Impressed to green Lycurth

Name: U'os (Urnalemos)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Late Spring P8 T194
Birth Place: Ketrin
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Journeyman Vintner

Mini-Biography: Short and lanky, Urnalemos is a dark skinned, handsome bloke from Ketrin. He's
from a long line of Winecrafters and began learning about the craft from his father
at ten. He has a nose and good sense of taste that's come in very handy in winecrafting. He was married but his wife died during child birth in T211. Their daughter survived and is being fostered by his sister as he can't bare to be reminded of his lost love. Maybe a change of occupation might help him forget?

Mini-Biography Credit: Dragonblossom

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAIlABLE for adoption!

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