Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath T2

Flight - 30th November 2008/Late Autumn T1, 8th Pass
Clutching - 1st January 2008/Early Spring T2, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 17th January 2009/Mid Spring T2, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)
Totals: (21)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 6
Green: 9

PC Candidates: Darach, Dretta, Juleia, Kat, Larsa, Lucenkaz, Tareut, Trassal, Ylerra, Xyrion

PC Dragons:
Creature of the Night Gold Siheth to Juleia
Ashes to Ashes Brown Lukoieth to T'sal (Trassal)
Shifting Ice Green Iequeth to Dretta
Wispy Leafy Green Natath to D'rach (Darach)
Queen of the Glen Green Tianath to T'reut (Tareut)

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Gieth to J'trin (Jetterin) - Killed in Threadfall (P8 T10)
Bronze Saskarth to T'via (Tovia)

Brown Bojeth to T'rin (Tegerrin) — [adopted by Maiden]
Brown Tarnoth to H'tar (Horlitar)

Blue Aljinth to M'tya (Motya)
Blue Bihesith to V'kram (Vikram)
Blue Dijath to B'tono (Bertonno) - Killed during Threadfall Mid Winter P8 T14
Blue Fegrieth to K'teh (Koteh)
Blue Ioloth to W'rel (Warrel)
Blue Toimeth to I'ven (Ivhen)

Green Dililath to Mavi
Green Diventh to Y'han (Yihan)
Green Easlith to O'rae (Obeare)
Green Eladath to Winry
Green Lerath to Jola — [adopted by Katie]
Green Raimath to T'naw (Tamnaw)

Egg theme: Christmas
Dragon theme: Popular Mythical Figures

Many thanks to: Mayhem, Special K, Vandelay, and Velcro, for making this a brilliant cycle! And, of course, to our candidate players - what's a Search cycle without candidates?

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