Impressee: Th'ed (Thacyed)

Name: Trisdaeth
Pronounciation: Tres-day-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: yellowgreen
Final Size: 25.5' length with a wingspan of 40'

Trisdaeth is a dainty dragon, on the small end for a green. She has a lean build that stresses her femininity, but with short slender legs that give her a slight prance with every step that she takes. Her neck and tail are long and thin, and she has a small but rounded head that can only be described as cute. Her wings are disproportionate as they are not as long as expected relative to the rest of her body, and at times it almost appears as if they might be too short to sustain her flight; but they manage keep her aloft, though she lacks in stamina and most of the time she can't last an entire 'Fall. Her hide is a light golden green, given to a more golden hue on her dorsal ridges, but otherwise a solid coloring throughout her body.

Trisdaeth is one of the most needy dragons one will ever meet. She loves nothing more than to be admired, flattered and pampered by anyone and everyone. She doesn't care much for daily baths and oiling so long as her hide is clean and shiny, but she is extremely fussy when things are done or given to her. This is one of the most particular and hypercritical dragons, and she will always try things out before giving her approval. Everything has to be "just right" or she will simply complain until the appropriate changes are made. Trisdaeth will not make many friends because of her selfishness, often acting in her own interests without caring how it affects others — with the exception of her rider, but most of the time she will even overlook his preferences for her own.

Inspiration: Story of the Three Bears
(Name from tri for three and ursidae for bears.)

Hatching/Impression Message:
As if it couldn't wait, the Thistle Me Pink Egg was quick to make it known that it was about to hatch. It gave two violent shake,, and a single heavy shove forward had it toppling to the ground and splitting into two symmetrical halves. That in itself might have gained much attention if not for the fact that the hatchling that tumbled out was a golden green color. But it was definitely too small to be a gold, and the green hatchling managed to stand up with an almost dramatic flair to her movements. She then took one step forward, as if testing the sand, and then deciding it was the perfect temperature, she proceeded to walk forward. First she stopped by Hamania, but she had to crane her head upwards to see the girl properly — too tall! So she moved on down the line and came to a stop in front of Adensol, but he was too small! With a disgruntled creel, she continued walking away until she nearly ran into Thacyed, after which she crooned with happiness. Now Th'ed, he grinned widely as he reached down to pat the green. "Oh Trisdaeth, of course we are perfect together!" After a few more moments of admiration, the pair finally walked off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Thistle Me Pink Egg
Egg Description: With its bright appearance, this egg certainly stands out! A mottled mix of light and dark pinks, the light makes even paler highlights shine across it, while the shadows seem to make the underside drab in comparison. That doesn't matter, though! There's more than enough color on this egg to go around!
Egg Inspiration: Tickle Me Pink and Thistle crayons
Egg Credit: Anahira

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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