Blue Tohath

Impressee: Kimessa

Name: Tried and True Blue Tohath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 56727a
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 34' wingspan of 57'


As a weyrling The Tried and True Blue is a gangly creature. He will have all this extra length and no muscle on his body. Clumsy at first this trait will gradually change to the grace of adulthood. The Tried and True Blue will eat an enormous amount as he grows, and his rider will need to make sure that he doesn't over eat, a constant danger. The Tried and True Blue will have a tendency to knock about with his wings and tail till he can learn to keep them pulled in an out of everybody's way, but that will not take terribly long, or much encouragement from his rider.

The Tried and True Blue is always going to look older than he really is because his hide is faded and splotched. His belly and limbs are all a solid color, but it's a faded blue as if he was left out in the sun and the color was leached from his hide. Along his neck, back, wing-sails, tail, shoulders, and hips there is splotching and streaks of other colors light and dark. These splotches and streaks are reminiscent of a cloth that's been left out in the elements, darker where rain has soiled it and lighter where the sun has faded the color even more. The only odd color that doesn't really fit with what is already on his hide is a stripe of darker blue right around the base of his neck.

As an adult, The Tried and True Blue's body is a sight to see, he's lanky, thin, and long. Most of the extra length on The Tried and True Blue is in his neck. The Tried and True Blue is a dragon that gets up and moves around. He's trim and lanky, but it's muscle all around. He won't just lay around and watch, he'll stretch, he'll work, but is not obsessed with it. He will always make sure that he is in trim form, but being 'buff' or the muscular type is just not his thing. He needs to be able to do his job, fight thread, and beyond that he's not overly concerned with working out.

With a lack of shape, other than long, his wings will look like the sails of a ship on his body; over-long, over-big, and enough of a encumbrance to keep him from being manoeuvrable. Despite the faded (old) appearance, the over large seeming wings and long neck The Tried and True Blue moves with grace. He can walk quietly if he wants, move with ease, and fly with a grace that is beautiful. He has all the agility of a blue, because his wings aren't actually too big, they only look it. They are slightly bigger than proportional, but not enough to be an encumbrance, which can be discovered on a closer look than glancing.

While The Tried and True Blue is active, does like to be involved, he is also not against a good nap now and then. This is one time where he will sprawl out, if there is room, and enjoy the feeling of the sun on his hide. The Tried and True Blue, when awake, will usually keep his wings tucked in and his tail out of the way. His head will usually be held high and unnaturally straight when actively paying attention to something. Yes, if it's a human, or something lower to the ground The Tried and True Blue will crouch down and pay attention if need be, but if he is observing a class or having conversations with other dragons his head will be high and proud.


From the moment he hatches out of the shell, Tohath knows that he is special. Knows he is important and will go on to do great things. Of course, he knows much better than to go about telling anyone besides Kimessa this kind of thing. It would be beyond foolhardy and not at all the way to engender good relationships amongst his compatriots. Still, Tohath is a bright dragon, and there will be moments in lessons where he might catch himself showing off a little in front of his classmates. He does like to be in the spotlight a little, but realizes it is perhaps a bad habit, and will try and refrain more as he grows up, though he will never entirely outgrow the tendency.

Tohath is quite a reasonable sort of fellow. He likes to listen to other’s opinions on things, and knows how to make all of the right noises in all the right places to make them think he’s agreeing, without actually committing himself in any way. That’s just good politics! That said, he is perfectly happy to change his viewpoint, if it comes to it that he realizes his way of looking at this is not the best or most correct. However, he has very little patience for hysterics or overblown tomfoolery. Such things are both unnecessary and childish.

Along those same lines, Tohath is instantly put-off by lessons and practices that are given to them as games. There are moments when fun is appropriate, but when they should be learning is certainly not one of them! He will grumble and stall when it comes to game-lessons, considering such things beneath him. He would much rather just have lessons in a straightforward manner. It will take a bit of cajoling and reminding that even if it's a game, it's still also a lesson to convince Tohath to participate, and even then he will be reluctant and halfhearted about it.

Kimessa is and will always be his dearest of dears. He loves to know everything that is going on with her life, all of her hopes and dreams and worries. Often when Tohath is supposed to be sleeping Kimessa will catch him just listening on the edge of her mind, not wanting to miss anything. And if she ever tells him a secret, he will carry it close to his heart and never think of telling anyone else. He’s perfectly friendly and polite to everyone he meets and talks to, of course, but there is something a little guarded about him to outsiders. Beyond Kimessa is will be difficult for anyone else to really get to know Tohath. There is always a bit of himself that he always keeps reserved.

Despite his reservations about getting too close to others, Tohath really is a community-oriented dragon. He will always want to go out of the way to help someone, training, learning, catching up, or the very basic of transportation. Tohath will be the first to volunteer for jobs like that out of a desire to help. This does not mean the Tohath is an easy dragon to take advantage of though; he is very strong of will and can tell someone 'No' when needed. This is usually when someone, or dragon, has demonstrated a propensity for being a bully, rude, or just stupid. Tohath cannot be guilt-tripped or bribed into doing something by anyone but his rider. This makes Tohath a very stand up dragon; he always does what he says and doesn't do the other.

