The Smoke and Mirrors Green Terasath

Impressee: Meralyn

Name: Terasath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 3B5323
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 44'

Sleek and willowy, The Smoke and Mirrors Green cuts a distinguished figure amidst her siblings and peers. While she will never be imposing, there is a radiant air about her that makes her stand out. She has an uncanny knack for elegance that will linger in her posture and mannerisms, be it in the way she tilts her head, or in how she walks or flies. It would be hard to imagine the The Smoke and Mirrors Green as clumsy, and if she stumbles, no doubt it is the fault of another. Flawless, people will no doubt think, if a petite green is their image of perfection.

Whilst she will never be particularly big, The Smoke and Mirrors Green is slim and delicately-boned. While she is below-average in mass and wingspan, her tail is unusually long. This Green has an unnatural sense of balance of grace that will accompany her throughout her life, making it easy to forget that she will struggle to last an entire Fall. She may train as hard as her siblings, but any muscle tone will be slight, as her form is ill-fitted to the added mass. Sadly, The Smoke and Mirrors Green will always look as though she is underfed, though her appetite will be hard to sate. In fact, some even claim she looks rather like a wild hound- all leg and bone- but for the arching curve of her neck and the furl of her wings.

Her size may make The Smoke and Mirrors Green unobtrusive, but her colouring is striking and draws the eye. Her face and features appear ‘masked’: the creamiest of light greens paints its way around her slightly upturned eyes, trailing down her long nose and soft maw to cascade down to the base of her neck. As the pale green- almost white in hue- reaches the top of her headknobs, it’s met with a very dark, almost sinister blackish green. This darkness overcomes the light at the top of her headknobs, and reaches around the back of her head to paint the other half of her neck. The caliginous sprawl concludes where her wings begin, becoming a marriage of light and dark that proceeds, for the most part, uniformly across her hide. The Smoke and Mirrors Green has the blessing of being sunkissed: faint ripples of gold extend across her wingsails and joints, visible only after close inspection. Her toes and tail tip share the lighter hue that masks her face.

As a dragon of great extremes, Terasath is a little unpredictable to say the least. Her beauty and radiance conceals her more tempestuous nature. Whilst first impressions mark this Green as serene and calm, a hint of control and hardheadedness lingers beneath her peaceful composure. What she is will be difficult to discern for all but the closest to her heart, for she is secretive and may not necessarily feel a need to explain the way she thinks to the first person who asks. It isn’t due to a lack of trust- she places a lot of faith in those who surround her, for the most part- but it is in her nature to assume the role of caring watcher, and she keeps her private worries to herself.

A genuinely innocent naïveté mingles with her pure, unadulterated love for live. Terasath is a pleasure to be around, for she is gifted with a joie-de-vivre and a personal happiness that combats great misery and solitude. She is the friend, the confidant, the nurturer and the carer: she accords great importance to all who are living, be they plant, animal, human, dragon or otherwise. This Green has an uplifting comment for anyone and everyone, and a fair-truthful compliment at every turn. She is the kind of dragon who endeavours to make at least one person smile everyday. From her affection for life stems her sociableness, though she struggles in large groups and prefers to keep to a few select, variable companions.

This sensitive little Green dragon will view the world with sun-filled eyes, especially when she is young. Unfortunately, her emotions will fluctuate greatly during Weyrlinghood. Terasath will be prone to moments of nigh-excitableness, but will also be more than capable of taking herself off to a corner of the weyrling barracks, sulking and refusing to speak to anyone save Meralyn. Whilst she feels content and happy for a large portion of her waking hours, this Green is easily upset. Death and destruction distress her greatly, whilst bullying and harassment provokes a sullen, unforgiving grudge. It will be difficult for her to learn to trust others once they have offended her, and during her younger Turns, she will be more easily offended. Terasath is hurt by those who treat her with a lack of respect and affection, and this pain is compounded further by her sovereign need to enjoy and revere life. Her hiding away and refusing to be seen by all but Meralyn will unfortunately become a nigh-daily occurrence, and it will take a lot of patience on her rider’s part to teach her that time and forgiveness are important.

As she matures, Terasath will learn important lessons in life that will take the sting out its inherent darkness. She will acquire a peculiar, relaxed wisdom that will see her through the day- a wisdom that she is very fond of sharing with her rider. Every little thing that she treasures brings her happiness, and she draws a lot of her contentment from the simple things in life. Over the course of a couple of Turns, this lovely Green will develop a budding aspiration for gardening and gourmet cuisine- as far flung from the thread-fighting dragon many intended her to be. Her stubbornness and persistence will show through her dedication to her passions: she will participate in drills, and then she will oversee Meralyn and her garden (oh, but Meralyn must have a garden), and then she will eat lovely food. Tubers, roast wherry, cake, fruit… Terasath’s appetite knows no bounds, and there is nothing she isn’t willing to try. Her curiosity is equally as insatiable, and will merely increase as she grows older and fonder of the world around her.

