Blue Taibrenth

Impressee: P'iff (Pariff)

Name: Taibrenth
Pronunciation: TAE-brinth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 005763
Final Size: 31' length with a wingspan of 50'

Taibrenth is quite a small blue, with delicate features one might think more suited to a green. His hide is a pale, dusty blue with a darker band of metallic blue-green around his midsection, just below his wings. If you look closely you can see lighter marks upon this band, as though someone has stitched words on it in silver thread. His claws have the same silver sheen as the small markings around his middle and come to wickedly sharp points like needles. He is extremely agile with his claws and is very good at fixing things, although this is one skill he tries not to show off, out of fear that others will look down on him for it. Taibrenth knows that he might not be comparable to his larger brothers, but he uses what he does have to his advantage at every turn. His slim body and legs make him extremely agile and he can leap and dive so quickly on both the ground and in the air that it seems impossible he could ever be injured by anything. However any tasks that require heavy lifting or flying for long periods of time Taibrenth will struggle to succeed in. 

No matter what task he is set, Taibrenth always gives the outward appearance of confidence in his success. Even when he has no idea what he is doing he worries that if he shows this to anyone they will think him weak. He will rise to any challenge set for him, always seeking to surpass the larger stronger dragons. He knows that he cannot compare in physical attributes to them, but he uses his wits to make up for this. Taibrenth loves outwitting others. There is nothing he likes more than beating others at their own game and he isn't shy about bragging about it afterwards. He is also a big fan of stretching the meaning of words. He doesn’t exactly lie, mind you, just perhaps says things in a way that make you think he means something else. Should someone call him on it he will be quick to think up some excuse to get out of trouble. Taibrenth requires two eyes on him at all times. If you're not watching carefully, the next thing you know he will be off getting in trouble and beating someone else at their own game. When there is a gold dragon rising you had better have a good explanation as to why he can't chase otherwise Taibrenth is going to be right in the thick of things, doing his best to outwit every bronze and brown dragon at the Weyr.

Inspiration: The Brave/Valiant Little Tailor

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Rainbow Gradient Egg rocked slightly as though blown by a slight breeze. Then, with a sudden explosion of fragments it shattered, leaving a small blue dragon sitting in the wreckage. The dusty blue dragon got to his feet, stretching each dainty leg out one at a time so that his silvery claws flashed in the sunlight. He circled the wreckage of the egg, nudging the brightly coloured pieces into one pile then nosing through it and counting them out one at a time. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! The blue dragon let out a satisfied creel and flapped his wings in an attempt to make himself look bigger. He strutted around the egg shards, his skinny chest thrust out. Look what he had done! The hatchling's eyes shifted from side to side, carefully examining the faces of the white-robed Candidates for any signs of approval. That one there seemed to appreciate his accomplishment and the dragon approached cautiously, placing each slim leg carefully onto the sands. He circled his chosen boy three times, examining him from head to foot. At last he sat in front of his chosen one and looked up into Pariff's eyes. The boy looked back at him, a slow smile tugging at the corner's of his lips. "Yes I saw what you did Taibrenth, it was very impressive," he replied to an unheard comment by the dragon. "Shall we get you some food now to celebrate your accomplishment?" With that the dragon and rider left the sands.

Dragon Credit: Adina

Egg Name: The Rainbow Gradient Egg
Egg Description: All seven colors of the rainbow appear on this glorious egg. It isn't very large, but it is certainly eye-catching. Starting with the darker blue, purple, and indigo shades at the bottom, the colors blend and shift through the spectrum until they are a brilliant yellow at the top.
Egg Inspiration: Finding those perfect colors for your rainbow drawing as a child
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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