In some ways, Tohath is an odd dragon, especially for a blue that Impressed a female rider. When asked on his views on women in crafts, riding dragons, or other positions that are not 'traditionally' theirs he will refrain from answering. This is because Tohath has a hesitation about females having open access to those types of positions. Kimessa has obviously proven herself to him, otherwise he would not have Impressed her. Others though, they have to prove themselves to him before he will accept them. Preferably before the female expects him to approve of them in a position that is not 'traditional'. Yes, he is all about breaking traditions when fit, but he believes that the time must be right and the people must be perfect for it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would get Tohath to approve of something like a 'female revolution' before he was absolutely sure that the females getting the positions and Impressing the dragons were all suitable and could accomplish what they were setting out to do. In his opinion there are plenty of women who have reached certain points that should not have based on their skill level, personality, or anything of that sort. Really though, all persons should prove themselves properly fit before being given any measure of responsibility.

It won’t be long before Tohath realizes that leadership is the place for them. He doesn’t put any stock in the idea that just because his hide is blue that he is less capable of leading than a brown or a bronze. It’s all a matter of personality and skill, and he knows that he has both of those well in hand. He will strive to do his best and encourage Kimessa to do the same, sure that both of them could at the very least achieve a Wingleader position someday.

When he is grown and Weyrlinghood is complete, Tohath will carry over his no-nonsense attitude with regards to fighting Thread. As long as they maintain order and keep flaming steadily then Thread will be unable to make their way through the wings to the ground below. He will insist on keeping properly in shape as any dragon of the fighting wings should be, but will not devote more of his spare time than necessary to such things as drills and practice. He knows his capabilities and while he will always be a good Threadfighter, he will never be one of the few outstanding best. His strengths lie in other areas, preferring to organize than fight, but recognizes the area where the two must overlap.

When it comes to flights, Tohath, usually quite mild-mannered, takes a dramatic turn. Snarling and red-eyed he will chase after his chosen with a single-minded determination, and outright viciousness. His eyes on his prize he will have no qualms about taking a swipe at anyone that tries to get in his way. Best get out of his way, until the end of the flight, where if someone else bests him, he will return to himself, recognizing his defeat as the flightlust dissipates. When he does managed to win a flight, he will awake later quietly and proudly pleased with himself. He will never really understand times where he awakes so pleased and Kimessa not for who she ended up in bed with. Was it not a pleasant time? This was how things were made to work, after all.

Inspiration: Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat
For the description and the voice I tried to create the hat. Faded, sturdy, still has the majesty of it's original creation. I also pulled from Abraham himself in the lankiness of his body, but Abraham was athletic, meaning he was coordinated, and that is shown here too.
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind, Rhee

Voice: Mellow, calm, but slightly faded sounding. The Tried and True Blue will have a whisper quality to his voice without really losing any volume. When angered, or fighting thread, The Tried and True Blue's voice will boom and echo, losing all that whisper it normally has. That right there is Kimessa's first clue that things are going to get heated.


Hatching Message: The Silence is Golden egg had been sitting, waiting for the right moment. There had been a wobble here and there earlier, but they had been so subtle that likely no one had even noticed. Now it started shaking vigorously, dark cracks rushing along the smooth white shell, quickly branching off and widening. Flashes of moment could be seen inside, but the dragonet inside couldn't be clearly seen.

Finally, a large chunk of shell was broken off and pushed outward, and The Tried and True Blue stuck his head out, looking around curiously at the outside world for the first time. He clambered the rest of the way out of his shell, almost falling snout-first into the sand in the process, but managing to right himself at the last moment. Standing free of his shell, The Tried and True Blue spread his damp wings and continued to look around, examining the bright new world around him.

Public Impression Message: Once The Tried and True Blue became accustomed to the noise and light of the Hatching Grounds he knew it was time to set off. There was someone here he was looking for, a very important someone. He folded his wings against his body, succeeding in getting them mostly out of the way before he started, quite decisively too, towards one end of the group of Candidates. For those that got their hopes up, it seemed it wasn't because he knew who he was looking for, because as soon as he reached the Candidates there, he turned and started along the length of the group of Candidates, looking at all of them carefully, and occasionally stepping up to snuffle around their feet or peer behind someone to make sure no one else was hiding. This was a very important person he was looking for, and he couldn't go and find the wrong one by mistake.

When he reached the other end of the Candidates, he paused and turned around again. He had already passed the one he wanted, but he had continued on just so he was absolutely sure. Now there was no time needed for deliberation, and he set off at a quick, and somewhat ungainly trot. He nearly fell again when he came to a stop in front of the one he had been looking for, eye turning a rainbow of colours as he looked up at the young, dark Candidate.

Personal Impression Message: The blue that already walked past you was coming back now, and seemed to be heading right towards you. Perhaps he was really just heading to one of the nearby Candidates? But no, completely determined, he marches right up to you, nearly falling when he comes to a stop in front of you. Fortunately, he managed to keep from falling into the sand, and then there's a soft voice in your mind, and rainbow eyes looking up at you.

Hello, Kimessa dear, I am Tohath. I did see you when I went past, but I had to make sure you were who I was looking for. But now we are together, and we shall do great things. But first I think it is time to eat. Don't you agree? The blue nudges your leg to make sure you're listening.

Egg Name: Silence is Golden Egg
Egg Description: Purest white. A blank slate, ready to be filled. This egg may look plain, but perhaps that means one can better appreciate its subtle beauty. The smoothness of the shell. The odd imperfection that can be found beneath fingertips. The toughness of the shell, a stark comparison to the fragile growing life within. The soothing presence of this egg, simply being present.
Egg Inspiration: As they say: silence is golden!
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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