Green Tamaeth

Impressee: S'mor (Susmor)

Name: Tamaeth
Pronunciation: Tuh-MAY-eth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 006B54
Final Size: 35' wingspan of 23' length

Tamaeth is tiny. Her bone structure, for the most part, is incredibly delicate, and there is very little musculature to her. Her skull in particular is finely formed, with a slender jaw and very subtle ridges. Tamaeth holds herself in a hunch, making her look even smaller. In part this is because her hind quarters are the only properly muscled part of her - and her rear paws are large enough to look ungainly in relation to the rest of her. This gives her a powerful thrust into flight and with her perfectly proportioned wings, Tamaeth is one of the most agile, quick fliers in the Weyr. Tamaeth's hide is the verdant, glossy green of a tropical forest, almost waxed in appearance. There isn't a mark upon this dainty little green's flawless hide.

Tamaeth is a sweet, retiring creature. In line with her dainty looks, Tamaeth is very naive, and all through Weyrlinghood her propensity for being shy and gigglish will mark her as immature. Though she isn't dull, Tamaeth will not tend to take most things seriously. Instead, she'll look up to her rider, and perhaps more serious seeming greens she has befriended, to take care of all that heavy stuff. As she grows older, Tamaeth won't come out of her shell much, but she will develop a dislike for loud, flamboyant displays, and will especially dislike her rider being involved in 'wild parties' or partaking of alcohol. Typical of her quiet and unsure nature, Tamaeth will only allow her displeasure to be known passively, with quiet, hurt comments slipped into whatever conversation she and her rider are having. In Flights, Tamaeth will not be a flirtatious creature, and always favour a clutchmate, or if there are none chasing, a smaller, quieter dragon. Fighting Thread, Tamaeth is adequate, but will tend to want to be near another dragon she is confident is a skilled fighter.

Inspiration: Queen Tamaeva IV of Rimatara

Hatching/Impression Message:
With a simple, single crack! the Planet Dirt Egg was scythed in half from top to bottom by a long crack. Ponderously slow, the two crumbling halves were pushed apart by the hatchling inside, until the tiny, glossy green became visible. She peered out at the chaotic sands, muttering a high pitched chirp of inquiry to herself.

The little green fussed with her shell for a moment, pushing the swirled shards further away from where she sat, into a neat little pile. Apparently satisfied with that, the hatchling turned her attention once more to the goings on of the hatching grounds, her eyes whirling softly. Without further fuss she rose to her feet, and began to hobble with a rather awkward gait, hopp-skipping with her large back paws, towards the candidates.

She paused, turning her soft gaze once towards Azrael. A little tch under her breath emanated from the green, and she moved on along the line, grumbling to herself. She moved along slowly, head down in concentration, until she came to a ponderous halt in front of Rasotan. But her glance over the boy was just as brief, before she picked up her trundling pace again.

Finally, she dwindled to a halt in front of Susmor. She tilted her head and chirruped at him. "You…do you want me?" the man asked in confusion, and then all of a sudden his sad features brightened to a glorious glow. "You do want me, Tamaeth!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Planet Dirt Egg
Egg Description: Of average size and a traditional ovoid shape, Planet Dirt is a truly stunning egg in spite of its name. The majority of its surface is covered with a deep ocean blue but there are seven distinct segments that break up the blue. These solid segments come in a kaleidoscope of colors shifting from a sandy brown to mountain rock to rainforest green. The only segment devoid of color is one at the very bottom of the egg which is a solid white. Soft white wisps are also spun out across Planet Dirt's shell that look like wisps of cloud. Life just seems to seep out of every crevice of this egg and into those around it. This egg certainly captures the imagination of any who look at it!
Egg Inspiration: Earth!
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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