Gold Tylaith

Impressee: Levay

Name: Tylaith
Colour: Gold
Hatching: Early Winter, I7 T186
Final Size: 49' wingspan of 85'

Description: The Influential Consort is easily identifiable amongst her sisters and daughters by her darker looks. Sight of her hide puts you in mind of wheat glistening under the summer sunshine, begging to be harvested. While it may not be as dazzling to the eye as the hide of other golds, it has an understated elegance in its burnished sheen and there is a certain degree of refinement in the fact that she does not sparkle like a gaudy bauble. Around her eyes the color is even darker, almost black in its intesnsity, as if she wears a dragon equivalent of kohl, though for The Influential Consort this is entirely natural.

She has a long, elegant neck, however there is a smattering, think 4 or 5, ‘beauty spots’ high up on the left side that she will be self conscious of and as such when preening will face towards the right. Also on her neck, just above where it meets her chest is a circle of a couple of inches thickness running horizontally and able to be viewed from back as easily as front of a bright yellow gold. On her left frontfoot her largest toe is two toned, half almost white in its paleness and the other a darker gold which from a distance may give the curious appearance of an extra toe due to the discoloration.

Although larger than most bronzes, The Influential Consortwill only ever reach middling height for one of her color. This however does not concern the regal gold for she believes a lady should not be too much larger than her partner after all and it is only right that each generation, and hence her daughters, should be successively larger than the next. Her limbs, both for and aft, are long and slender, and despite her average height her wings are a few feet longer than what would be expected proportionally. Her tail too is slender and in repose curls up on itself like loops of coiled gold.

Every move she makes is calculated to draw the eye towards her, be it a careful twist of her neck, a coy glance or a flutter of her elegant wings. She holds herself regally at all times in the public eye, unwilling to let anyone see her at anything but her best, knowing the reputation she has to uphold and fearing the judgement that would be passed should she look anything elsewise. This takes its toll however and only when she is alone with Hers or a valued mate will she allow herself to rest from her preening and posturing.

Personality: The Influential Consort is charismatic and knows well how to charm those around her into doing what she wishes of them. For the most part she is vivacious and cheerful, with a quick wit and sharp intelligence that often dazzles those around her, particularly males. She is not without a bevy of bronze suitors who vie for her attention, hoping for some sign that she holds them in her highest esteem. The Influential Consorthowever is careful with the favours she passes out, knowing the importance of remaining aloof and keeping all bronzes dangling from her claws. One must never be too careful in choosing favourites, less the tides turn and those who seemed good prospects previously are now no longer. While she can play at sweetness and obliging, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is The Influential Consort who holds the power over her bronzes and not the other way around. She has an awful temper, which manifests in verbal aggression and a tongue lashing for any who displeases her, and while kept in check for the most part, when unleashed will have her those around her scurrying to do as she wishes out of fear for what punishment she may bestow.

She is usually nicer to those who she perceives are beneath her, such as browns, blues, and greens, because she understand the necessity to placate those who may wish her, in high position, ill-will. She has a certain fondness for gossiping with the greens, for this ensures she is kept in the know of the happenings throughout the Weyr and helps her keep tab on her bronzes when she is not around to witness their going ons. By keeping close to the greens she also can assess their respect for her, their queen and assert her will should she feel any of them are overstepping their boundaries or encroaching on her territory or males.

The Influential Consort is determined and ambitious and craves to be the senior gold in whichever Weyr she graces her presence with. She is not content playing second fiddle to any other queen, though she has enough presence of mind to act respectfully towards those who are more senior than her. She also studies her seniors quite closely, taking note of what makes them popular, or unpopular as might be the case, with the goal to emulate their more regal behaviour.The Influential Consort is contemptuous of those golds who she believes display signs of weakness publicly, and if she notices any of her juniors behaving in such an unseemly manner the young gold in question may expect to be sharply rebuked. Once reaching seniority however, The Influential Consort will not allow herself to relax in her politics and ambition. She will attempt to keep a claw in every bubbly pie cooking in her Weyr, and while she relies on her favourites to her aid her in this, her total control will only ever be made possible with help from Levay. She will be expected to pay attention to the current situation and ensure neither of the pair comes into danger, when Tylaith is distracted else wise.

Enemies beware the The Influential Consort and this includes Thread. The Influential Consort is a ferocious and calculating creature indeed when faced with adversity and perceives Threadfall as a personal affront to her control over the Weyr for despite riders studying its pattern it may still be fall unpredictably. Like all enemies she makes, The Influential Consort holds a smouldering grudge over Pern’s adversary and in Threadfall will do her upmost to ensure none falls past her and her wingmates. Despite her love of being in command, The Influential Gold enjoys her role in the lowest flying Wing and would not have it any other way. She sees herself and her rider as the last possible defence between Thread and the earth it wishes to invade, and this is a position that of course comes with a lot of responsibility.

Mating flights are when The Influential Consort dazzles the most, and while Golds have sense enough to leave the Weyr at such a time, The Influential Consort has been known to ask any greens she crosses path with at such times to also find somewhere else to go for the duration of the flight. Her flights involve her teasing and cajoling her suitors, encouraging their advances one moment with soft words, only to retreat quickly should they be too brazen in their chase of her. She will draw out the courtship process as long as possible and attempt to keep as many males as possible chasing after her right up until the end when with careful calculation she chooses her bronze.

Despite the fact clutching is a difficult task at the best of times, Tylaith will always have a rather hard time of it. She will never truly enjoy the laying process however she understands the payoff is well worth the effort of labouring. The Influential Consort knows all too well that her role is to populate the Weyr with a next generation of dragons, and she takes small clutches or malformations (such as dud eggs) hard indeed, fearing what others will say of her at such times. As would be expected of a gold, she has quite the motherly instinct and shows interest in all her children, even well after they have Hatched and made Impressions of their own though she can be temperamental with showing her children off in their pre-Hatched state. At times she will request everyone to gather round and observe the eggs, but other times, particularly when she fears something may be wrong with an egg or she has not produced as many as the Weyr were hoping for, she will turn into a fearsome beast and will guard her children protectively. Care should be exerted for anyone who tries to sneak onto the Sands at such a time for while she may be known for her verbal assaults when riled, she is not beyond physical measures either.

Dragon Credit: Velcro

Dam: Unspecified Istan Gold
Sire: Unspecified Istan Bronze

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