Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath T3

Flight - 15th October 2009/Early autumn T3, 8th Pass
Clutching - 14th November 2009/Late autumn T3, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 5th December 2009/Mid winter T3, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)
Totals: (20)
Gold: 1 (deceased)
Bronze: 2
Brown: 2
Blue: 6
Green: 9

PC Candidates: Azlayna, Dallan, Dekaran, Ildriss, Jeregar, Khourey, Mayin, Nisari, Sakon, Shunsui, Valenta

PC Dragons:
Guardian of Time Bronze Chaeroth to S'kon (Sakon)
The Blue Eyed Devil Blue Trivath to Sh'sui (Shunsui) — [Rainewolf]
Beautiful but Deadly Green Samaeth to Azlayna — [Stolenhart]
Octopus's Garden Green Plumeth to V'rac (Vorac)
The Gemstone Green Volatynth to Ildriss — [Emma]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Laprth to T'ni (Toranni)

Brown Kuulth to R'thren (Rothanawathren)
Brown Zitureth to V'gant (Vorgant)

Blue Ficalth to G'ko (Galiko)
Blue Luoth to J'rin (Jorin)
Blue Oedleth to D'rent (Darent)
Blue Ryveth to S'rian (Serian)
Blue Tafath to P'ken (Parken)

Green Bellanneth to C'vari (Cervari)
Green Iachaeth to J'ton (Jayston)
Green Jisallenth to Monara
Green Komath to D'ro (Delaro) — [adopted by Maiden]
Green Niyath to Morela — [adopted by Starr]
Green Ponilth to M'rek (Marek)

Egg theme: Cocktails and Mocktails
Dragon theme: Animé Characters

Many thanks to: Cassie, Haku, Legal, Mayhem, Rhee, and Velcro, the ever-fantastic Search Committee! And, of course, the egg-writers and candidate players!

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