Bronze Trellaneth

Impressee: Ml'en (Mlerren)

Name: Trellaneth
Pronounciation: trehl-aneth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 996600
Hatching: Gold Ieheth x Bronze Jlath I7 T139
Final Size: 40' wingspan of 65'

Description: Trellaneth is a lightish bronze on the small side for his colour. His scaring from Thread doesn't stand out against his hide though it is there on his left side around the area where his harness is. A bit lanky for his size Trellaneth appears clumsy on the ground but more graceful in the air.

Personality: Trellaneth had nothing to say on his riders favourite ranting topic, women on fighting dragons, it has little impact on his life, but if the golds and Weyrleaders bronze support it then so will he. He lacks his riders ambition, happy to support those above him and now youngsters into a stronger position; a chance which has come about with his riders increased awareness of their own mortality.

Dragon Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ieheth (Arlena)
Sire: Bronze Jlath (V'wet)

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