Impressed to Green Trisdaeth

Name: Th'ed (Thacyed)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T194
Former Rank: Apprentice Beastcrafter

Thacyed is the younger brother of former weyrling C'yen turned dragonless Cathayen and Athene, although he is not particularly close to Cathayen. Thacyed was Searched to the Weyr along with his sister Athene for Iridith's 3rd clutch, but neither impressed. While Athene opted to return to the Hold as she was not comfortable with the idea of standing without a gold egg, Thacyed chose to stay at the Weyr. But like the rest of his family, he is very traditional and does not like the idea of women on anything but gold dragons or in crafts. He finally ended up impressing at the fourth clutch he stood for, but ironically, it was the very same clutch where his brother Cathayen was slain by one of the hatchlings.

Mini-Biography Credit: Starr

C'yen (Cathayen) of blue Rhapsyth — [Starr]

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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