P8 T2 Mathon Unflown Fall
IC Start Date: Mid Autumn, P8 T2
Organiser: Sitewide
In mid autumn of P8 T2, Lord Teron denied three girls the right to accept Search for Solaria Weyr. While Weyrwoman Levay distracted Lord Tremol, the Searchriders took the girls to the Weyr. The Hold withdrew its tithes to the Weyr. In early summer of P8 T3, after several months of fruitless negotiations, the Weyr withdrew its protection against Thread for Mathon. The Hold was devastated by one Threadfall. Many people tried to protect the Hold's crops and died. Children were left without fathers or as orphans, and women left as widows. The Hold's crops were decimated. Lord Teron died in the 'fall and his oldest son, Tremol, became Lord.

IC Date Thread Link Thread Summary
P8 T2 Mid Autumn Visiting Mathon Searchriders arrive from the Weyr. Against Lord Teron's wishes, three girls are Searched and taken away.
P8 T2 Late Winter Bacapth's 6th Clutch - Hatching At the Hatching, only one of the girls Impress - leading to further talk of an interfering Weyr.
P8 T3 Early Summer Threadfall P8 T3 - Mathon Thread falls on Mathon Hold, but the dragonriders don't come.
P8 T3 Early Summer Refugees Arrival Mathonite refugees arrive at the Weyr seeking help.
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