Brown Tygerth

Impressee: M'vel (Mavelin)

Name: Tygerth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: dd7700
Final Size: 38.5' length with a wingspan of 65'

Tygerth is a medium size for a brown, strong and sturdy but stream-lined, from his lean body and solid legs to his extensive wings and trim neck, and with a long tail that gives him exceptional balance. He is more curvaceous than he is angular, with smooth lines to his build rather than sharp edges. He is a medium brown with an orange undertone, a slightly lighter underside, and he has dark brown almost black stripes that run down his body and across his legs and tail.

Tygerth is fearsome and ferocious, but in a quiet and intelligent manner. He likes to observe and ‘stalk his prey,’ so to speak, before he chooses to strike out at his enemies. He is strong, and he knows it, but he has a habit of getting physical with anyone over anything. He is protective and territorial, and doesn’t tolerate anyone else touching or coming around what he has claimed as his. He has a wild streak in him that even his leaders find difficult to tame, but he can be very soft and affectionate to his rider.

Inspiration: (Poetry) The Tyger by William Blake

Tygerth’s mind-voice is sort of what you would expect coming from this mysterious, untamable creature. His voice is sort of raspy and gruff, certainly a little rough around the edges. It is masculine and deep, the sort of voice that makes all the hairs on your body sort of stand on end. His speech is not very wordy, however. Tygerth prefers to use few words, or no words at all when possible. He much prefers to use body language to convey what he is feeling or thinking, and he is usually quite clear on getting his point across.

Hatching/Impression Message:
There was a subtle movement to the In Flux Egg that went almost unnoticed by the majority of the audience. It started with small shudders, occasionally pausing when it felt too many eyes staring at it. Then after several of its siblings had hatched, the egg finally decided that it's time, but still it cracked almost silently — invisible to those who were paying more attention to the other eggs. But it didn't mind, and soon the egg had disappeared and there was a striped brown dragon lying there. After a few moments of looking around, almost as if scrutinizing the candidates, he started to crawl forward in a seemingly stalking manner. He neared a few boys — they were in his way — and with a short growl, he leaped forward. He shoved his shoulder out, pushing a random candidate out of the way, and then he clawed at Ennavi who was too close, before his way was finally clear. Mavelin was about to move aside, but then stopped and stared at the wild brown dragon, "Oh, Tygerth! You must be so hungry." Then M'vel and his brown were quick to make their way towards the food.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: In Flux Egg
Egg Description: This poor egg might once have been white and plain, which was clearly such a shame since it is so large, but it is not longer. It looks as if patches of colored parchment were hastily and messily glued across its surface so that it appears smooth in some places and rough in others. The colors are little splashes of dark green, pastel blue, and shades of black. It also appears as if someone’s terrible scrawling might have been added to this egg but has been so badly bled for one reason or another that it is no longer legible. Whatever message might have once been is now no more, but there is a larger message in its appearance and maybe it could be understood if one gazed upon it long enough.
Egg Inspiration: Flexus Art
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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