The Electric Eccentric BrownTeskoth

Impressee: R'rod (Rothrod)

Name: Teskoth
Pronounciation: tesk-ohth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 453325
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 40' wingspan of 64'


THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN is a very dark shade of brown, reminiscent of a rich dark klah, except for around his eye ridges. These are a surprisingly lighter shade, more hazel and a bright contrast to the rest of his hide. There is something about these circles of light that suggest at a deeper intelligence, and as he ages they will become bright still. His head is very angular and pointed with some commenting it seems too small to contain such clever thoughts. He has a handsome, almost distinguished look about him.

As far as browns go THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN bucks the stereotype of the sturdy, stocky sort. This brown is long and slender, so much so his rider might initially be chastised for not feeding his dragon enough in their early weyrling days. As THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN matures however it will become apparent this is just how he is built and no fault of his riders whatsoever. His proportions never deviate from that of which he hatches, his wings and body always seeming too long for his thin frame.

THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN moves about as if compensating for his overly tall frame, with always a slight hunch or bow. This will become particularly apparent around some of the smaller dragons in his class, as he does not relish the idea of towering over others. Despite this, there is purposefulness and confidence in his movements, he isn't trying to hide himself away but neither does he need to be lavished with attention everywhere he goes.

He is elegant and immaculate, as soon as he gets just a little bit dirty he will be asking for a bathing and oiling. This is not because he is a vain creature, rather he is fastidious, for he realises that his appearance has great bearing on how others perceive him.

There are few dragons on Pern that possess the imagination of Teskoth. This brown is a true visionary, with a mind always towards the future—he sees potential in everything, and will constantly be seeking new ways to make Pern a better place to live. This will often take the form of a variety of inventions, though Teskoth’s true passion lies in the planning stages. Perhaps his greatest strength is is his visualization skills, as combined with his imaginative mind, Teskoth will always be envisioning new concepts, taking what he is observing and improving it, and of course, sending these images to his rider. Rothrod’s biggest challenge in the beginning will be sorting through this constant stream of ideas as his brown explores the world around him, and encouraging the ones that are actually realistic. And this will sometimes be a challenge, for Teskoth’s fixations can oftentimes be odd and bordering on the fantastic. It is the power and awe of nature that inspires his imagination, most of all storms: from an early age, Teskoth will be enthralled by lightning, and believe it can somehow be harnessed to destroy Thread. After witnessing his first lightning storm it will be all he can talk about for sevendays, and he will still come back to ideas surrounding it again and again, even if deterred away.

Weyrlinghood will suit Teskoth, for he loves learning, though he will reach a fervor for it that may exasperate Rothrod and the Weyrlingmasters. This brown is a tireless worker, preferring at many times to forgo sleeping, eating, and socializing with his clutchmates in favor of pursuing the topic that has sparked his imagination most recently. In lessons he will like to show off a bit, especially as he learns the physical limits he can push his body to. It is not enough to learn how to do a proper wing exercise, or a simple aerial drill, he must find some way to impress others while doing it, whether this be with a flourish of his wings here and there or an extra show of strength. Despite this budding tendency towards arrogance, there is a naivety about Teskoth that he will never quite shake, even as he gets older. Though a brilliant mind, there are many concepts that even a dragon like Teskoth can not understand, and oftentimes the social and political waters that other dragons manage to navigate will go completely over this brown’s head.

He is not completely socially inept though, and on the contrary Teskoth seems quite able to charm others, and will be witty and warm with those he does spend time with. Indeed, he can be quite the socialite, popular even, for he will never have much trouble drawing the attention of others. His insightfulness will translate well into his social interactions, and Teskoth can be downright funny when wants to be, able to crack jokes and easily smooth over any complaints from those that may find his rider tiresome or unseemly. And in regards to Rothrod, Teskoth simply does not have time for those that dislike his rider, or, Faranth forbid, question his choice in bonded. No, he is quite certain he made the right choice, and even if they don't agree on everything (which, with an odd brown like Teskoth, is sure to be a number of things) he will be loyal to Rothrod to a fault. This does not mean, however, that he will let his rider's attitudes put a damper on his schmoozing, because Teskoth will usually find himself in the good graces and social circles of the movers and shakers of the Weyr—many golds, Wingleaders, Wingseconds, and Weyrlingmasters will find him amicable company, providing a convenient audience for Teskoth’s many ideas on ways to improve weyrlife.

