Name: Tiana
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: P8T9
Location: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Weyrbrat

Mini-Biography: Tiana is a flight baby, born after her father's dragon caught her mother's. She was raised in the weyr's creche with the other children. In P8T13 she was kidnapped along with several other children in a scheme planned by the Mathon steward Jenoramil.
Mini-Biography Credit: Kitya

Father: M'tain of brown Castilath (Kitya)
Mother: Siahaam of green Riddlath
Half siblings: S'wyn of brown Neovith (Kitya)
Semally (Dras)
S'vain of blue Garixeth
Talora (Kati)
Alexia (Tina)

For a full list of additional relatives see M'tain's profile.

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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