Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath T7

Flight - 7th September 2011/Mid Summer T7, 8th Pass
Clutching - 22nd October 2011/Mid Autumn T7, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 19th November 2011/Early Winter T7, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)
Totals: (30)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 3
Brown: 4
Blue: 8
Green: 14

PC Candidates: Adarios, Adensol, Alaran, Alya, Alyura, Arseni, Azrael, Belia, Belis, Boraz, Carwyn, Cerxat, Elodin, Ennavi, Halden, Idamane, Iderlin, Jayne, Jensyn, Khalida, Kimber, Laneri, Malaya, Meralyn, Niheyl, Nyris, Phyrra, Reiho, Resha, Ressin, Revenna, Rystan, Sajac, Tabekah, Tamlin, Tela

PC Dragons:
Passion of the Dance Gold Ceocayath to Reva (Revenna) — [Rhee]
The Ardent Adept Bronze Poerath to H'den (Halden)
Fiery Brown Metaeth to B'raz (Boraz) — [Notomys]
Quixotic Bestial Blue Skreth to Belia
Sugar Plum Blue Suglumairyth to S'jac (Sajac)
The Glitzy Green Fawniath to En'vi (Ennavi) — [Maiden]
Hot N Cold Green Firceth to Tamlin — [Rainewolf]
Phantasmal Pacifist Green Phaesyth to Niheyl
Balance and Serenity Green Shakuweith to Tela— [Jey]
Drums of War Green Tavarth to Alyura — [Sylvie]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Datreneth to H'tera (Hotera) — [adopted by Katie]
Bronze Escamilloth to L'vin (Levinn) — [adopted by Kitya]

Brown Mahalth to L'dyn (Lidyn)
Brown Phyreth to Z'ren (Zairen)
Brown Tygerth to M'vel (Mavelin) — [adopted by Redd]

Blue Auskinoth to D'virn (Detavirn)
Blue Blauferdeth to R'dell (Ruddell)
Blue Bonsath to O'sage (Onasage)
Blue Rhapsyth to C'yen (Cathayen) — [adopted by Starr]
Blue Starnigth to L'vesh (Lovesh)
Blue Valtzath to M'sy (Mimsy)

Green Arthenath to B'ca (Barca) — [adopted by Tina]
Green Avodeuth to Olexa
Green Ballerinth to N'lor (Neloran) — [adopted by Adina]
Green Euphrasieth to J'nor (Jennor)
Green Freedith to A'der (Amder)
Green Meiperath to Anya — [adopted by Meltain]
Green Niketh to Cheva
Green Paroqueth to H'or (Hellor) — [adopted by Notomys]
Green Venmilth to R'vy (Revyla) — [adopted by Anahira]

Egg Theme: Types of Art
Dragon Theme: Fine Arts

Many thanks to: Search Co! Emma, Legal, Starr, Taenia, and Velcro.

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