Brown Temmeth

Impressee: R'gan (Rinnagan)

Name: Temmeth
Colour: Brown
Hatching: Mid Winter T4, 8th Pass

Temmeth is so dark a brown as to appear almost black.

Hatching/ Impression Message:
The Exchange of Services Eggs was rocking back and forth vigorously, the dragonet inside trying to get out. It did not break all at once, as some eggs are inclined to, but instead cracks formed along its shell, lacing the brown and crimson with a series of darker lines. The all at once moment soon arrived, however, and the shell collapsed, revealing a brown dragonet so dark that he seemed to appeared to be black—though he would lighten to the deepest brown once he had tried. His head hung low as it swung back and forth, what seemed to be a playful glint in his eyes. Surely this one would be a handful for whomever he chose. Suddenly, the little brown perked up and trotted over to one of the boys—much more stably than some of his siblings—head butting him playfully. Rinnagan’s, now R’gan’s, eyes widened at the brown. “Temmeth!” he said happily, dropping to his knees and hugging the dragonet. This would have been one of his last times standing, and he’d been starting to wonder if he would ever Impress, or if the dragon who Searched him had been playing some kind of cruel joke. “Yes, of course. We’ll get you some food.” Turning, the pair made their way off the Sands, towards the food and the rest of the new Weyrlings.

Egg Name: Exchange of Services Egg
Egg Description: The Exchange of Services Egg is a devious egg, and unlike the Meddlesome Gods Egg is not being subtle about it. Instead of being golden-hued, it is dark brown and crimson, but it is equally alluring, for different reasons. People might find themselves being drawn to the egg if they have hit rock-bottom and see other options. However devious and dark the egg is, it still seems to present a very attractive face to the people on the Sands.
Egg Inspiration: Faust
Egg Credit: Zoie

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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