Drums of War Green Tavarth

Impressee: Alyura

Name: Tavarth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 435D36
Final Size: 30.3' length with a wingspan of 54'

This green is no tiny thing by a long shot. Big from the beginning, she's not just long but also broad and muscular. She'll rival smaller blues for size when she reaches full growth, and her strong figure will give her an impression of masculinity. Her broad wings only make her seem bigger and more imposing: they are almost cape-like, the image aided by the way that she'll so often fold them so that they are half open still. She's quite content to show off her size and physique, having no shame in appearing masculine. Her face is strong, head big to match the rest of her, and her muzzle broad and blunt. Her eyeridges are heavy, her headknobs shortened and thick. Altogether she is a striking presence, no petite feminine thing, but confident in movement.

In colour, she is a mixture of medium and darker greens. Her base colour is the lighter tone, this rich green covering her from head to toe. Patches of darker shades form swirling clouds across her hide, the largest and most noticeable areas being on her body, though more subtle areas are visible on her limbs, neck, and head. Their swirled edges almost give the impression of movement, particularly when her muscles shift beneath her hide. In some places, she seems to have an almost reddish-brown tinge, particularly around the mouth, eyes, and on her feet, as if marked with dried blood. Her wingsails are a lighter shade, brighter than the rather dull shades of her hide, and catch the light most spectacularly when spread. Her sharp talons seem especially large, and a spectacular silvery grey in colour.

If you thought Alyura was strong and opinionated, just wait until you meet Tavarth! This green is very much her like her rider - and then some. From the start she'll be quick to speak her mind, and will be quite the handful during weyrling training. The poor weyrlingmasters will be putting their heads in their hands every time Tavarth speaks up to point out something she thinks someone else is doing wrong, or even to correct the weyrlingmasters themselves when she feels their information is bad! Add in to the mix her desire to outdo others, particularly the male dragons, and you've got Tavarth: fiesty, determined, and not shy about showing it! Military-minded too, she will expect the weyrlingmasters to be strict - and will expect other weyrlings to obey instructions, too. They are learning and training in preparation to be fighters, and weyrlinghood is not the time to mess around and ignore orders from superiors. Indeed, Tavarth will have quite a strong sense of hierachy - those dragons who have been given ranks have no doubt earned them, and deserve her respect, unless they prove unsuitable (in her eyes) for their roles. With that said, her own desire to climb the ranks quickly, and her lack of inhibition when it comes to speaking her mind, means that she won't hesitate to correct a superior. Initially she may be (unintentionally, perhaps) rude about it, but with time she will learn to be more respectful and subtle in the way she approaches such situations.

While Tavarth will be an independent dragon even from an early age, she will share an incredible closeness with Aly, and it will be to Aly that she turns to discuss her deepest worries, especially when she is young. Like all dragons, her body will take time to catch up with what she wants it to do, and the odd injury caused by overworking herself, or general inability to do something she wants to do, will frustrate Tavarth no end. She'll want to train and train until she can succeed, and Aly may have to persuade Tavarth to exercise caution while her body grows and she finds her strength. Despite all the hard work, however, Tavarth will enjoy days off, and in particular will like to travel far afield to explore new places. Learning to between will be a real step forward for this green, and she will be eager for the day when she and Aly are allowed to go off on their own. For all her independence, she has a great fondness for rules and regulations, and be hard pressed to disobey a rule unless she felt there was an exceptional reason.

Her desire to move up the ranks will be hard to tame, and she'll be at a natural disadvantage in the Pern world in that she is a female, and a green. She may be the best fighter of all the greens, the strongest, the bravest, but her gender and colour will no doubt count against her when it comes to choosing Wingleaders and Wingseconds. Tavarth will be outspoken about women's rights, and will seek to show that females are just as good as males by out-performing them wherever possible. She will expect the same of Aly, too, and will come up with her own plan for training and practise to get both of you on top form. Her days will always start early, true military style, though she is one for a sensible bed time. We work hard, but we must not be foolish and neglect to take care of our needs. Her friends will be made among those dragons who have a similar personality to her own: strong and confident, as well as brave in Threadfall. Cowardly, easily spooked, or meek dragons she finds hard to deal with, often insulting them inadvertently by questioning their capability to fight Thread.