Life is sacred in Terasath’s opinion. Any waste- whether accidental or otherwise- will cause her to grieve and prolong her moody spells. On the positive side, she is extraordinarily devoted to newly-born creatures: particularly human babies. Baby firelizards, birds, canines and felines (oh yes), are also within her scope of love, and Terasath cuts a mothering figure amongst Greens. She is empathic, but only as long as her needs are met: she shares the misery of others, but if there is work to be done, she will turn a blind eye for a while. She genuinely cares for others, and worries about them, but Terasath’s ‘fickleness’ and occasional moodiness makes it difficult for others to appreciate this at times.

There is a peculiar formality to her choice of words: Terasath likes to feel distinguished. She will acquire an austere and ‘high’ vocabulary from watching harpers at work, but it will take time for her to stop sounding so wooden and wrong when she speaks to her brethren. She may require correcting in her word usage, but will not enjoy being criticised for choosing formality as a mark of respect towards others. Her sense of humour is light and easy, but sadly undeveloped, and much sarcasm and irony is lost on her. She will never fully grasp teasing, and will always be surprised when people admit they don’t mean what they say. Terasath picks her words carefully, which may be why she has fewer of them to share with others. She is not a dull Green by any stretch, nor is she the quickest of the bunch: she will learn at a pace that suits her, of things that she finds interesting. Meralyn may have to be firm on Terasath’s retention of lessons, although she will find the Green to be fully cooperative with her rider’s demands. Terasath has a deep, loving respect for Meralyn, and is often inspired by her daydreams.

Terasath is unbridled and independent: while she respects authority, she will not necessarily obey them unless their intentions coincide with hers. She is gratuitous in her compliments to the point of seeming overly superficial, but there is never any detrimental intention. Her fondness for life outstrips her need for hierarchy: in her eyes, everyone is equal. Amongst wingmates, she is reliable and efficient, but it will take a strong and gentle leader to reign her in and use her to effectiveness. At first, she will struggle to fly an entire Fall, and her first few attempts will result in week-long periods of dismay and despair. Her confidence will be under fire, and Meralyn will have to boost her morale more than ever. Once she has acquired some experience, Terasath will make a useful fighter in catching stray Thread, particularly in wings that need more agile Greens.

As for Flights, Terasath is the type of Green who will give very little indication of being close to her time. Fortunately, she will be a more occasional Riser, and her startling need for Flight will come and pass swiftly. Her amorous relationships will be somewhat lacklustre, as her interest in males is usually platonic. Her concept of flirting is limited to compliments, and any dragon may endear themselves to her by paying her some. As a general rule, Terasath will opt for companionable friendship, rather than loving partnerships. This doesn’t mean she won’t have her favourites: impress her enough, and she’s likely to grow fond and remember it, even when overtaken by passion. Any suitor who intends to take her would do well to remember she is touched by words, rather than actions.

Life with Meralyn motivates her, fills her, and satisfies her. Her rare moments of glory are incredibly personal, and she prefers to experience them alone with her rider. One of her private joys include admiring herself in reflective surfaces. While she may observe and reflect on the colouring of her siblings, she is fascinated with the paleness of her own features. It is during these moments that her true serenity shows, and Terasath becomes very thoughtful and quiet. She is soft-hearted and means well, and her inherent kindness tempers any boastful crooning she might make at her own appearance. It is easy to forgive such an endearing, caring dragon…

Amaterasu is the Japanese Sun Goddess, daughter of the Creator Gods. One famous legend tells of the Sun Goddess' retreat from the world after her brother angered her. She locked herself in the Heavenly Cave and sealed it with a rock, withdrawing her sunshine from the world. The world was plunged in to darkness and began to wither and die. The other gods worried as their begging and cajoling was ineffective, and concocted a plan to lure Amaterasu out of her cave. They formed a ring outside, placing a mirror opposite the cave's entrance, and left jewellery on the branches of nearby trees. Ame-no-Uzume, Goddess of revelry, began to dance upon a washtub, much to the amusement of other gods. They laughed and cheered, and the sounds caused Amaterasu to wonder how they could be having fun without her. She peeked out of her cave, mystified, and asked what was happening. She was told that they had found a better sun goddess. Shocked, Amaterasu walked outside, and saw her reflection. Stunned by the sight, she did not notice as another god barred the cave with a rope, therefore allowing the world to bask in her eternal light once again.

