Queen of the Glen Green Tianath

Impressee: T'reut (Tareut)

Name: Tianath
Name Inspiration: Titiana is one of the names ascribed to the Fairy Queen figure, used by Shakespeare in his play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Colour: Queen of the Glen Green
Final Size: 26 feet long, with a wingspan of 47 feet
Description: A womanly green in form is she, her carriage as regal as her appearance. Smaller in size than her sisters, she nonetheless holds herself with a graceful dignity, and her movements are nothing but careful. She's a medium green in colour, leaning towards a lighter shade, though mixtures of richer greens pattern her hide like the fronds of ferns caressing her body. Mignonette is brushed with an artist's brush on her legs, swirling in curious patterns towards feet that are tipped with white claws. Her wings are overly long, but their diaphanous forms are held carefully, like a lady's cloak. A faint ring of pastel green is dusted just above her eyeridges; a crown for a regal dragon.
Hex Colour Code: #458B00

Tianath will be a born diplomat, and T'reut may often find her acting as a peacemaker during weyrlinghood. She'll hatch with an innate sense of doing the right thing and being fair about it, and this will pay off in the long run – assuming she uses her brain wisely. While it's all very well and good that she feels it her responsibility to give her personal, fair opinion on a situation, sometimes she'll stick her nose in where she shouldn't (whether she realises it or not), and may suffer the repercussions if her opinion wasn't wanted. As she grows, she'll want to learn all about…everything. Lessons will satisfy her curiosity for a while, but she'll always want to know more, aiming to become wise in all aspects of the world. Her patience will make learning with her a joy, and she'll never become angry or frustrated if she and T'reut don't immediately pick up something new. She'll even prefer to take a slow approach to things, suggesting regular breaks so that the pair don't become overworked.

As an adult, Tianath will enjoy mingling a great deal, and will often be found in a group of dragons, relaxing and talking. She won't be an immensely talkative dragon, but what she says will have meaning – she'll have hopefully learnt to judge when her opinion or judgement is wanted by others. She won't enjoy gossip, and may tell others off for not respecting others' secrecy. She'll be a true pacifist, never condoning violent actions. More subtle revenges will be her favoured manner – if someone should do something she determines unjust to T'reut, she'll devise a way of getting back at them without any violent action, and in a calm manner. If we speak to the Wingleader, some extra drills may be coming R'lir's way. Perhaps he will learn his lesson. For a green, she will have a good understanding of consequences, although her memory will be typically short term. Throughout her life, she will maintain a regal manner, sometimes even going so far as to considering herself 'above' those that act in a way she dislikes (right and wrong will often be viewed in black and white terms to her), something she will not so much portray verbally, but she'll go so far as to avoid those she dislikes, or act somewhat haughty in their company.

One of the few times that a darker side of her will be seen is during Threadfall. The very idea of facing Pern's ancient enemy sends a thrill of excitement through the normally calm dragon. She'll never be able to last a whole 'fall, like most greens, but she'll make up for that by putting her very all into the fight while she's there. She'll be a fearsome force, highly agile and seeming to be everywhere at once. She'll be an excellent addition to any Wing, and her patient nature for learning will ensure that she has an arsenal of moves to utilise for any situation – rain, wind, fog, or fire. The safety of T'reut and herself will be very important to her, and she'll be constantly aware of the surrounding air, ready to perform a defensive manoeuvre at the drop of a hat.

Around the time when she's due to rise, Tianath will become very sensual and flirtatious – quite out of character for a dragon who would usually befriend a male than treat him as a potential love interest. This period will be relatively short, and will end in her rising suddenly, blooding quickly (if she bloods at all). The chase will be fleeting, with Tianath pulling off every trick in the book to try and lose the males, teasing them throughout the length of her time in the skies, free as a fire-lizard. She'll submit quite readily when she is caught, and may even feel an attachment to whatever male claims her. But not for long though – relationships are so complicated, and she doesn't need unnecessary distractions from her other “duties”. She may encourage T'reut in any potential relationships though, desiring nothing more than for her rider to be happy.

Inspiration: Tianath is inspired by the fairy queen, a popular figure in many myths and legends, as well as in literature.

Voice: Soothing, mellow, unhurried: this is the voice of Tianath. Her mental presence is never overbearing, and her tone is always soft. There's a strength behind her soprano words though; a sureness that doesn't need force or shouting to manifest itself. She'll have a knack for visualisations, and the images that she produces will be vivid and clear, as if you're there. Such imagery will spring forth at any time, especially when she is explaining or describing something, although she'll be able to do so verbally just as skilfully. She'll find it easy to reach out to more than one dragon at once, with little exertion on her part, and will never come across as intruding – her voice is just too gentle for that; her manner too polite. If she is riled, this rare occasion will be marked by a noticeable edge to her voice, her words becoming sharp as knives; crisp as autumn leaves; chilling as the north wind.

Hatching Message: The Christmas Tree Egg shivered delicately, quite the contrast to its previous shaking, and the shell bulged and cracked open as the dragonet within forced its way out. Green was seen straight away: a smaller green, but with a regal air that became apparent the moment she slithered free and got to her feet. After a moment to find her balance, the hatchling took her first steps with surprisingly little difficulty for one so young.

Public Impression Message: It was taking time, this search. For the Queen of the Glen Green, however, it had reached its end: her sweeping gaze locked onto the young man with the grey-flecked blue eyes. Her destiny found, she headed with her head held high and wings slightly lifted towards him, coming to a halt at his feet and lifting her head to fix her eyes upon his, rainbow colours dancing in their facets as Impression was made.

Personal Impression Message: Oh, my T'reut. The voice comes from everywhere and nowhere, the sweetest of sounds, and spoken only to you. Her presence enters your mind slowly, as if she's being polite about the formation of the bond between the two of you. My name is Tianath, T'reut. I wonder, now that I've found you, if we can go and get some food? The noise of those around you, once faded, returns now, and everything's happening at once. But the two of you are there in the middle of it – together forever.

Dragon Credit: Written by Emma, inspiration by Mayhem.

Egg Name: Christmas Tree Egg
Egg Description: A large egg with very little physical flaws in its shell, a rather festive shade of bright green with, on closer look, billions of darker green lines cutting across it, making it almost look like an evergreen tree from a distance. Tiny specks of white shell are visible at points, like wisps of snow on tree branches. But that is not all. Splashes of red, white and gold can be seen hanging from its’ ‘boughs’ almost as if this egg is indeed a Christmas Tree. It almost makes you want to go and put presents under it.
Egg Inspiration: The Christmas trees from the claymation Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
Egg Credit: Stolenhart

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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