Gold Tylaith x Bronze Cioruath Egg List T7

These are the eggs of gold Tylaith's 4th clutch, sired by bronze Cioruath.

Total: 30 eggs

Egg Name: Five Fingers Egg
Egg Description: As far as eggs go, this one is on the smaller side, quite possibly the smallest of the clutch. One side of the egg is a crisp, off-white colour, making the egg appear dull and uninteresting at first glance. However, flip over the egg and you'll find a shell covered in stripes of blue and zigzags of green. Polka dots of yellow appear sporadically over the top, though it looks like some began to blend in with the other colours, creating smudges of brown here and there. At the very bottom of the egg is a bright red marking that looks unmistakably like a hand print. The egg itself has a somewhat grainy feel to it, and there looks to be an occasional raised wrinkle, as if the shell was pushed and pulled in strange ways before it hardened.
Egg Inspiration: Finger Painting
Egg Credit: Zenri

Egg Name: DaliClock Egg
Egg Description: The DaliClock Egg has rather rotund. It is nearly a perfect circle, or seemingly so, except seemingly melded into its side is a rock. Against the grains of the Hatching Sands, the DaliClock, seems to have melted over one of the rocks it was sat next to, as if the grounds itself are too hot to care for it. It was the cause of some worry for some of the candidates that hoped what comes from it is there’s. All participants and onlookers have left the egg where it is, in hopes what grows inside will not be damaged by the abnormally shaped egg. The DaliClock Egg is a dark brown color with white hair-like streaks rising from the bottom of the egg in wisps. If the egg was turned upside down, the bottom of the egg seems to have a short hand and a long hand that spread along the bottom of it. Unfortunately, this cute clock-effect isn’t noticeable.
Egg Inspiration: Link - Salvador Dali
Egg Credit: Atlys

Egg Name: Simple Ink Egg
Egg Description: In a way, the blandness of the color of this egg makes it stand out from the others despite the simplicity of it. The creamy white base color, with markings in black and accents in gray are the only colors in evidence on it. The black stands out starkly, smooth markings like the stroke of a brush, but very flowing and natural. Gray highlights soften the harsh transition of color, leaving to mind images of a snowy landscape or seeing the world at dawn, when the color is bleached out of everything.
Egg Inspiration: Japanese sumi-e (ink paintings)
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: To The Point Egg
Egg Description: A medium egg by size and ovoid by shape, it would not stand out from any of its siblings if not for a closer examination. From far away it would appear that this egg with a plain color scheme of blue to purple to black shading from top to bottom is simply just that. Look closer please and find that this egg is in fact riddled with many small spots so finely distributed that none would be the wiser if not for a better look. Indeed, the black is not simply black, but a combination of grays and blacks and indigos. The very same could be said for the blue and purple segments as a variety of hues are intermingled in such small spotting.
Egg Inspiration: Pointillism
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Watercolor Landscape Egg
Egg Description: This is among the larger eggs in the clutch, but far from the largest. It has a pleasingly classic shape and intriguing texture; it is very smooth but not glossy, yet not truly velvety either. Somewhere between the two in a fascinating way. This egg is very watery in aspect; its markings range from darkly translucent to pellucid, and they have rippling, flowing, indistinct forms. At the very top of the egg, at the narrow 'pointed' part, there is a limpid pool of sunny yellows which collects against the somewhat darkened edge of a wide band of autumnal sky blue. Narrow streaks of various foresty greens, piny and fresh, tumble across the blue, intermingled with roundish splashes of scarlet, pumpkin, turmeric, and various fiery hues, reminiscent of autumn leaves and conifer needles being blown about by the wind together. At the bottom of the egg, dark rich navies, midnights, lavenders, and teals pool and swirl together, forming deep currents and gentle eddies of cool dark color. Some of the leafy, needly shapes appear this low, leading to most viewers' being unable to resist indulging a fancy of these shapes as being autumn leaves floating on the rippling waters of a lake or river. It has a similarly serene, watery aura as well, rocking only occasionally and subtlety. All is right with the world and no strong emotions are required as far as this egg is concerned, it would seem.
Egg Inspiration: The many watercolor paintings I have seen in my life which depict mixed conifer/deciduous forests in autumn with a body of water in the foreground. It seems like a sort of genre or style all its own at times to me.
Egg Credit: Lurhstaap

