyed the candidates in front of him.
Public Impression Message: After surveying the candidates for a while, desperately trying to hold an impressive pose with wet wings dragging and covered in sand, the Look At Me Blue wandered towards some of the candidates. He was desperately trying to look regal and impressive and forgot that he had to keep his wings out of the way. The Look At Me Blue tumbled head over heels and landed on top of the feet of a dark haired candidate. Looking up the Look At Me Blue shook his head and dismissed that candidate. He got a closer look into several of the boys eyes and then marched straight up to the shorter brunette female and butted her with his head. The Look At Me Blue had knocked her over into the sand so that he could look in her eyes with his rainbow hued eyes easily. Planting both his feet on her chest the Look At Me Blue nuzzled her chin with his nose.
Personal Impression Message: The Look at Me Blue walked over to Olissia and knocked her in the sand with his head. Look At Me Blue stood on her chest and looked deeply into her eyes, now that they were at an easier level his voice echoed into her mind. Hello Olissia, I am Taebareth, and you will be my rider. Now can we please go get something to eat, I am dreadfully hungry and I want everyone to see me as well. He nuzzled Olissia's chin with his nose and his eyes changed from rainbow to a gentle green then quickly started turning red with hunger.

Egg Name: Egged Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg looks like a perfectly respectable fellow. It is of average size and normal shape. Initially after being laid, it’s coloration also appears equally unremarkable - a cool swirl of dark blues and grays. This egg would be about as standard as dragon-eggs come, if not for the strange smears of yellow and white that seem to drip down one of it’s sides. These imperfections clash not only with the overall color scheme of the egg, the areas where these markings are are much shinier than the rest of the egg, and have almost a sticky appearance. Depending on how this egg is rotated, these markings may or may not be visible, almost creating the illusion that somebody is sneaking into the hatching sands and painting them onto its surface while the rest of the Weyr sleeps. The reaction to these eggs is liable to be mixed, some will think that they detract from its appearance, while others will think that it makes the egg look more festive.
Egg Inspiration: Egged Houses
Egg Credit: notomys

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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