Green Temorigth

Impressee: Z'ai (Zain)

Name: Temorigth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 2d3d1E
Final Size:

Temorigth is a skeletal looking green, average in length for her size but brittle and tiny looking due to her extreme slenderness. Her entire frame is gaunt, without a single fleshy curve. Almond shaped eyes are the predominant feature in a face that is long, angular and sharp. Her limbs are bony and stick out awkwardly from her sides and her wings are huge and extremely translucent looking, all the excess folds of membrane draping tattily over her severe spine. In colour Temorigth is a dull green so dark that it is almost black. Her hide seems to be flecked with a slightly paler, more luminescent green that, when she moves her body in certain ways, ripple and suggest an illusion of feathers covering her entirety.

Temorigth is a very passionate dragoness who feels things should go her way; she’s not unreasonable after all, is she? She is tireless when it comes to physical work, although anything intellectual will fail to capture her interest or attention and it will be almost impossible to get her to attend. Try to force Temorigth into something she doesn’t want to do and she will turn into a hissing, clawing, spitting feline creature. Temorigth is very protective of her possessions, especially her rider. She is also undyingly loyal and protective of the Golds and Bronzes of the Weyr and would willingly take a Threadscore to save one. Temorigth is unsympathetic to weakness and scornful when she sees it. She will only offer help if she can see a reasonable justification or a benefit in it for herself. Temorigth is a very sensual dragon and attracted to physical strength; if she is scored by a male there is no limit to the vengeful lengths she will go to for revenge. This lust for revenge extends to other slights. Temorigth can be spiteful out of jealousy over many things, such as attention, praise, attractiveness or posessions. She is bloodthirsty, both in Threadfall and in eating her meals.

In P8T14 Temorigth received severe burns to her wing membrane when the Weyr suffered an earthquake.

Inspiration: The Morrigan, the Celtic Goddess of Death

Hatching/Impression Message:
A tiny shiver rippled the surface of the Pernshine Egg. The sound of needle sharp claws scritching at the inside of the shell was lost in the chaos of the hatching. The Pernshine Egg splintered into a thousand needle slivers of shell and cascaded away from the hatchling inside. The creature lay panting a second, an emaciated tangle of wing and limb. Her hide was nearly black with dampness as she uncoiled herself and raised a skeletal head, glowing with blood red eyes. In a flash she was on her feet and darted towards the straggly line of candidates with a growling hiss. She scrambled along the line, and paused in front of Malaya. The dark hatchling lashed out angrily with her wings and stumbled away, towards the boys. With a furious swish of her head she butted against Zain. “Yes – yes Temorigth, that is blood you smell,” newly Z'ai agreed with a nervous smile, and hurried to follow Temorigth as she leapt away towards the food.

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Pernshine Egg
Egg Description: Likely to stand out simply by the starkness of its coloring, this egg is pure black. Not the matte black of a Harper's palette, though; no, this is the deep, dark, midnight blue-black of the night sky. Here and there are whitish specks, like stars spread across night's canopy, and there, right in the center, is a silver-white crescent. It's obviously meant to be part of a circle, as its shape is too perfect to be anything else, but the rest of the circle seems to be missing…that is, until a closer look is taken. There, just barely to be seen against the dark background, is a lighter shade just different enough to be noticeable. The rest of the circle is indeed present…perhaps the light just can't reach it properly.
Egg Inspiration: Earthshine; the phenomenon of light bouncing off the Earth to illuminate the "dark" part of the moon, usually only seen during the waxing first and waning last quarters.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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