Blue Tneserth

Impressee: Ri'vy (Riavy)

Name: Tneserth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 3262c7
Final Size: 32.5' length with a wingspan of 53'

There may well be a flock of flirty greens trailing after this blue wherever he goes by the time he reaches maturity. This isn’t because Tneserth is a large blue; actually, he is of a far more average size than large but rather it is because he is blessed with a perfectly sculpted figure. The countless hours he spends exercising and drilling are evidenced in his well-defined musculature. Some greens can even be heard sighing wistfully when they see the way his muscles ripple when he moves. His peak physical strength means that he can battle through the toughest of ‘Falls right alongside his larger brethren. Tneserth is for the most part a solid dusky blue except for the dark navy blue bands that encircle his head-knobs and the bottom of both his forelegs. 

Tneserth is a get up and go kind of dragon. He cannot bear to be idle and in his free time he can usually be found swimming laps in the lake, doing wing strengthening exercises, or, when he reaches that age, flying around the Weyr practicing different maneuvers. He tries to project his enthusiasm for physical activity to his rider because he simply cannot abide laziness in anyone. He will insist that his rider get out of bed at the crack of dawn and go for a run so that he doesn’t fall behind in training and if R’av refuses he may well find himself forcibly dragged out of bed. Tneserth will always be early to his lessons and will usually be one of the last to leave. However, R’av will find that he has a very twitchy dragon on his hands if the lesson involves nothing more than standing around for the blue.

Tneserth is a very social dragon. He chats with whatever dragon happens to be near him at the time and sometimes he even chats to people other than his rider. He certainly isn’t as stingy about that as some dragons are. He tries to encourage the same dedication he has to physical activity in his clutch-mates and later in his wing-mates. He is always trying to motivate them to push themselves pass their limits because he knows that is the only way they’ll ever improve. He often invites his clutch-mates (and future wing-mates) to join him in the additional exercising and drilling he does. If he manages to convince anyone to join him, he offers them plenty of encouragement and suggestions; although, with females he tends to take more of a ‘you can do it’ approach than the ‘you can do better’ approach he takes with males.

While outwardly friendly and accepting, Tneserth is subconsciously a little judgmental. He is obsessed with appearances and is completely incapable of understanding those who don’t care enough to strive for the physical ideal. He is probably one of the vainest blues in the Weyr and any jokes about his appearance are not to be undertaken lightly. Even the slightest jibe about him looking a little pudgier will send him into an exercising, drilling frenzy that will not abate until his rider assures him for umpteenth time that he is not fat. He isn’t a very deep dragon so if you’re looking for a conversation on things like feelings or politic intrigues you’ve come to the wrong dragon.

Even before Tneserth begins showing an interest in chasing, he will be oddly touchy for a dragon. He will nudge his clutch-mates with his nose or brush his tail against their backs while they’re training. He sees it as a friendly, encouraging gesture but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that those little gestures make some of his clutch-mates uncomfortable. He will become quite the tail-chaser when he is old enough basically chasing any pretty green that rises.

Inspiration: Fitness Trainer
Name Inspiration: Fi(tnes)s Train(er)

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Just a Little More Egg’s shell shuddered violently till thin cracks began spreading out over its surface. It looked as if the egg would fall apart at any moment but it abruptly stopped shaking even though it seemed to be more cracks than shell. There was several long still moments before the egg suddenly burst open all at once. A blue popped out onto the Sands and was on his feet in an instant. He fanned out his wings before crooning encouragingly to the eggs that still shook around them. They were almost there! He trilled happily when he saw the pieces begin to fall of one egg and he crooned again in encouragement. Just a little more now! When it looked like the other hatchling was nearly out of her shell he briefly surveyed the white-robed candidates before bounding over to Riavy. “Tneserth!” Ri’vy said reaching out to scratch the blue’s eye-ridges. “Alright. Alright! I’m not dallying let’s go get you some food!” Ri’vy glanced back at his brother and gave him a thumbs up before leading an eager Tneserth towards the Feeding Tables.

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The Just a Little More Egg
Egg Description: What a small egg this one is! And what a pointed top it has, too! This tiny egg is quite small and is a myriad of colors that band about the egg. The wide bottom is a salmon color with what might appear to be rub markings. There is a band of dull gray with brighter rings rising up above and cuts abruptly off. The next band is of a worn orange-yellow with vertical sweeps of brown that looks to have been scratched in. There is a ragged line where from the orange-yellow a soft brown coloring sweeps up towards the point. The point itself is a dark gray, almost black. The entire little egg feels like it’s been beaten up with little dents and dings and scratches all over it. It certainly looks like it has been through a lot!
Egg Inspiration: Pencil Nubs
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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