Nevertheless, this brown is not without his peculiarities, and in fact they can be numbered and varied. Some are relatively common—fussy about his cleaning regimen and wanting things to be done in a particular way, Teskoth will desire very rigid routines with his daily care. Others are pretty out there, such as a fixation with the number three, and striving to have everything in his life that relates to a numerical value divisible by three: his row in the barracks, the number of repeats for a stretch or an exercise, the amount of laps Rothrod runs in the Weyrbowl. He can be very secretive when he is particularly inspired by this idea or that, even with Rothrod, which may cause some struggles with the pair’s early bonding exercises. It is times like these that Teskoth will need a gentle but firm hand, keeping him grounded in the present while he is so caught up in the possibilities of the future.

As he passes his early hatchling stages Teskoth’s narcissism will become more and more apparent, craving acknowledgement for his accomplishments from not just the Weyrlingmasters and his clutchmates, but anyone in the Weyr who might be watching him—which they obviously should be. It is not simply a desire to do good that drives this brown; Teskoth thinks very highly of himself and his ideas and wants to hear this same recognition from others. He will always be very competitive with his clutchmates and later wingmates, and will encourage Rothrod to stand out as much as possible, so their hard work can be noted and celebrated. This can indeed be a boon at times, but must be treated with care, as Teskoth will run Rothrod to the bone if he is not careful, and the brown will often get carried away with his own confidence. Many times his ideas aren’t fully-formed or practical, but he will share them anyways, leading to a few embarrassing situations—Perhaps if we were to find some way to communicate with the Red Star, we would find the true root of Threadfall—We should not be eating the wherries, would they not make better companions?—I am beginning to believe that the lightning was actually meant to strike us, as the jolt needed to help bring our visions into reality.

Fighting Thread effectively is the ultimate goal, and one Teskoth will focus much of his attention and study on. An adequate flyer, he will especially enjoy flying during storms, though his most successful days will probably be the sunny ones when he is not so distracted. Paradoxically, given how meticulous he is with hygiene and health, Teskoth will appear to have alarmingly little concern for the protection of his own hide, as the confidence in his abilities is so great that he does not believe he will ever make a single miscalculation. It will probably take a rather painful reminder on Rothrod’s part to to get Teskoth to realize the life and well-being of his rider is something he should be more cautious about gambling with. Even so, Teskoth’s instincts shouldn’t be discouraged, as they are remarkably accurate most of the time.

Teskoth will turn out to be an infrequent chaser, with a general disinterest in romance and mating, as he feels such things detract from his passion for his true purpose—his work in problem-solving the Weyr’s issues. Romance may be enticing at times, but ultimately Rothrod is the only other living entity he has the emotional energy to truly devote himself to. As such, he will chase greens only on the rare occasion and golds even less. In the thus very unlikely event that he sires a clutch, Teskoth will be an interested but distant parent, finding odd and somewhat off the wall ways to take care of the gold and the eggs, but leave the bulk of the decision-making to the mother. She is the one who carried and looks after them, and he would not want to impede.

The only thing that might encourage Teskoth to aspire to a Wingsecond or ranking position is the influence it could give him to have his own ideas and inventions recognized, but is perfectly happy to settle for powerful friends that believe in his work. He has little interest in the political games the other browns and bronzes play anyways. As he gets older though, Teskoth will become of the mind that the Weyr’s hierarchy and political structure is all a bit backwards. While he has little interest in wooing them, he believes that greens are the greatest force that the Weyr has to offer, and that one day they, and the women who ride them, will step forward into the various roles of leadership, even Weyrleader. This is due to his general belief that the female species, both dragon and human, are simply more suited to the role of a leader—in the Weyr that Teskoth envisions, the strength and size of bronzes and browns won’t be as important once he and other forward-thinking individuals find more effective ways to fight Thread, leaving the greens and their riders to realize their full potential. Under the current structure, he is very supportive of giving the golds and Weyrwomen more say in the way the Weyr as well as the Wings are run, and will respond best to green Wingleaders and Wingseconds with female riders, as the few that have already managed to break through the patriarchal system must be far more competent than their male colleagues.

