Burn It With Style Green Tangirth

Impressee: A'styre (Andelstyre)

Name: Tangirth
Pronounciation: Tang-GERTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 759185
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 26' length of 42' wingspan


The Burn it With Style Greenis a dull greenish grey over most of her body. What truly makes her stand out is her neck which is a very pale, almost white shade of green with very dark almost black shade of green alternating bands spiralling down to the base of her neck. On her right flank is a ‘bullseye’ pattern of the same alternating pale and dark green colors. Besides these two distinctive patterns the rest of her body is very uniform in color. Burn it With Style Green is about average sized for a green but upon maturity she’ll be more muscular than average but still maintains her feminine shape. Her head knobs are small and she lacks the usual neck ridges most dragons possess. Her wings are a little small but this just seems to make her all the more agile in the air. The Burn it With Style Green is a green why never seems to tire and is always up and about ready for action. Because of this boundless energy the Burn it With Style Green will have no trouble lasting the entire duration of a Fall even in windy conditions.

From the get go this energetic green is all about growing up and being the best darn tooting flaming dragon ever to rise into the sky. The Burn it With Style Green is full of sass and snappy comebacks and once she is mature her dialogue will quickly be filled with sexual innuendo and taunting jokes. She will boldly perch on a large fallen long and look at the nearest male and bluntly ask Feeling inadequate? in a tone which would be impossible to tell if she’s serious or joking around. Burn it With Style Green is not the sort of green to be shy about who and what she is. When it comes to mating flights she’ll be the most vocal of them all to ensure every male knows she’s ready for action. Burn it With Style Green will taunt and encourage every male who chases and but in time she’ll find one or two she favours above all, most likely a male who could match her wit and Thread fighting style.

Thread will be what Burn it With Style Green wants to face more than anything else. Not only will she be eager to hit the ‘wings’ but she’ll be into huge displays of fiery fury against any clump of Thread. This over eagerness will need to be tempered to help prevent her from getting in over her head. With training and experience she’ll learn to be pin point accurate but still can’t resist using more fire than needed to do the job. What’s the point of breathing fire if you can’t destroy Thread with style?

Inspiration: Tank Girl
Dragon Credit: ldypayne

Hatching Message:
The All the Yaki Egg was so round it looked more a sphere than egg shaped, seemed ready to burst at any moment. Any Candidate standing near likely felt heat radiating from the egg. The sands are quite warm, the burning sensation through one's feet certainly indicate it. Whether the egg was hot or just the sands around it making it seem so, the didn't care All the Yaki Egg as it appeared quite comfortable sitting where it was.

Those watching the All the Yaki Egg closely may notice a tiny shiver as though the egg was vibrating in its wallow. This shiver slowly started to build into an actual wobble then without any evidence of a crack the egg exploded, sending egg fragments and goo in all directions. Candidates standing in the area who weren't paying attention definitely in the line of fire from the exploding egg.

Where the All the Yaki Egg once stood was a steel green bright eyed girl who's neck stood out quite starkly against the black sands. The Burn it With Style Green rose out of the remains of her wallow and gazed at the world around her. She took in the Hatching Ground while slowly turning her head around as far as it could go in one direction before her body turned to follow, allowing her to make a complete 360 degree view of her surroundings. Giving a cheerful bugle the Burn it With Style Green started sprinting about the Hatching Sands, heedless of who she may bump into or whether she knocks any eggs about in her eager romp around the Hatching Ground.

Her jaunt is brought to a quick end however when she tripped over a shell and fell flat on the sands with a sharp 'wuff' of forcefully expelled breath. Despite the pain of falling, the Burn it With Style Green quickly got to her feet and seemed completely unphased by her fall. When she spotted the Candidates scattered about the Hatching Grounds did she decide she must check them out, especially one particular boy. He was certainly quite handsome and the Burn it With Style Green wouldn't want any other. With an energetic bounce she nearly knocked Andelstyre off his feet, forcing the young man to catch onto her shoulders to keep his balance. That moment of contact was all it took as the Burn it With Style Green looked into A'styre's eyes and Impression was made.

Egg Name: All the Yaki Egg
Egg Description: While this egg begins life with a fairly normal shape, it will become curiously more and more spherical as hatching time goes on. While its overall shape suggests that it might not be fully hardened, something about the speckled brown surface looks strangely crispy. In addition to the golden-brown base color, the top of this egg seems slathered in swirls of rich mahogany and pale off-white, which have a subtly smoother texture than the rest of the egg. This egg seems to need turning far more regularly than its siblings, which some may speculate that this is the reason behind its curious shape - it will be impossible to say for certain. Those who intend to touch this egg are advised to be careful, while it does not exude any feelings of malice, the surface of its shell is unexpectedly hot to the touch.
Egg Inspiration: Takoyaki
Egg Credit: Noto

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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