Green Tharjath

Impressee: Sh'an (Shiandar)

Name: Tharjath
Pronunciation: tharr-jyath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 4f8907
Final Size: 23' long with a wingspan of 38'

Description: Tharjath is a very small, petite green in almost every way but perhaps for her wings. She is slim and lithe, sinewy enough to be sturdy though she is incredibly dainty. Her tiny build is incredibly attractive about her even if it does mean that she the least likely dragon to ever fly a full Threadfall. Shards, she'll be lucky to get halfway through one! Her hide is one of dark olive green with the occasional yellow tinge in her wingsails, joints, belly, and sides of her neck and tail. A darker green fades into presences on her underside and the insides of her legs, it is also evident on her wings, particularly along the boning and where the fine membrane begins. A lighter, more golden olive tone creates the illusion of an edgy that darts up and down in a ring about her head with a diamond mark in the middle at her forehead like a special ornament.

Personality: A more strange and peculiar dragon there has never been before Tharjath. She is an obsessive dragon, keenly taking to someone and thinking about them constantly. When thinking and fantasizing isn't enough, she follows them and watches them with fawning admiration from afar. This might be cute if it weren't for the fact that she is quite serious about her stalking. Indeed, she stalks her new love with great insistence but always from a distance. That is very much like her, too, as she tends to keep almost everyone but her bonded at a distance. This is largely due to her severe self-consciousness. It could also be because of her typically grim outlook on life. Death could come at any moment and she is not afraid of it. Instead she embraces it and looks forward to the time she can soar in the great dark between. This tends to frighten and alienate others from her with her talk of death. It is right nearly threatening with how warmly and fondly she speaks of the freezing sensation of between and the rush of a near death experience. That isn't a bother to her. She is a hard-worker and would prefer to focus on her work or improving a particular aerial maneuver. Odd in almost every other aspect, her work ethic is impressive and her skills as a Wingrider are quite good. Just good enough for her leaders to cope with her strange tendencies… so long as they become her newest obsession

Inspiration: Tharja (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Hatching/Impression Message: Now here was an egg who knew the value of patience. There was no hustle and bustle about The Special Snowflake Egg. It was silent and still and even now looked like it might not hatch at all at the rate things were going. Compared to some of the more explosive shatterings of some of the other eggs and the roly poly action of a few others, The Special Snowflake Egg hatches very quietly. A crack slowly and silently snakes around the middle of the egg, darting up and down, before ringing completely all the way around. The first tiny bit of movement is the top of The Special Snowflake Egg subtly moving up so that the infant dragon within could peek out unnoticed. Only then, after that little peek, does The Special Snowflake Egg truly hatch, as the young green within pops the top off and gets a better look. She sits in the bottom of her egg and from there quietly watches the remaining Candidates. When one catches her eye, she ducks down into her egg and stares intently at him. Slowly she sits up again and then leaps from her egg to race towards him. "Slow down Tharjath!" Shiandar shouts out before she stops just short of barreling into him. Sh'dar walks the rest of way in bewildered quiet off the sands with Tharjath as he tries to make sense of the very strange things she tells him about the comforting darkness she enjoyed inside her egg.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Special Snowflake Egg
Egg Description: Quite a large egg - massive, infact, and settled in the black sand in a way that could only suggest it wants to be noticed. The Special Snowflake Egg is hard to miss, as it is a blinding white hue and very evenly shaped, standing errect and proud. A very attractive pattern ranges around its middle, formed of rings that have jagged edges, almost like snowflakes. One is cheerful blue, the next a warm yellow, then shiny black, a rich jade green, and…oh…well, the last ring is a bright scarlet color, only unlike the other rings, it's kind of…wonky, and much, much smaller. It looks very out of place, as if the pattern didn't quite work out. Well, maybe if Femaith puts that side away from the stands, noone will notice…
Egg Inspiration: Sochi Winter Olympics
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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