The Balmy Bastion Bronze Tauchisath

Impressee: I'mane (Idamane)

Name: Tauchisath
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: cbc776
Final Size: 46' length with a wingspan of '75

A huge, heavy head, massive feet, and wings that nearly drown his hatchling body in membranous folds are all the clues anyone could need to see that the Balmy Bastion Bronze has a lot of filling out to do. He’ll end up huge, chest and limbs and neck and tail all racing to catch up. The journey from oddly proportioned hatchling to bronze behemoth won’t be a smooth one though. There’ll be all kinds of stops in Weyrlinghood, none of which will support the air of lazy power the Balmy Bastion Bronze will instinctively bear. A few massive tumbles with all his awkwardly growing bulk are unavoidable before the Balmy Bastion Bronze reaches the leonine potential of his build. He’ll never quite grasp where his strength is at, either – and he has a whole lot of it, so a ‘playful’ swipe can spell plenty of trouble.

When he’s grown, though, he’ll truly be something to behold. His skull will remain large, with a high, broad bridge, a powerful jaw, and narrow, deep-set eyes. It’s set on a neck that seems a little too long to comfortably hold it, so his head is carried lower. A barrelling chest dispels the notion of daintiness then and there, leading back to thoroughly muscled haunches without much narrowing at the waist. His limbs are stocky and short, full of power but not much elegance – but who needs elegance when he’ll be able to push his way through almost anything? The Balmy Bastion Bronze wings are exactly proportioned to bear his mammoth body in the air, without any room for fancy acrobatics. He’ll be able to go in a straight line for just about forever, though. To balance the slender neck, the Balmy Bastion Bronze's tail is also very long and whip like, inclined to coil and flick restlessly, a good indicator of his mood.

A chilled champagne tint shades the Balmy Bastion Bronze's hide over his burgeoning muscles. This already pallid colouring fades further into a creamy alabaster that patinas his underbelly, sheaths his muzzle, and flickers through his translucent, finely veined wing membranes. Darker, true bronze dapples the Balmy Bastion Bronze's flanks and sides with circular, hollow rosettes. They mottle most strongly around his ribs and back, and fade as they spread up across his shoulders and down his haunches. A sudden blaze of the same bronze caps the tip of his tail and forms a thin dorsal line along his spine but does not colour his ridges. The stripe splices down the middle of his forehead and fades away at the top of his muzzle. It picks up again finally in a dark rim to his eyes, underscored by a slash of bright white. The Balmy Bastion Bronze's faded metallic hide is velvety to the touch, more inclined to glow with gauzy paleness than burnish to any kind of shine.

In Tauchisath’s eyes, there is a natural order to the world. He, a bronze, comes first – excepting any fair Queens – and all others fall behind. He has the physical strength and the mental presence to accomplish what he desires, and that gives him the right to dominance. There is never any need for him to worry about ‘manners’. This is most visible in Tauchisath’s attitude to food. He will never share his food, and will always seek to eat first, as a sign of his dominance and precedence. He will expect the same attitude from I’mane, too, and will be perplexed when his rider follows human convention. You shouldn’t have to wait in line, you should go first, since you are mine! But Tauchisath holds a deep love and admiration for the ambition and intelligence he recognises in I’mane. It's most visible in the possessive protectiveness Tauchisath will extend around I'mane – even as a hatchling preventing others from being too close.

His moods are obvious, whether it be yawning in the Weyrlingmaster’s face or snapping at impudent inferiors (for getting in his sun!). Tauchisath keeps nothing in reserve, and sees no reason to be diplomatic. He probably wouldn’t be able to if he tried. Leadership is in the forefront of his mind from the moment he is hatched. He is bigger, and stronger, and bronze, and he was born to be in charge, and so he will be. Any opportunity to assert his authority over his clutchmates – and their humans - will be eagerly taken. I’mane, Sibbiath’s rider did not hear the instructions correctly! You go show them how to do it, and I will tell Sibbiath!

Tauchisath doesn’t tell falsehoods or make excuses. If he is chided for being so outspoken, he will get his hackles up and defend his actions. Stubbornness runs a streak a mile wide through his nature. It will be impossible to shift him from what he wants to focus on, and he is sure that he has the right of it – what HE’S interested in is what’s most important! When he is set in a mood, be it ecstatically happy or thoroughly petulant, it will take a mammoth amount of coddling to change it. The only thing that can curb his behaviour is to know that he has deeply disappointed I’mane, since Tauchisath believes that, however strange some of I’mane’s human notions are, his rider is clever enough to always be right. I’mane will have to be completely sincere to convince Tauchisath, though.

