Impressed to green Lunawraith

Name: Tessila
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: P8T3
Birth Place: Ver Hold
Rank: Infirmary Aide (Dragonless)
Former Rank: Weyrling

Mini-Biography: Tessila is the oldest of Terrin’s little sisters, two Turns younger than him. She was looking for a Craft to apprentice to, working in the kitchens at Ver Hold in the meantime, until Terrin got Searched. It took her a while of mulling it over, but she ultimately decided that what her big brother could do, she could do. She’s the most headstrong of the bunch, and never took well to being bossed around by her brother. She has some problems with indecision, but once she makes up her mind, it’s stuck. She’s tall for a woman, especially a teenager, but not buff or as large as her brother. She doesn’t have many nice clothes, but does the best with what she has and manages to look pretty good. In the kitchen, she’s at her best when baking, and secretly enjoys cleaning up the kitchen.

Mini-Biography Credit: Lady Bread

Brother: T'rin of Brown Olcath (Sigyn)
Sister: Nellise of Green Liettath (Corgi)

Availability: Not available. Adopted by Ren. PC Profile Here

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