Brown Tarnoth

Impressee: H'tar (Horlitar)

Name: Tarnoth

Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: #8B4513
Hatching: Mid Spring T2, 8th Pass
Description: A deep gingery brown, almost like that of a cookie forms the base colour of this huge brown. He is dappled in places with splodges and dabs of a paler golden brown and this serves to lighten his hide somewhat. Wisps of a deeper nutty brown run across his smooth hide and gather on his wings, tail and legs. His head is more of a rectangle than the normal wedge and this follows with the rest of his build. All about him seems more angular, blocky and less sleek than most other dragons. His wings are long and thick which will be an advantage when he grows enough to fly. He has a slow, almost ponderous gait and this seems to suit him, though he can have turns of speed when he wants.

Personality: He seems slow compared to other dragons, but this is because he's thinking. He thinks things through a lot, and if it wasn't for the short memory that all dragons had then he'd probably balk at Threadfall when he realised what it entailed. He is very calm and collected, slow to irk and more likely than not to be found watching proceedings with his head to one side pondering. He loves to take part in lessons, and takes immense pride in doing what he does and doing it well. Even as a hatchling he's very interested in females and loves to curl up with them. He's going to a dreadful flirt as he gets older.

Dragon Credit: SCo

Hatching Message: The Milk and Cookies Egg had rocked on and off for the entire hatching. Some moments of faster rocking, but mostly a few slower shakes now and then. Now, with all of the other eggs hatched, it renewed its efforts. With cracks running over the shell the tempo sped up until it was nearly vibrating in place. Over the noises of the hatching, a fairly loud 'Plink' echoed, and a small section of egg rolled down the side from the top. All movement stopped for a moment then the egg violently exploded as the hatchling flexed inside it's encircling shell. Small sections of egg membrane clung to the shiny wet hide as the brown inside unfurled himself. Large for his colour and chunky to boot, the heavy looking head swivelled to take in the hatching grounds and the remaining candidates. His movements caused his still wet hide to pick up the remaining light and show off pales blotches and dapples in the gingery brown of him.
Slowly, almost regally, he picked himself up and almost sauntered over to the candidates. With his bulk, it seemed, came a slowness in motion and this was reflected in his pace and general movements. Carefully he looked over the remaining candidates, ignoring the clamour in his belly for a moment, then deliberately walked to one of the lads and pushed him over to be on a better level. The newly hatched claws were still soft, but hard enough to catch furrows in the white tunic, and also skin, as he walked up his mindmate's legs and torso to look into his startled face. Tracks of red followed his progress, rapidly spreading on the white fabric as his claws left gashes where he walked. Stifling his cries of pain, Horlitar grabbed the hatchling's head in his hands and pulling it to him in a hug, tried to remove the brown even as Impression was made. The ex-smith matched his dragon in build and was able to half lift, half push him off as he sat up. Bleeding and in pain, he was all but unconscious, only some fear of loss keeping him awake.
The brown crooned in apology, he hadn't meant this, he was so hungry and he needed his and he… Horlitar reassured his dragon even as tears rolled down his face with the pain of his wounds, and someone came running with bandages and numbweed. Stripped of clothing and covered in bandages, the numbweed was doing it's job and with difficulty he stood. He was still in pain that the numbweed hadn't reached, but fellis would fix that. He was fairly badly injured, but nevertheless was grinning as he stood to lead his dragon to the food. H'tar, rider of brown Tarnoth, had taken his place as a rider in Solaria Weyr.

Egg Name: Milk and Cookies Egg
Egg Description: How do you think Sandy Claws got so pleasantly plump? That's right! All those milk and cookies left out by the boys and girls. Maybe this is why this particular egg got so big! One of the largest in the bunch, the Milk and Cookies egg just begs you to nom some of your own. It has a creamy white shell, but throughout it it has ginger colored spots, and there are black spots inside of those, and at random places on the egg-they are small and blockish-is that a chocolate chip you see? You better run to the cupboards before you get tempted to taste this egg and see if it really is!
Egg Inspiration: This egg was inspired by the age old tradition of leaving Milk and Cookies out for Santa, in return for all those nice presents he gives you. Personally? He should cut back, but hey, who are we to complain? Cookies and Milk for presents? Sounds like we got the good end of this deal!
Egg Credit: Kat

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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