Impressed to blue Xuith

Name: Ts'ark (Tslesark)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Late Winter I7T194
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Journeyman Minecrafter

Mini-Biography: Tslesark is the son of a Solarian bluerider and a Journeywoman Harper. He does not get on with his parents at all. His father wanted little to do with him and his mother married another Harper when he was seven and left her Weyrbrat behind to go and live at the Harperhall with her new husband. He’s been waiting to leave Solaria his whole life and on his twelfth Turnday he all but ran to Solaria’s Journeyman Minecrafter and asked to become an Apprentice. He left for Crom shortly after and never looked back. He was raised to Journeyman status at seventeen and, wouldn’t you know it, his first posting was Solaria Weyr. He never dreamed about becoming a candidate. He wanted to be Master Miner someday but after two Turns of listening to dragonriders tell him about how their dragons could sense potential in him every time there was a clutch, he consented to Stand a few times. Euliath’s third will be his first time on the Sands as a candidate.

Mini-Biography Credit: Neena


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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