The call to fight Thread is instinctive in all dragons, but Tavarth's urge will be especially strong. This big green's a fighter to the core, eager and determined to burn Pern's enemy from the skies. Even in the run up ro a 'fall she will be readying herself, going over maneuvers and tactics almost endlessly as she finalises her battle plan. She will also insist that Aly is on top form for the fight, too: good food, plenty of sleep, and checking over equipment. Speaking of equipment…her riding straps will become her war armour, and she may very well insist that you add something to it for every successful Threadfall fought, be it a stitch or something more complex like a sewn on button. These will be her medals, showing others her combat history. In the air she will not hold back, vying with the male dragons for the amount of Thread seared, the time spent in the air, and the tricks pulled off. Even after a fall, Tavarth will spend time evaluating how it went and altering her tactics. She would make a good Wingsecond, though her temper may be a limiting factor in promotion. She has a good eye for formations and changes needed in the heat of battle - do not be surprised if she gives commands to her Wingmates during a 'fall.

Flights are a biological function for Tavarth, and little more. She has no desire for cuddling and chatting after a flight is over and done with, and will not waste time in kicking the unfortunate male off her ledge. The only dragons who may be allowed to remain - briefly - are those who have earned her respect, such as Wingmates who fight Thread well. Tavarth's flights will be violent, bloody affairs. She will be one of those rare greens who bloods before the event, making it known that she is no wilting flower who needs a man to make her life complete. She'll often take to the skies streaked with the blood of her kill - a war paint to serve as a warning to her chasers - and will not surrender easily. The males will have a long, tough flight waiting for Tavarth to exhaust herself. Only then will they be able to attempt a catch - and they may still have to use tactics to surprise her, lest she strike at them.

Inspiration: (Music) The Planets Suite: Mars, Bringer of War by Gustav Holst
Aly's strong personality needed a strong dragon to match it! We pondered inspirations for her green for some time, with the suggestion of The Imperial March thrown out by Starr! Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite: Mars sounds very similar, and immediately said 'strength and courage' to me. Named for the planet Mars, the composition beautifully gets across the planet's namesake, the Roman god of war, with its dark, often military themes.

Tavarth's voice is very much a match for her personality: strong and confident. A deeper alto, bordering on tenor, she tends towards a louder volume. There's always an edge to her voice - she is no softly-spoken dragon - as if a threat is being implied by what she is saying. There's always power behind her words, a force not to be sniffed at, and at times of excitement the strength of brass instruments and beating drums reinforces her speech. The colours that accompany her mind's presence are very much reds and browns, reminiscent of blood. Indeed, the tang of metal can often be felt when she is in an angry mood, an ominous undertone to her mind's touch. Her voice easily becomes booming and ferocious, and it is rare to hear her speaking softly - Aly will likely be the only one to have such gentle contact from Tavarth.

Hatching Message:
The Death is my Friend Egg had been ominously still and quiet for most of the hatching, as if waiting for its moment. Now, however, it sensed that its time had come. The egg rocked slowly back and forth, dull thuds audible if one was close enough to discern them. One final strong effort from its occupant tipped it entirely over, shattering it in the process. A broad, large green emerged victoriously, her eyes a brilliant red-orange as she fell out, almost becoming tangled in her own large wings. Recovering, she got to her feet, growling low in her throat as she got over the indignity of hatching. The odour of meat reached her nostrils and she lifted her blunt muzzle to get a better smell of it. A more urgent need was at hand however, and the Drums of War Green stepped forward towards the candidates, eyeing the white-robed people critically.

Public Impression Message:
The males had been observed and dismissed, and the Drums of War Green was growing hungrier by the second. Her eyes were definitely more red than yellow by now, urgency in finding her rider causing her to move more quickly and with more coiled strength in each step. She came close to Adarios, and it was then that she saw the one she wanted beyond him. Hissing, she roughly pushed the boy aside in order to take a more direct route to her chosen partner, heedless of any damage done to him as she charged forward to meet her partner. The tall runner was the perfect physical match for her size-wise, and the big green gave a triumphant growl as she stood before the woman, as if standing to attention.

Personal Impression Message:
The sound of drums beating an ominous theme, quiet at first but growing steadily louder. The tempo a swift march, full of power - a power that is matched by the forceful strength of the voice that enters your mind, now: Aly, I am Tavarth. There's no room for questioning that, for it is a fact. Her mind is a force to admire, as it merges with your own to solidify the partnership between the two of you. No other was strong enough for me - only you. The hunger in her stomach is growing by the second, and another statement comes from her now, her mind's voice tinged with the metallic scent of blood as she anticipates her first meal. The food is over there. We will go to it.

Dragon Credit: Emma
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Death is My Friend Egg
Egg Description: There is no denying it, this is one creepy egg. Black as a base color and a distinctly blood red and ichor green drip marks and splatters cover this egg. Where there is any white, it appears like bone stripped of all muscles, tendon, and ligament as if picked cleaned by a ravenous scavenger. It is an imposing egg as it is perhaps among the largest in the clutch with a distinct point to it. If it could have a steeple with a dull ringing bell, it would have demanded having one!
Egg Inspiration: Macabre
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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