Egg Name: The Garden Party Egg
Egg Description: Some might call this egg garish. Some might label it malformed. Flippant, frivolous, ridiculous. But…this egg is exquisite, in its detailing, even if staring at it too long can turn away the eye. This egg is a pitted, marbled metallic colour, somewhere between the clarity of gold, the warmth of bronze, and the hardness of copper. There seems almost to be a grain running through its hue, as like seen in a slab of the finest wood, polished and varnished to perfection. But the surface of this egg is not at all smooth. This egg in fact looks like a lump was thrown down onto the sand, and then moulded by flames. Curves and flourishes skirt and flare all around its surface, the waves and surges reminiscent of huge shells. There’s no pattern to the beautifully formed lumps; they go any which way, and this egg looks lopsided no matter the angle. Those with an eye for the chaos might be reminded of the blooming of a many leafed plant. The actual shell texture seems rough, like unsmoothed clay or craggy stone. When the light hits this egg, the metallic colour shimmers daringly, but in all its flourishes, black shadows lurk and curl.
Egg Inspiration: The Rococo Art Movement.
Egg Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Oeuf Nouveau Egg
Egg Description: This grand egg is quite the charmer with its delicate swirls and curvaceous lines that flow naturally and yet purposefully across its smooth calcified surface. It has a soft gleam to it and the colors are both bright and dull while matching perfectly. There appears to be leaf-like patterns hidden in the multi-colored gold, tan, brown, and green hues and flowers disguised in the little splashes of pinks and purples. Had this egg been laid in the jungle, it would have fit in harmoniously.
Egg Inspiration: Art Nouveau
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Seeing into the Past Egg
Egg Description: Earthy tones of browns, tans, reds and creams make this egg seem almost rock-like on a first look. One would be forgiven for mistaking it for a stone, in fact, given its rough-looking surface, marked with the odd vein of darker colour. It even seems uneven thanks to the shading caused by the variation of base colours across it, though closer inspection reveals that it is a perfectly normal ovoid, on the smaller size in the clutch. Such an inspection would also reveal a multitude of curious patterns across its shell: predominantly they look like herdbeasts, some outlined in black and others simply appearing as blocks of reddish-brown colour. Splashes of red, brown, black form into patches with what seem like hand prints in their centres. Here and there is the odd set of lines that could resemble a crude stick figure, sometimes looking as if they are holding aloft a stick or weapon of some description. All in all, the collection of patterns are rather fascinating.
Egg Inspiration: Prehistoric cave paintings are immediately recognisable due to their distinctive style and contents. Many feature animals, while hand-based imagery is also common. Some include depictions of humans, offering fascinating insights into the lives of mankind’s ancestors.
Egg Credit: Emma

Egg Name: In Flux Egg
Egg Description: This poor egg might once have been white and plain, which was clearly such a shame since it is so large, but it is not longer. It looks as if patches of colored parchment were hastily and messily glued across its surface so that it appears smooth in some places and rough in others. The colors are little splashes of dark green, pastel blue, and shades of black. It also appears as if someone’s terrible scrawling might have been added to this egg but has been so badly bled for one reason or another that it is no longer legible. Whatever message might have once been is now no more, but there is a larger message in its appearance and maybe it could be understood if one gazed upon it long enough.
Egg Inspiration: Flexus Art
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Bright Bars Egg
Egg Description: This egg is mainly gray, with large geometric blocks of a slightly greener shade. A deeper green is also present in much smaller blocks, running across somewhat haphazardly placed large bars of a brighter, almost purple-y gray color.
Egg Inspiration: A painting by my grandfather. I've always thought it looks like he took some long sponges and some paint and attacked the canvas, but it is quite pretty.
Egg Credit: Anahira

Egg Name: I'm Not a Square!
Egg Description: This little egg is so short and squat that it could almost be a softly rounded cube. This shape is not the only reason for why it appears this way. The coloring and patterns make it appear as if there are many angles to it. Little angular shapes of black, gray, white, and blue cover the mottled surface of this egg. While most would say that it is impossible for an egg to ever be square and that clearly there are curves to be found to prove this point, none can contest that the broken squares and angles that simplistically cover this egg give it the appearance of indeed being square.
Egg Inspiration: Cubism
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Egg of Impending Doom
Egg Description: Unlike most eggs this one seems to lack joy, it gives of a serious and honest feeling that many dragonriders can relate to. This may come from it's more sombre colouring. There are many colours but all the shades are similar, with a grayish brownish hint, it almost looks dirty. The bottom of this egg is a truly brown shade, flecked with green and blobs of gray it fades into a bluer top half. The detailing over these base colours could almost look like figures dressed in red and navy and camouflage green.
Egg Inspiration: War paintings
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Death is My Friend Egg
Egg Description: There is no denying it, this is one creepy egg. Black as a base color and a distinctly blood red and ichor green drip marks and splatters cover this egg. Where there is any white, it appears like bone stripped of all muscles, tendon, and ligament as if picked cleaned by a ravenous scavenger. It is an imposing egg as it is perhaps among the largest in the clutch with a distinct point to it. If it could have a steeple with a dull ringing bell, it would have demanded having one!
Egg Inspiration: Macabre
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Sweet Delights Egg
Egg Description: This egg is on the larger side, though by no means the largest. A deep, creamy brown coats the surface of this egg, broken only by the odd swirl of creamy white marbled into its surface. The egg rests on the ground at an odd angle, and would likely roll if not for the small flattened section it rests on. From the base up, are ridges and lines, giving the impression that someone, or something, attempted to shape and sculp the egg while it was still soft. A strange pattern of a dark, almost black colour at the eggs tips makes it look like the shell is starting to melt in the heat of the sun.
Egg Inspiration: Chocolate Sculptures
Egg Credit: Zenri