As a hatchling, Tauchisath will be an extremely early riser, beating the sun. Without fail he will nap when the sun is highest, regardless if there is a lesson on. This is a trait he may carry on until old age. He will easily be carried away with anything physical. There’s too much energy fizzing around his heavy body, and when he gets started, he cannot reign in his strength in time to avoid either hurting others or destroying things. Despite this, he’ll always love to run about, especially playing with firelizards.

He has the determination and perseverance to be good at things, but Tauchisath is quite lazy and slipshod at anything that doesn’t hold his attention. He gets bored easily unless he is both physically and mentally active. He is most interested when he gets to move about and direct others. If he can’t, he loves to entertain himself, and by incidence others, by being physical. Quite a few eyebrows may be raised at the sight of a large bronze Weyrling dragon who appears to be – of all things – dancing, and crooning to himself! (And was that a Harper tune he was crooning? Surely that’s not possible!) He will encourage I’mane to join him in his jaunts – I’mane, we worked SO hard in that lesson – too much thinking is harmful!

Tauchisath is unsympathetic to weakness in male dragons. He has a great respect for physical strength and absolutely no time for subtlety. He has no talent for it, and believes it is a human thing – and that I’mane is his secret weapon in this area. Tauchisath will be extremely bossy, unless care is taken to explain the finer qualities of leadership to him. Still, he will never quite grasp why he must listen to others, when he knows exactly what everybody should be doing already. He will easily fall into resenting taking orders from other bronzes and even golds, and may criticise them – to their faces. Really, Audroth? You’re putting the greens there? Do you not see they would be much better to…

As he matures, Tauchisath may get into altercations with other bronzes, if he feels like they are eyeing a green or a gold he wishes to chase, or a position of leadership he wants. Beyond things which directly concern him, Tauchisath is fair minded (within the scope of his views of colour precedence) and will happily try to settle disputes amongst other dragons. He knows that this shows power and leadership.

In Threadfall, Tauchisath sees it as a test, a strategy exercise, and though he’ll never chalk up any records for crazy flying or most clumps seared, he’ll always know exactly what’s going on around him and how the gaps can best be filled. He’s good at command, and does it without even thinking, regardless whether he’s in a leader position or not. He'll be a dragon who doesn't dwell on death but merely shrugs it off; if it was an accident, then nothing could be done, and if it was a mistake, then the price was paid.

Part of his perception of the other dragon colours is a peculiar deference to those of the female gender. He views them as so fragile, weak and beautiful that HE must protect them! This can lead to a very patronising attitude, even towards golds, as he constantly tries to assist them or ‘spare them’ from tasks, even if they don’t want his help. Euliath, I will catch that herdbeast for you, and I am sure my rider would be pleased to butcher it for yours. He sees fighting greens as there to follow his commands as he keeps them safe and effective.

Tauchisath sees humans – especially women - in much the same way as he sees female dragons. They are fragile, strange little creatures who need his protection. Terasath’s rider seems very small, I’mane – and females do not handle stress well. Perhaps she ought to just observe this exercise. For all that, he will have a hard time accepting it when I'mane forms any close bonds with other humans, and may initially resent them (not in a particularly quiet way, either). Tauchisath will view even I’mane’s sister Ilane with ferocious suspicion and resentment. Pinkith will be a confusing case for him – he wants to despise her, but she is only a poor green…It will take a long time before Tauchisath will adopt them into his close circle, but when they are in it, they are afforded the same kind of protection he gives to I'mane.

For all that Tauchisath may often end up feeling the sharp edge of a female tongue, he is fascinated by females and will be quite the tail chaser. His decisions to fly are spur of the moment, as the extra shine of a pretty hide catches his eye. He’s not one for fancy tricks or a smooth tongue in a flight, relying purely on his endurance and strength, so green flights will be difficult for him. After a handful of losses, I’mane might find it easier to sway Tauchisath’s desire to chase any pretty green. If Tauchisath becomes a clutch father, he will be spectacularly uninterested in the eggs, beyond using them to boast. It is only his view of the clutch mother as a fragile thing desperate for his aide that will compel him to assist at all.

Tauchisath was inspired by the Egyptian god Bes, with a healthy dose of 'lion' to give him some of that good old fashioned bronze ego. Idamane is a very refined kind of person, and it seemed like pairing him with a bronze who was just completely out there, physically and personality wise, could make for some interesting situations as they get use to each other and head towards their shared ambitions. Bes is a very home oriented god, of protection for women and children, and a patron of music and dancing, as well as being a sometimes warrior god and banisher of demons; he's portrayed as a very short, ugly man, but might have originally been a lion on its hind legs. With the lion added in, that made for an exuberant kind of bronze.
Tauchisath's name came primarily from expanding upon the base concept of Bes. "Tau" is originally an African Tswana word meaning lion, and it also means lion in Egyptian. This was doubly appropriate because not only is Bes a feline god, he is thought to have originated from further south in Africa before he was adopted into the Egyptian pantheon. Tauchisath has a very heavy leonine influence to him. The "chi" is partly because, well, it's a nice syllable to fit in the middle, but it was originally put there to stand for "chike", which is "the power of god" in African, and "talented" in Egyptian - which fits with Tauchisath's ego! And finally, "sa", is the name of a sign which Bes often bears, and it means protection - which is good, because Tauchisath has a very strong protective streak!

