Green Tubelinth

Impressee: C'am (Chattam)

Name: Tubelinth
Pronunciation: too-bell-inth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 28AE7B
Final Size: 24' length with wingspan of 36'

Tubelinth is a very small green compared to the vast majority of same coloring. She is very petite and has a very refined and dainty appearance. She looks almost as if she could break at even the barest of touches or be blown away in the mightiest of winds. Tubelinth quite nearly floats when she moves, as if she is perpetually in flight and simply hovering just barely above the ground, and because of this she is most definitely among the most graceful of dragons. Her coloring is distinctly emerald green with hints of blue in the shadows and at her joints. Her wings, which look so very delicate due to their very transparent appearance, are in fact iridescent and when open glimmer and glitter in the light with greens and blues. This same iridescence appears all along her topline starting from her forehead and ending before her tail forks at the end. Tubelinth does not think she is very pretty or that she is very strong, but appearances are very deceiving.

At point of fact, Tubelinth might be soft-spoken and gentle to every little thing around her, but do not assume she is always easily trodden upon. She might be mislead or lead astray easily enough. She might be incredibly gullible and soft-hearted enough to feel badly about a meal if she does not kill it with her first blow. She may even feel somewhat saddened about having to flame thread. Even so, when she knows that something is wrong or feels at all forced Tubelinth will remind you that she is not so fragile or weak-willed. She can be very loud, although any creels or bugles from her will be of higher pitch and have little depth to them, and will argue with others if she must to make her opinions and thoughts and feelings known. She has a very big heart for so small a dragon and an equally big mind. Tubelinth is full of opinions about almost everything out there. There is one thing she feels especially adamant about and that is what the best feeling ever is: being loved and loving back. If ever there was a dragon who revels in her bond with a Rider, it is she. She will even extend this bond to her mate, always being caught by the same dragon without fail, the dragon who 'dances' best with her in flight.

Tubelinth believes that no matter how small she is that "good things come in small packages" and how could that not be true when dragons come from little eggs!

Inspiration: Thumbelina

Hatching/Impression Message:
Such a pretty egg and such a shame that it can no longer grace the sands unmarred. The Six Shades of Pink Egg shivers softly as it had since the beginning of the hatching. Always soft, little movements as if the creature within might be far too weak to break through the shell. Still, those small shivers have worn on the shell and the pinks are broken by spidercracks that run across the surface and deepen steadily. It is not longer before the Six Shades of Pink Egg falls apart bit by bit like the opening of a flower to reveal a very small, petite green.

She appears shy, hiding in the remains of her egg and shivering from the sudden chill of fresh air. The green looks about. This fragile green emerges and she steps lightly onto the sands, still shivering, and without warning she creels. She feels so lonely and cold and she doesn't like it all! Though this pale little green will not sit idly and bemoan her situation. Creeling a little longer she seemingly floats towards the Candidates. She regards Hamania and considers Aridana and pauses to look up at Menisia. Oh, but as she looks up almost longingly at Menisia she creels and darts away quickly, light on her feet and comes to cling to Chattam.

He reaches down to pet her head tenderly, "Tubelinth, I am here now and I love you no matter if you were no bigger than my thumb!" C'am urges her off the sands as he uneasily looks back in the direction of the Whatever! Whatever! I do what I want! Blue in case he rouses and thinks to stomp his precious Tubelinth.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Six Shades of Pink Egg
Egg Description: The Six Shades of Sweet Egg sits snugly in its little mound of sand, plain and simple and looking utterly content just to be. It doesn't pretend to be something it's not, or lure the eye in with any silly little flourishes; no, in and of itself, the Six Shades of Sweet Egg is quite secure. And more power to it, because sometimes it's not easy being bright pink. It's sure to elicit plenty of 'blerghs' from the boys, even if secretly they might like this cheerful looking egg. Even with the girls the Six Shades of Sweet Egg might run in to difficulty, because, well, it's just…so pink. A little too pink, perhaps? Maybe, but the Six Shades of Sweet Egg doesn't care, and it's plain to see. From its wide, sturdy bottom to its narrow tip, the Six Shades of Sweet Egg is a delicious light, fluffy pink colour, like the blush of a baby's cheek. Swathes of other pinks drape over the top of this colour in gauzy puffs. There's a pink so light it's almost white, the very edge of pink before it fades to nothing, and there's a lurid, neon tinted bright pink; there's fluorescence and there's the gentle touch of rose. If you took the time to sit and discover, you might count up to - yes, that's right - seven shades of pink. But that's not all this egg has to offer, because the very top is a burst of salmon that fades into a centre of bright pale yellow, like the sun peaking over a blushing dawn. There's a lot more to pink than the casual observer might think!
Egg Inspiration: The six shades of the classic crayon colours with "pink" in the name.
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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