Egg Name: The Impostor Egg
Egg Description: This medium egg looks like… all of the other eggs in the clutch. In little ways though, it manages to resemble all of the rest of the eggs present in the clutch. Though not an exact double of any specific egg, as long as you don't look too closely, this egg resembles any and every other egg here. Overall, it seems like the colors and patterns shift when one isn't looking at it to support the illusion of the copy of another egg.
Egg Inspiration: The thousands of art prints in existence
Egg Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: The Pricking Thumbs Egg
Egg Description: Organic this egg does not look. Elegant, classy, sharp, yes, but the Pricking Thumbs Egg looks more like an intricate contraption a mad genius smith put together than anything that could come from a living creature. Take a glance, and the cobalt blue colour shines with brilliant white curves of light, as smooth and unblemished as an orb of glass. Close up, and the details are flawless. There’s a perfectly formed band of black that encircles the exact round, rather squat base of the egg, and running parallel to that, and slightly thinner, is a white band. It makes it look as though segments of this egg stick out, in little layers; and this is where the egg gains the look of a metallic contraption. The immaculate lines form curves and triangles, until about half way up the egg, where they throw out long arms that meet in a star of lines at the very tip of the egg. Here, there’s a genuine metallic glimmer, as bronze hued lines sparkle and echo the black lines, forming a glowing star that caps this egg.
Egg Inspiration: Art Deco, and by proxy, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, whose books often have gorgeous Art Deco covers, hence the name.
Egg Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Blink and Miss it Egg
Egg Description: It is almost as if this egg came out into the world wanting to be inconspicuous – unnoticed and unseen. The colour of this eggs shell matches the sand in which it is nestled almost perfectly making it very hard to notice this egg without looking long and hard at the general area to notice the slight difference in shade on the sand around it where it produces a shadow, or the slight alterations that indicate shapes within the sandy decoration? What doesn’t help is that this egg is set slightly apart from the others one egg of the clutch giving no coloured egg backdrop to help highlight this egg to the naked eye. Its a surprise that this egg hasn’t been damaged already – afterall, one could stand on it never knowing it is there. Or perhaps, it’s easier seen by the dragon eye? What secret treasure does this camouflaged egg hold?
Egg Inspiration: Sand Castle Sculptures I used to see as a Child on the beaches.
Egg Credit: Taenia

Egg Name: Jackson Pollock's Wineskin Egg
Egg Description: Lying off to the side, somewhat away from its siblings, this egg is somewhat strangely shaped; it seems elongated or stretched, longer than usual, with an exaggeratedly narrow 'pointed' end. Its basic color is a leathery reddish brown, mottled and merled as if with the scuffs and scars of wear and tear. A dribble of maroon, which some swear is the precise color of last Turn's red wine tithe, starts around the pointed end and runs down its side a short ways. However, this base appearance is thoroughly overmarked by random splotches and spots in equally random colors with the occasional thin splash. These represent a variety of shades and tints within a limited spectrum of hues; specifically black, brown, yellow, and off-white, with a few splotches of forest green. The overall impression is of an old, well-worn wineskin thoroughly covered by unintentional paint drips, as if it were owned by a painter who liked to drink while he worked. It even gives off an empathic aura that ever-so-slightly fogs the minds of those standing too close to it, as if the sleeping dragonet within is broadcasting its sleepiness.
Egg Inspiration: See the name. Jackson Pollock was a classic artist and a well-known alcoholic. I just gave the idea a slight Pernese spin and there you go.
Egg Credit: Lurhstaap

