The Blue Eyed Devil Blue Trivath

Impressee: Sh'sui Shunsui

Name: Trivath
Name Inspiration: Trivath is a combination between Trigun, the title of the series, and Vash, the character the dragon is based on.

Colour: The Blue Eyed Devil Blue
Hex Code: 88ACE0
Final Size: 34.2' with 57' wingspan
Description: The The Blue Eyed Devil Blue is energetic in his movements already, even just hatched. Long legs on both back and front, and a lean build characterize this blue dragon. He will never put on muscle as he grows, but what muscle he does have will become very prominent as he develops. His tail is a tad bit long for his size, and just as lean and skinny as the rest of him. The blue's neck is also just a tad longer than normal, and the well shaped head is also on the thin side. A curios shade of light blue with almost a gray tinge to it covers the blue's hide, making one think of a combination between a clear blue sky and a fog rolling in. The way the blue dragonet moves on the sands can either make one laugh because he looks like he's trying to dance; but if this dragon is being serious, he moves slowly, like a bank of fog overtaking a town.

Personality: Even at a young age, Trivath is both curious and devilish. This lanky blue loves to know what's going on everywhere around him, always trying to be involved. Trivath doesn't mean to cause trouble like this, but trouble finds him all the time. Trivath will concentrate all his energy on being the 'good guy' a lot of the time, cheering his bonded and his siblings up after failures in Weyrling training. He seems to have a never ending amount of hope stored up somewhere inside him, and uses that to cheer others.

This blue is also one of the loudest blues in the entire Weyr. He likes to be heard and acknowledged by everybody that needs to know whatever he is talking about. When stealth or concealment is needed, Trivath has enough sense to be able to keep quiet long enough to get what ever needs to be completed done. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said, in any case. From ”Yes, that dress does make her look fat.” to ]”He needs to shut up now.” To say the least, the lanky blue can be blunt. Most the time, though, Trivath won't be so harsh about something, unless he is aggravated by the person or dragon he was talking to.

He has a uncanny sense of people too, which will make him a good search dragon in time. Trivath is almost entirely certain of his opinion of people and dragons within the first few minutes of meeting them; although on the rare occasion he has been wrong, most of the time he is fairly accurate in his summation of others. As Trivath ages, he will become more accurate in his reading of others, experience coming with age. In his quieter moments, his rider will be able to hear his thoughts while he is examining another, things like, “I bet that green over there enjoys toying with that brown, even though she's not anywhere near rising.” and ”I think Miseth's rider likes Jennelth's rider, she acts all flustered whenever he is around.” As he gets older, these thoughts will become more complicated and longer. Alas, the problem of a dragon's memory will have Trivath doing this many times for one dragon or person, but eventually, he will remember bits and pieces about those he encounters a lot.

As Trivath matures, he will become steadily more interested in both greens and golds. He knows the golds are way out of his league but he flirts hopelessly with them anyway. He may even chase a gold if he feels he stands a chance, and if a gold is interested in him in anyway, greens do not exist as far as he is concerned. When there is no gold around, he will take notice of the greens. Then he will flirt with them mercilessly, and adore the prettiest green he can find. Although, not even his rider will be able to venture a guess as which one he will find pretty. No matter who this charismatic blue is flirting with, he will rise to chase any green that rises, unless he is conversing with a gold at that very moment.

Inspiration: Vash the Stampede from the anime Trigun
Voice: Trivath's voice vary between high and low tones depending on whether he is excited or not. When he's excited, his voice goes up to a girlish falsetto, entertaining for some. When he's being serious, it's lower, but still in the tenor range.

Hatching Message: The Shockingly Blue Egg began to wobble and wobble some more, fine cracks feathering it's sides. Suddenly, with one big wobble, the tipped over, breaking into lots of tiny pieces. It revealed the The Blue Eyed Devil Blue, who stood there, looking ready to cause mayhem and trouble at every turn.
Public Impression Message: The Blue Eyed Devil Blue waited for a few minutes, looking around, his sharp eyes picking out quickly where the boys were lined up, and where the innocent girls where standing. He moved towards the boy's line, although the movement could more so be called dancing, or a attempt at it. As soon as he crossed the line, his long tail swept a boy off his feet, and sent sand flying everywhere in the process. The Blue Eyed Devil Blue barely spared the boy a glance, before heading to the tall Harper in the back, nudging him forcefully in the stomach.
Personal Impression Message: The prancing, dancing little blue came strolling up to Shunsui, as if in a dream. All too soon though, it was proven not a dream as the blue nudged Shunsui in the stomach, pushing him back a few feet. There you are! All the way back here. What are you doing back here, anyway? The blue's tone of voice is higher than expected, but how could one expect impressing? The blue's eyes settle from the rainbow of impression to a genial blue-green. In a few seconds, the blue is twitching oddly, and a rumble could be heard from his midsection. The blue looked down at his stomach questioningly, I think I'm hungry, Sh'suimine. I want food. Pausing, the blue then remembers, Oh yeah, I'm Trivath! Just so you know what to call me, mine.
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Shockingly Blue Egg
Egg Description: While its size might not make this egg stick out, the screaming neon colors will surely call the candidates over. A wash of yellow, bright and sunny, flows down from the top of this egg, almost as if someone were pouring the lemon colored liquid upon Tylaith’s egg. Underneath, the yellow sloshes into a vibrant electric blue. But instead of meeting in the middle and creating an equally fluorescent green color, the yellow seems to lose itself in the blue. If anything, their meeting point only screams an even louder aqua color. Even in the dark, this egg is still all too bright.
Egg Inspiration: A simple concoction of lemonade and UV Blue vodka, Blue Lemonade is a tartly delightful mix. A little goes a long way with this stuff though- the vodka taste is cleverly masked by a blue raspberry flavor that also gives its bright color. Don’t have too much fun, this isn’t your grandma’s lemonade!
Egg Credit: Cassie

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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