Nikola Tesla, an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist best known for his work on contributions to the modern AC electricity supply. We felt Tesla's elegance, industriousness and tirelessness as an inventor worked well with the request for a non-aggressive, hardworking dragon and some of Tesla's eccentricities provided an interesting counterbalance to Rothrod's own traits

Dragon Credit: Pavlova and Mandy

Teskoth is softly spoken with a lilting voice on the higher end of the spectrum for a male dragon. No matter his emotion he manages to keep his tone level and dignified at all times, he is not the sort to raise his voice. When he talks to Rothrod it invokes a calmness and his words hold a certain level of assurance. He speaks evenly and with a measured pace ensuring his words are clearly heard.

Hatching Message:
The From the Water to the Sky Egg was as eager as its other larger counterparts to hatch. The large golden egg shook once, then twice, then soon it was practically vibrating off the sands. Whatever hatchling was inside was suddenly very eager to get out! At last the egg burst open, sending shards flying across the sands, revealing a dragonet that looked quite unable to create such a stir. Indeed, there was nearly nothing to this hatchling besides long, gangly limbs, but perhaps the biggest surprise came as it shook the goo from its wings to reveal the fine, dark hide of THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN, who set out immediately towards the candidates, unperturbed by what they might think of his frail form, or the fact that his hide was not a stunning, shiny gold. There was work to be done, no time to dawdle in finding his bonded.

Public Impression Message:
THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN snorted. No, the girl was not right for him, so he turned away from Lanissa to make his way back towards the boys. This time he would take it more slowly, perhaps he had missed something vital in his earlier search. Carefully, THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN studied each boy in turn, staring at Terrin for a bit longer than the rest. He glanced around, to take stock of who was left, and then he saw him, the one that would help him turn his visions into fruition. Yes, there it was, that certainty, coursing back through THE ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC BROWN as he confidently stepped towards the boy—man, maybe that was his problem before, focusing too much on the youngsters—and sat down at his side, rainbow eyes signaling Impression had been made.

Personal Impression Message:
It’s taken him a long time, but then, it’s taken a long time for you too, and at last, your patience has been rewarded. You’ve perhaps noticed this gangly brown traversing across the sands, drawing attention when it suits him, but right now your attention is all he’s after, walking up to you purposefully and planting himself at your feet. It’s you, he says, simply. My R’rod. Maybe he looked you over the first time, but now he nods, satisfied. My name is Teskoth, and I am quite glad to have found you. There is much to be done in this— he glances around the Hatching Cavern, as if unable to get through the rest of his thought without getting distracted by his new world. —place we will call home, he continues, nonetheless picking up easily where he left off. An intense of pang of hunger hits you, and he adds, as if an after thought, First though, I suppose I’ll need something to eat.

Egg Name: From the Water to the Sky Egg
Egg Description: This egg is remarkably large and yet despite that size it has a dainty essence about it. The large size could be eye-catching all on its own, but the color of the egg is what usually calls attention to it. With a golden yellow base color and a light brown smattering of markings, it stands out against the black sands of the Hatching Grounds. Some of these darker markings look like veining in a wing pattern and they feel raised from the surface of the egg shell, but these are found only from one vantage point. In just the right kind of light, this big egg could look almost metallic because of its mostly smooth surface. When touched, this egg feels cool as if it had been sitting in a pool of water or small stream and there is a feeling of eagerness to transform from egg to dragon.
Egg Inspiration:aquatic insect Golden Stonefly Hesperoperla pacifica
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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