Maritime Mollusk Brown Ultioth

Impressee: Su'o (Suogo)

Name: Ultioth

Colour: Martime Mollusk Brown
Hex Colour Code: #5C4033
Final Size: 39.5' length x 68' wingspan
A brown juggernaut, that’s the Maritime Mollusk Brown in a nut shell. He starts out round and pudgy but as training intensifies his hatchling fat turns to muscle. Muscles that continue to develop until they look like they’re ready to burst right out of his hide. He’s got the frame to support that bulk though. His barrel chest, wide-set hindquarters, and squat legs are made for carrying weight. All that bulk makes him look deceivingly large but he really isn’t that much larger than the average brown. His squat little legs don’t give him much height but it does contribute to the illusion of his large size.

The concept of treading lightly doesn’t really work for the Maritime Mollusk Brown. He unfortunately has a bit of a heavy foot. His thunderous footsteps announce his approach before anyone even sees him. He is a solid brown with a very low center of gravity. When he decides to plant his feet he becomes an immovable force. An errant dragon won’t be able to knock him over nor will a larger dragon be able to push him aside. In the air, nimble flying is pretty much out for him but a difficult ‘Fall won’t leave this brown winded. He’ll still be ready to jump right up and fly again!

There isn’t much that’s flashy or bright about the Maritime Mollusk Brown. He actually has a rather rustic look to him. He has a dark-hued brown hide which has a faded look to it like metal left in water for too long. His hide has a very subtle mottling where some spots look more faded than others but it isn’t obvious until you’re right up next to him. Upon closer inspection, he also appears to have some stripes that follow a slight arc down from his neck- and back-ridge. The stripes aren’t that different in color from the rest of his hide though so they’re rather hard to see.

Even while still in the shell, Ultioth was probably plotting and planning…weighing all the factors and figuring out exactly what he’d need to do with his first steps to secure his perfect life-partner. Ultioth is a dragon that always has a plan – or several – and won’t let himself be caught unprepared. Su'o had better be prepared to share every detail (of their future life; what Threadfall is really like; why he must wait for his slow clutchmates to catch up before he can progress…) with Ultioth, and be ready to pacify his brown's silent disgruntlement if there are questions he just can’t answer yet. Su'o beware: until Ultioth understands that his rider knows best what he is doing, Ultioth will have endless suggestions for how he could be bettering himself as a rider; and scorn for the social aspects of being a human.

As a Weyrling, ‘single-minded’ is not an exaggeration in Ultioth's case. Even so young, he has the keenest awareness of his future role as a Threadfighter and the vitality of that mission for all of Pern. He’ll be task oriented, and often step unconsciously into a leadership position, ascribing tasks and positions to his clutchmates, and all with an utter certainty that his way of doing this is the only logical way. His sense of right and wrong is completely black and white. If contradicted for his authoritarian attitude, Ultioth will willingly concede if he judges the challenger to have a fair point - but he will be watching and waiting for slip-ups. Ultioth will be intolerant of goofing-off and silly questioning of the Weyrlingmaster’s authority: {You are all disgraceful. You forget your responsibility to the Weyr. Learn now, or fail in your duty.} If the punishment dealt out by the Weyrlingmasters seems inadequate to his moral convictions, Ultioth may seek sly retribution of his own. What he sees in his clutchmates – the lack of drive and need to be perfect – will lead him to think that perhaps they simply don’t understand like he does, and he will always be a little suspicious of their motives.

He may be a lightning rod for arguments, and Ultioth will never back away from a challenge. He will turn an icy gaze upon his opponent and speak only from logic. But where his clutchmates see themselves in a fiery argument, Ultioth doesn’t feel that burning passion: only a conviction that he is correct. It’s not a boastful kind of self-confidence: again, what good could come of trumpeting it about? Only Su'o will be privy to the fathomless depths of Ultioth’s emotions, and Ultioth sees no productive outcome to wasting them upon silly clutchmates. Sentiment is no good reason to do anything. Actions must be considered and planned. If things do not turn out as Ultioth thought they must, Su'o will be the only one privy to his deeply wounded sense of pride and righteousness, though the keen observer might note an extra layer of frosty reserve in his attitude.

As Weyrlinghood ends, and Ultioth's goal of ensuring that he and Su'o, and his clutchmates, are as well prepared as possible to join the fighting wings is completed, Ultioth will turn his attention to new goals. He will seek inspiration from Su'o in this, but his ability to work tirelessly for a goal will not fade. Leadership is more elusive for a grown Brown dragon, and Ultioth’s sly, plotting side will awaken. Again Su'o will find that his dragon is attempting to interfere with his choices. Ultioth’s suspicion that those in power are working to an agenda will grow.