Egg Name: Simply Put Egg
Egg Description: Does this egg need any bright colors or extravagance? Certainly not! It is proud to be off-white with the occasional splotch or spot of pale brown or yellow. In fact, it almost seems to have a special glow about it because it does not stand out like the others. So simple and yet the statement is so easily grasped. There is the ‘what you see is what you get’ and the ‘tell like it is’ mood is exuded from this egg. Excess is not necessary unless it is explicitly called and this egg is proud to be the most simple among its fellows.
Egg Inspiration: Minimalism
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Dreamy Desert Egg
Egg Description: This egg is on the large size, as smooth and even all over as a pebble worn away by a stream. It sits quite perky and upright, and the patterns on its surface seem to waver, making the egg seem light and flowing. To just glance at this egg, its colours are quite blunt and obvious. From the very base, a liquid, obsidian black fills its surface, but a third of the way up the egg the black shades to a rich maroon, and then lightens until the point is a blushing scarlet. There is a slight deviation in this egg’s colour, as a bright yellow mark, circular and glowing like the sun, sits on one side of the egg, right in the centre where black merges into red. But all this is from a glance. Looking closer at the egg, it is clear that the egg shell is a sandy brown in colour. The black, red and yellow are formed from tiny, shiny dots, closely spaced, forming swirling lines and patterns and tangling together where the colours meet. If the eye lingers, it can find shapes in the dots – is that the figure of a dragon, or is there perhaps a snaky band that winds the whole way around the egg?
Egg Inspiration: Indigenous Australian Art.
Egg Credit: Jey

Egg Name: The Dime a Dozen Egg
Egg Description: This small egg is quite colorful, and it manages to stand out among it's peers in the clutch. Splashes of green and black, and a handful of other strong colors grace the shell with bold strokes here and there. At the same time, under all those bold colors, the egg looks crinkly and torn in some parts, like it's been rolled around the sands for a few Turns already. It looks handled, and well worn, basically.
Egg Inspiration: Posters
Egg Credit: Velcro

Egg Name: Death by Sparkles Egg
Egg Description: This egg glitters. There is no two ways about it; the shell is shiny and twinkly and all things bright and shimmery. The next thing you'll notice once you adjust to the wonderful way in which this egg reflects light; catching it and bouncing it around the Sands; is it's size. On the small side for the clutch, that glittering appearance keeps hold of your attention though; sparkling in your vision. If you ever get over the twinkles enough to notice the colour you'll see this egg is sort of banded at the top, first in twinkly Queen dragon gold, then in a flickering flame red, followed by a glistening green, a sparkly silver, a plinky pink, and lastly a blinging blue. From there it disintegrates, the different glittery colours splattered at random on the bottom half of the egg as if thrown in fistfuls by a child, or tipped carelessly from the bands. Is that sand right at the bottom? Stuck to the very lowest regions of the shell amongst the glitter? Slightly glossy as if encased in glue? Maybe, or maybe the glitter has got to you.
Egg Inspiration: Glitter and glue arts and crafts - art and craft is a type of art right?
Egg Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: Stamping Out Stars Egg
Egg Description: Layers upon layers of color, placed in what was intended to be exacting position, but occasionally bleeding out past it's proper edges. On a canvas of what looks like a darkened fibrous paper the color of mid beige and speckled with bits of black thread, is a mix match pattern of the brightest and best pigments Pern has to offer. Overlapping concentric circles, the color of a muted red, intersect to create a dizzying backdrop on which a more vibrant turquoise and yellow spread out over the top of the egg in a flaking away star burst. It seems that whatever force it was that spread the colors over the sphere had an uneven hand - some spots arbitrarily are devoid of "paint" leaving a blotchy weathered look. Most peculiar is the black block at the bottom, the marks of white on it almost spell out a date. Announcing its own hatching is it?
Egg Inspiration: Screen Prints/Gig Posters (Example:
Egg Credit: Vandelay

Egg Name: I’m POP! Egg
Egg Description: This egg is relatively simple with big red, round spots. It looks so much like someone just went ahead and painted a pure white egg just to play games on others. Upon closer examination, there is no mistaking that this is the true coloration of this small, oval-shaped egg. There are short streaks of green to each spot making the spots distinguishable as not just simple spots, but to mimic cherries. Such a novel concept for such an egg to mimic the appearance of a favorite, sweet fruit! Who would not want to impress the dragon that comes breaking from the shells of this egg?
Egg Inspiration: Pop Art
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Gold Leaf Halo Egg
Egg Description: Every spot of this large egg is covered in bright, brilliant color, starting from the shining golden circle on the crest of it. Down the sides pour different colors, a strip of muted red there, sky blue over here, a dark green like oak leaves over there. The lines dividing these other colors are stark but not straight by any means: they waver on their way down the egg, giving the impression of folds of cloth, all coming together and blending into a medium brown at the bottom, lost in the sand.
Egg Inspiration: Christian paintings from the Middle Ages
Egg Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: Lonely Skies Egg
Egg Description: A rather strange egg, with bands and splotches and swirls of color across it. The base starts with a rich green, switching abruptly to gray a third of the way up. The gray portion is shot through with horizontal smears of the same red, as well as wide swaths of paler gray.
Egg Inspiration: A painting by my grandfather of a landscape with a little red barn, a dead tree, and a very breathtaking cloudy sky.
Egg Credit: Anahira