There is a peculiar shyness about Meralyn that reminded me of this story- and I thought the two fit each other rather well: Terasath is somewhat more socialable than her rider, but her lack of strength will necessitate Meralyn's willpower so the two may overcome obstacles together, coaxing the latter out of her shell. Patience and esteem for the life and work of others are traits they share in common, but Terasath has a peculiar sentimentality that may inspire Meralyn to try different things, drawing her away from the mould that others were trying to fit her into.

Imagine a verdant forest on a beautiful summer’s day. A soft creek flows, though for its trickling, the forest is peacefully quiet. A rare bird sings, its tone joyous and light, but as darkness settles so too does the cold, and the retreat of bushland animals is noticeable in their absence of music. Terasath’s voice is soft and liquidy: quiet, but unmistakably strong in its control, albeit deeper than some of her sisters. Her croon has a musical quality to its, luminous and dazzling in its ability to make a person smile. When she is upset or moody, her mental voice acquires a darker overtone, cold and sharp in both word and pitch. Her voice gives her emotions away, a trait that Terasath will never change or overcome.

Hatching Message:
Amidst the turmoil of Hatchings and bondings, it was hard to notice the shaking of one brightly lit Egg. Midnight Sun Egg wobbled precariously, gleaming as if the sunlight it emanated shifted from one spot to another. In its brief, teetering movements, its sunny-side turned upon the Hemitheoi Blue, and it shivered. The Egg then fell over on its side, one dark hole pierced its midriff. A snout appeared, a single eye surveying the world outside with curiosity. There was excitement, and apprehension, and was that sorrow? The creature within shook its head and broke the shell a little more, before thrusting its way out of its prison. It unfurled its wings and creeled, taking a shaking step towards its brother. Eyes whirling with stress and anxiety, The Smoke and Mirrors Green extended her head to comfort her brother.

Public Impression Message:
Why was he bleeding so? The Smoke and Mirrors Green lent in to nudge her sibling, shocked by his apathy and appalled by his condition. As she touched his head, The Smoke and Mirrors Green mentally urged him to his feet. If he moved, they would find His. They were so hungry. Well, she was hungry, and she sensed hunger in him, too. She started to croon encouragingly, but there was little she could do save nudge him. It was then that her Bronze brother hurried towards them, his sight intent on the candidates before him. The Smoke and Mirrors Green creeled, taking a step back to avoid his clawed passing, but her Blue sibling was not so fortunate. The tangle of claws and bodies that ensued left him dying upon the Sands. The Smoke and Mirrors Green became frantic, creeling as the amplified emotions of pain and agony swamped her mind. No, it was too much! The Smoke and Mirrors Green staggered backwards, running towards the familiarity of her shell. Hunger gnawed at her stomach, reminding her that she ought to find Hers. As the dragons began to keen, The Smoke and Mirrors Green joined them, her frantic gaze scanning the candidats’ faces. Where was Hers? There! She found the mind that called to her, hidden behind piercing, innocent blue eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
Things are not looking good. At the back of your mind, there is an eerie sensation of unconsolable sadness, and your stomach feels as if it’s giving way. The recesses of your memories are assuaged by fear- unknowable, limitless fear. Perhaps you wonder if it is due to the death you have witnessed? A strong impression of burning tears forces its way to the forefront of your mind. Are they yours? It almost feels as if there an ache and longing in your heart and stomach, and your eyes are instinctively drawn to the pale-and-dark dragonet.

MeralynMine… It hurts… Terasath hurts everywhere. In our mind, in our belly… Please come and save me. She seeks your gaze, her own whirling quick, her voice faint as boundless emotion took away her self-control. Beneath the sorrow and despair was love: a mind soft and pure, its warmth embracing your own thoughts, pleading and loving in one fell swoop. You meet rainbow eyes as you step forwards.

I will never leave you. There is a hint of her calmness in those loving words. She takes a hesitant step towards you, her head rising to touch your forehead. Her words leave a tingling feeling in their wake, and the surge of warmth and happiness overcome the mounting sorrow and despair that now threatens you both.

Dragon Credit: Symmetry
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Midnight Sun Egg
Egg Description: This is a strange egg in that at first glance, it appears to have a brightly burning star at the very top of a nightscape. But upon closer inspection, one notices that the bright spot on the top end of the egg is actually more like the sun, quite bright and warming. The bottom of the egg is dark, as if the light can't reach quite that far down. But the bluish shell lightens considerable as the eyes travel upward, until the bright yellow glow mixes with sky blue near the middle of the egg. The shell is kind of smooth, and it's warm near the top but much colder at the base. This is an egg that seems to give off a comforting warmth in an otherwise cold place, and it seems to bring out the best of even the worst characters.
Egg Inspiration: Midnight Sun, also known as Polar Day
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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