Socially, Ultioth has few words for others that aren’t orders or thoughts on how things should be being done. For Su'o, he’ll be more willing to share his deep convictions and thoughts…but still, Ultioth will always be a goal-oriented individual, and meaningless chatter holds no interest for him. Displays of strength, loyalty, or intelligence (or preferably all three) will be the way into Ultioth’s regard. For those individuals who do win Ultioth’s respect, he will have an endless patience, and perhaps even enough tolerance to listen to their complaints without offering an overly sharp recommendation to go fix the problem instead of mouthing about it. This all means that there are few greens that Ultioth will find himself interested in chasing. When he does, it is with his typical cool conviction that he has the ability to win. Golds are another matter – a duty, and also a pathway to leadership. What follows goldflights has little interest for him. A particularly persistent gold might be able to convince Ultioth that she required his assistance during clutching.

Threadfall awakens Ultioth’s already active instinct to command. Where he finds himself as a subordinate, this may lead to confusion and difficulty in the ranks if he is unable to follow the instructions of the Wingleader because he judges them poor – or if he picks up errors in his Wingmates’ performance that he must correct. Even so, Ultioth’s head will remain calm and full of plans and lightning-fast reactions to events. Give him a competent leader, however, and Ultioth will be the perfect soldier. Something about the adrenaline and success of a well-flown ‘Fall will awaken elation and triumph in Ultioth, and the wake of a ‘Fall may see him expressing his inner emotions more openly than any other time.

This ice-hearted, determined dragon has the drive to get exactly what he wants…and he’ll take you along for the ride!

Inspiration: Nautilus from League of Legends

Deep and gravelly, Ultioth’s voice will take some getting used to. His words come out sounding more like a growl sometimes then anything coherent. He can’t seem to modulate his tone even for casual everyday conversation. He always sounds so grave and serious. When someone angers him, he won’t yell and shout instead his voice becomes no more than a whisper. An ominous whisper that immediately informs the other party that they have crossed a line and better be expecting some form of retribution.

Hatching Message:
The quavering of the He Is Always Watching Egg came in erratic spurts. One second the egg would be rocking so violently that it was a wonder it hadn’t broken open yet the next it would be still as stone. The shell remained stubbornly solid as if it wasn’t done watching the candidates and its clutchmates. Not even a single crack had appeared in the ominously dark shell. It was not for lack of trying though. The egg had lapsed into one of its still moments when quite abruptly it shattered outwards. It looked as if the hatchling had drawn itself against one side of the shell then hurled its entire weight at the opposite side. The momentum from that carried the hatchling right out of the shell and into a dark heap on the Sands. The hatchling was so dark that it almost blended in with the sand but as its glistening hide began to dry its hide resolved into a rustic brown color. Snorting sand out of his nostrils, the Maritime Mollusk Brown rose in a dignified fashion. He fluttered his wings to clear the rest of sticky goo from his body then he leaned back onto his haunches. He drew up his shoulders and arched his neck in what would have been a very regal posture if not for the egg shard that was still caught on his head-knob.

Public Impression Message:
The Maritime Mollusk Brown's eyes were like rubies studded into water-stained suede, as they ranged across the flotilla of eggs on the black velvet sea of sand, and over the brothers and sisters that had already escaped their dark prisons. He settled upon the distant line of candidates with a slight narrowing of those jewel-bright eyes. There was one…he had sensed all along…one whose presence and vibe he had dwelt upon in even in the somnolent embrace of his shell.

But all his certainty was endangered. A blue and a brown drifted along the straggling line of white robed youths, ever closer to stealing the one who was destined to be his. With a dark snarl the Maritime Mollusk Brown hauled himself to his feet. The egg shard tumbled from his headknob to be crushed beneath a ponderous foot as the Maritime Mollusk Brown moved indomitably forward, like a breaker rolling heavuly to the shore. There was only one for him - a tall beacon of light casting rays into the darkness, flaxen curls a flame signalling home to the Maritime Mollusk Brown.

Personal Impression Message:
{Su'o, I feel as if the tide of fate was always pulling us towards this moment,} the voice settles on you like the weight of the ocean's depths, drenching you from head to toe in the chill of an alien mind. Those ruby eyes pierce up at you from his dark head, penetrating into your soul and evaluating what they find.

{I am Ultioth, and you are mine now…} Rainbows erupt in those facets, so bright and deep it seems sacrosanct to share such profound emotions with the whole world. {Enough sentiment,} the hatchling proclaims suddenly, a hint of starving anxiety entering his movements and voice, {we must fill our bellies so that we may fulfill our purpose!}

Dragon Credit: Neena and Jey

Egg Name: He is Always Watching Egg
Egg Description: There is the undeniable feeling that this egg is alive with ill will, always staring down the candidates with cold stillness. The base of the egg is a murky green-grey, mottled all over with darker splotches all around. Stretched across this canvas are tentacles - wait no - limbs. The long appendages of black branch out and consume the egg, tangling themselves all around the spherical surface and attempt to strange out what little light can be gleaned from the background. Somewhere in this mess, the more imaginative types can make out a figure hangings towards the top of the egg, with a white blank face and a bow around a tiny little neck.
Egg Inspiration: Slender Man
Egg Credit: Vandelay

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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