Mentally, Tauchisath's deep, loud voice sounds as though it is booming through a huge drum, the rolling of thunder overlacing words uttered as a growl. His words will always be clear to his rider, but to others, such gutteral, mercurial bursts of speech may leave them shuddering with a ringing headache, and not much idea of what was said. It's accompanied by the sensation that a sandstorm just blasted by, scouring raw everything in its path.
There's no forward planning to his speech, just a massive strength of sentiment and a headlong bolt to convey it in one roaring burst. He'll quickly learn to roar out commands and demands with it. Over time he will be able tone down the wildness, but there will always be a growl that burrs his words a little. It may even sound ominous to those who do not know Tauchisath. With experience, more subtle emotions, like pleasure or amusement, are detectable.
Tauchisath is not shy of vocalizing, either. Rough sounding bursts convey amusement, a low, thudding growl for annoyance, and a ferocious roar for fury or command. His lungs provide the volume needed to bust the eardrums of his fellow Weyrlings.

Hatching Message:
The Rock Symphony Egg had been completely still until now, as the dragon inside gathered its strength and the last of the egg's nutrients and comfort. The chaotic egg started to move abruptly, shaking aggressively, until it pitched over in the sand and then rolled out of its hollow. It fetched up against another stone, and the dragon inside took the advantage and thrust his heavy head through the narrow end of the egg. Two big forepaws punched through the shell, and the Balmy Bastion Bronze squirmed out onto the sands with an agitated growl. Even with his leonine head hanging a few inches above the sand on a neck that looked far too gangly bear it, there was keen glint in the Balmy Bastion Bronze's narrow, yellow-tinged eyes as he stared out at the line of candidates.

Public Impression Message:
Things were not going well for the Balmy Bastion Bronze. He threw back his head and roared hoarsely, his eyes flashing purely orange now. He turned them towards the male candidates, and slowly padded across the hot sands. The other hatchlings hovering near the boys got a long hiss of displeasure. They daren't think of claiming a boy, not when the Balmy Bastion Bronze ought to have first choice, and find his, the most superior one on the sands! the Balmy Bastion Bronze whipped his head around to the boys with a languid roll of his shoulders, intent on lazily surveying them. But one boy pulled at his attention. With a snort, the Balmy Bastion Bronze sauntered towards the lean, dark haired boy. His pace quickened, until he half ran, half stumbled to the boy's feet, and peered up. The rainbow blaze of Impression drowned out all his other concerns.

Personal Impression Message:
Maybe you should be terrified, because the clumsy bronze who already trampled another Hatchling is heading toward you, none too gracefully with his oversized feet flying at all angles. But you're locked in place, staring into those narrowed golden eyes and unable to shift an inch. Is it a fight or flight instinct? Surely not, since there'd be no chance of fighting off the muscled mass barelling at you.
Somehow though he stops before he slams into you, collapsing into a muddle of wings and tail and that massive head shaking sand off. He lifts it ponderously, to meet your eyes, and something blazes along that connection and bursts into your mind. It scours through your concience like a sandstorm, and rubs everything raw and new, leaving not a single facet of your whole mind untouched. His presence is like a new heaviness in your head but at the same time, you're in his, as the world pops and sizzles with new senses and thoughts.

I'MANE! he roars through your skull. Ahhh! he says again, as he shares the pain, though a little softer. I'mane, I'mane, you're mine, and I am your Tauchisath! Hungry - yes, I'm so hungry - we must go fix that, before the others think they can eat MY share!

Dragon Credit: Jey
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Rock Symphony Egg
Egg Description: The splay of colours belong to the hand of an painter- an eight Turn old artist, obsessed with covering every inch of this mottled, bumpy shell. A dark, muddy brown is splashed upon every raise and slight knob, while tan undertones sprawl beneath the would-be mountains. The two colours collide intermittently, blotchy shadows eating away at the light. It would almost be pretty to behold, save for the jagged black lines that mar this chaotic harmony. There is no order or logic to the sharp ups and downs of these taints, and they circumnavigate the entire egg in multiple bands. One could almost believe Rock Symphony was pulsing to a beat whilst being painted, leaving it haphazard and utterly baffling. However, with enough time and persistence, it is possible to perceive the black lines as necessary to the abstract beauty of this egg.
Egg Inspiration: Tectonic plate movement, mountain formation and earthquakes.
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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