Egg Name: Imagination Scraps Egg
Egg Description: The Imagination Scraps Egg is smaller in size than the average egg on the Sands. It has a narrow “top,” or assumed the top, and a rather rounded “bottom.” There are various dashes of bright color in thickly laid bands that crisscross all over the egg. The effects is that the thick lines of color smear and dissipate to reveal an underlying solid creamy yellow. The egg looks as if the smears of color are physically touchable and raised. If someone did reach out and touch it they would find the egg smooth to the touch, but they would be expecting a grainy feeling.
Egg Inspiration: Link – Palette Knife Artwork
Egg Credit: Atlys

Egg Name: Grafitti Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small, but demands to be taken seriously! It's not very large, but it's fat and oblong, sitting narrow-end-up toward the front of the clutch, as if it refuses to be lost in the crowd of its siblings. It gives off a definite feeling of bravado. Its basic color is a rather threatening brick-red hue, streaked with a pale creamy gray both vertically and horizontally, the pale thin lines criss-crossing each other every few hand spans to form an irregular and incomplete but recognizable grid in some places. Overlaying this pattern are great sweeping arks of color which drip and drool and bleed into each other, with the dripping and bleeding of color always moving downward along the egg's surface as if pulled by gravity. Great swaths of brilliant arterial crimson arch over slashes of rich veinous blue, which deliquesces into a cascade of emerald, jade, and peridot hues where it encounters a splash of neon lemon-yellow, while black, purple, violet, and orange dance like paint-splatters across the top of all this chromatic chaos. The remarkable thing is that if you didn't know any better, you'd think those sweeping, arching shapes actually spelled out something… Of course, they aren't in any type of writing you've ever seen, and anyway there can't really be writing on an egg… but it sure looks like writing if you look at it the right way. A very unusual egg indeed.
Egg Inspiration: Graffiti is often maligned and can be a criminal activity, but there are many truly brilliant and creative graffiti artists who exercise their talent in a legal, respectful manner and who are not at all affiliated with crime or gangs. This is dedicated to the responsible, legitimate graffiti artists out there.
Egg Credit: Lurhstaap

Egg Name: The Shining Rainbow Egg
Egg Description: The first thing that a person would notice about this medium-small egg is not its size, but its many colours. It seems to consist of every colour of the rainbow, and more, all brilliant jewel tones that almost seem to shine in the light of the Hatching Grounds. The colours do not blend together as they do on many eggs, but each section of colour is in its own separate section, separated by a silver-coloured line that lacks the shine of the other colours. They seem to form some kind of mosaic of different shapes and colours, but the moment someone thinks they can see the pattern it in, it’s gone again, lending most watchers to believe it’s just a trick of an eye, and there’s really no pattern and all, though some stubborn souls may insist that there is a design to this undoubtedly colourful egg.
Egg Inspiration: A stained glass mosaic
Egg Credit: Rhee

Egg Name: Fields of Pretty Pink Jewels Egg
Egg Description: Right in the centre, as if wanting to world to acknowledge its importance and expense (despite it small size) is located a egg, a little different than some of the others. The egg appears to sit on the sand upside down, with the tip of the oval shape buried in the sand, and the fatter bottom of the egg appearing to be at the top. The egg seems well planned and rather regale with a olive green coating covered by darker green lines and pink circle’s dotted in the middle, looking most like diamonds or expensive stones dotted across the egg in well planned distances from each other. From the pink jewel-like decoration appears snakes of golden lines that join the circles together so that when one looks at this egg in more detail – it looks like a egg covered in crawling vines of pretty pink flowers. The egg looks like it’s certainly worth all the marks in the world.. and would certainly put a pernese back a massive amount if eggs were suitable for selling.. One cannot help but be drawn to this egg.. and you appear to get lost in the fields of pretty pink flowers..
Egg Inspiration: Feberge Egg’s
Egg Credit: Taenia

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